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Who is funding isis?

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The funding sources for ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) have been diverse and complex. Initially, ISIS relied on various sources such as extortion, kidnapping for ransom, and looting of banks and oilfields in the territories they controlled. They also generated revenue through the sale of stolen artifacts, taxation, and smuggling of goods.

However, ISIS has also received significant funding from external sources. These sources include private donations from wealthy individuals in the Gulf countries, particularly Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who sympathize with their extremist ideology. There have been allegations that some individuals within these countries have provided financial support to ISIS, although the governments of Saudi Arabia and Qatar have denied any official involvement.

Additionally, ISIS has profited from the illicit oil trade, selling oil on the black market to various actors in the region. They have also received funding through the exploitation of local resources, such as agriculture and mining, in the territories they controlled.

It is important to note that over time, efforts by the international community, including military operations and financial sanctions, have significantly disrupted ISIS's funding sources.

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