The movie 'Father's House' was confiscated by the order of the prosecutor movies and series

The film Father's House is one of the most controversial and marginal works of Kianoosh Ayari, which was produced in 2010 by the order of the prosecutor and after The screening was banned for a shor Empire Empire Audiobook; How to make money by building an application? books

Are you a computer engineering student? Do you think you are interested in software and would like to work in the field of programming? Do you think that one day you can become a very good computer pr Read a free book every day until the end of the summer books

On a hot summer day, until the end of September, read a free book every day. What are the best combinations of PES 2020? other

If you are a fan of football games, you know that the composition of the team and the way the players are arranged will play an important role in the final result of the match. If you make the slighte Ubisoft's upcoming games are all coming to PlayStation 5 game news

After Ubisoft's financial report a few days ago, Yves Gilmo, CEO and co-founder of the company, answered a number of investor questions And reporters revealed that the recently delayed Watch Dogs: Leg Blizzard Trailer Diablo: Immortal game trailer

Blizzard Gaming Company has released a new trailer of Diablo mobile game on the occasion of Blizzard 2019 event. You can watch this trailer above, which depicts parts of the Diablo: Immortal gamepla Video of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra resistance test against scratches and curves mobile and gadget

Gorillaglass Vickets shows good resistance against falling from a height. Not only did the lab resistance test of the label itself prove this claim, but we also saw the good performance of this protec Why not buy an iPhone 11 series right now? mobile and gadget

Apple unveiled the iPhone 11 series handsets in September last year. These phones included the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, all three of which were very advanced in every way compared to last What will the classrooms look like in the future? other

With the advent of the Corona Pandemic, students and teachers around the world find themselves struggling to adapt to online learning experiences. From the phenomenon of zoom bumping (sudden jump into The first chest was three-dimensional physical health

Probably in the near future everything you can think of will be 3D printed. After the ankle bone and the jet engine, now it's time for the first printed gears. Australia's CSIRO wants to make a chest How to buy a laptop that fits our needs? shopping Guide

Every day in the laptop market, we see new and diverse products that are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish from each other. In the meantime, choosing a laptop is a big problem for people The first jobs of the top 7 entrepreneurs mental health

Maybe look at big figures like "Ilan Mask" or "Steve Jobs" and decide Have big goals for your life. But most of the time, you look at where you are and find it impossible to reach their position. Nominees for the 2019 Gotham Awards have been announced movies and series

Among the films nominated in various categories are the Sundance Film Festival's major works, major autumn festival films, and even a relatively best-selling film that has sold more than 100 tickets a The Joker broke a historical record by crossing the Deadpool movies and series

The Joker has officially won the title of the best-selling adult film in history in the adult age category (R grade) by passing the movie Deadpool. New Star Wars broke the Avengers' best-selling record movies and series

Star Wars: Skywalker Rise , the third and final installment of the latest Star Wars trilogy (Part 9) The original) will be screened on December 20, 2019 (coinciding with December 29, 1398). The pre-sa The book 'Tuesdays with Murray'; A story from life to death books

The last life class of my old teacher was held once a week in his house, next to a window in his study, so that a small plant could grow from there. Watch the okra with its pink leaves. Classes are he Wuthering Heights; Get the most romantic English language book for free today books

Windy heights may also be known as "Love Never Dies". This novel is one of the best classic novels of the Victorian period. This book was written by Emily Bronte in 1847, which quickly became one of t 'Girl on the Train'; Read the New York Times bestseller for free today books

The book "Girl on the Train" is Fidibo's gift today. The book that broke the Harry Potter sales record to become the best-selling novel of 2015. Nioh 2 release date announced game news

Koi Takmo Game Development Company has set the release date of the second part of Nioh game. According to the news that the company announced yesterday that Nioh 2 is scheduled to be released exclus Nioh 2 Release Date Trailer game trailer

In the form of a trailer, Koi Takmo Gaming has set a release date for Nioh 2 . This game is scheduled to be released exclusively on PlayStation 4 on March 14 of this year. You can watch this new trai Marvel’s Avengers gameplay details have been released alongside its new trailer game news

It's been a few months since the initial release of Marvel's Avengers , but we still don't know exactly what We are on the side of something. In this regard, the game development studio Crystal Dynam The fastest star was discovered at a speed equivalent to 8% of the speed of light aerospace

The center of our galaxy contains supermassive supermassive black holes known as * Sagittarius A or * Sgr A due to their constellation, which has a mass of 4 million times It has the sun. With such a Another 58 Starlink satellites were launched into orbit aerospace

An hour ago, with the launch of the Falcon 9 SpaceX rocket, another 58 satellites were added to the Starlink satellite suite for high-speed Internet access worldwide. The most important features of iOS 14 that will transform your iPhone mobile and gadget

There was no news of any new hardware during Apple's keynote address at the WWDC 20 virtual conference some time ago. But the company promised iPhone owners that in the coming fall, a wide range of fe