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Who won americas got talent?

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As of September 2021, the most recent winner of America's Got Talent is Dustin Tavella. He won the sixteenth season of the show in 2021.

As an AI language model, I can provide you with information about the winners of America's Got Talent over the years. America's Got Talent (AGT) is a popular reality TV show that showcases a wide range of talents, including singing, dancing, magic, comedy, and more. The show has been running since 2006 and has seen numerous talented individuals and groups compete for the grand prize.

Here is a list of the winners from each season of America's Got Talent:

1. Season 1 (2006):

Bianca Ryan - Bianca Ryan, a 12-year-old singer from Philadelphia, won the first season of AGT. Her powerful voice and soulful performances captivated the audience and judges alike.

2. Season 2 (2007):

Terry Fator - Terry Fator, a ventriloquist, impressionist, and singer, won the second season. His unique talent for bringing his puppets to life with different voices and comedic routines made him a fan favorite.

3. Season 3 (2008):

Neal E. Boyd - Neal E. Boyd, an opera singer from Missouri, won the third season. His powerful and emotive performances showcased his incredible vocal range and talent.

4. Season 4 (2009):

Kevin Skinner - Kevin Skinner, a country singer and guitarist, won the fourth season. His heartfelt performances and genuine charm resonated with the audience, earning him the title.

5. Season 5 (2010):

Michael Grimm - Michael Grimm, a soulful singer from Mississippi, won the fifth season. His bluesy voice and heartfelt performances made him a standout contestant.

6. Season 6 (2011):

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. - Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., a jazz singer from West Virginia, won the sixth season. His smooth vocals and classic style impressed both the judges and viewers.

7. Season 7 (2012):

Olate Dogs - Olate Dogs, a dog trick act consisting of Richard and Nicholas Olate, won the seventh season. Their incredible dog training skills and entertaining routines wowed the audience.

8. Season 8 (2013):

Kenichi Ebina - Kenichi Ebina, a dancer and performance artist, won the eighth season. His unique blend of dance, martial arts, and visual effects created mesmerizing and innovative performances.

9. Season 9 (2014):

Mat Franco - Mat Franco, a magician, won the ninth season. His interactive and mind-boggling magic tricks, combined with his charismatic stage presence, made him a standout performer.

10. Season 10 (2015):

Paul Zerdin - Paul Zerdin, a ventriloquist and comedian, won the tenth season. His witty banter with his puppet characters and impressive ventriloquism skills delighted the audience.

11. Season 11 (2016):

Grace VanderWaal - Grace VanderWaal, a singer-songwriter and ukulele player, won the eleventh season. Her unique voice, heartfelt original songs, and youthful charm captivated both the judges and viewers.

12. Season 12 (2017):

Darci Lynne Farmer - Darci Lynne Farmer, a ventriloquist and singer, won the twelfth season. Her incredible ventriloquism skills, combined with her powerful singing voice, made her a fan favorite.

13. Season 13 (2018):

Shin Lim - Shin Lim, a close-up magician specializing in card tricks, won the thirteenth season. His mind-bending illusions, sleight of hand, and charismatic stage presence impressed both the judges and audience.

14. Season 14 (2019):

Kodi Lee - Kodi Lee, a blind and autistic singer and pianist, won the fourteenth season. His incredible musical talent, emotional performances, and inspiring story touched the hearts of millions.

15. Season 15 (2020):

Brandon Leake - Brandon Leake, a spoken word poet, won the fifteenth season. His powerful and thought-provoking performances, addressing social issues and personal experiences, resonated with the audience.

It's important to note that this list only includes the winners of each season, and there have been many other talented contestants who have made a significant impact on the show. America's Got Talent continues to provide a platform for aspiring performers to showcase their talents and captivate audiences worldwide.

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