The first rendering of the Galaxy S22 Ultra raises the possibility of the Galaxy Note dying mobile and gadget5 Hours, 25 Min ago

Earlier this year, the Galaxy S21 series phones were introduced earlier than expected, so it seems that the next generation of this series will be introduced as well. It will be according to this new Review of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15; Good but not revolutionary change applications and software7 Hours, 25 Min ago

Apple's new operating systems, according to The Verge website, are strange updates. For example, iOS 12 solved many small and large bugs of iPhones and reduced power consumption, iOS 13 brought night A huge hole 500 light-years across has been discovered in the Milky Way galaxy aerospace9 Hours, 25 Min ago

Astronomers have discovered a huge hole in the Milky Way that is thought to have formed millions of years ago after a massive stellar explosion and could be the key to The role of supernovae in the bi The strongest recorded earthquake shook the Red Planet aerospace15 Hours, 25 Min ago

Insight , Geological and heat transfer) landed near the equator of Mars in November 2018 and is tasked with exploring the inner space of the planet in a different way. The main scientific instruments The screen resolution of the MacBook Pro 2021 may be higher than the previous generation mobile and gadget16 Hours, 25 Min ago

Apple unveiled a new version of the Mac operating system called macOS Monterey during WWDC 2021, in addition to the new versions of iOS and iPadOS. Earlier this week, the seventh beta version of this Get acquainted with Android 1.0; Google's operating system turned 13 years old applications and software17 Hours, 25 Min ago

13 years ago on September 23, 2008 (October 2, 2008) Android 1.0 next to the HTC G1, which is the first phone based on this operating system It was new, it was officially introduced. At the event, Goo Specifications and features of the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro camera were revealed mobile and gadget20 Hours, 25 Min ago

Over the past few weeks, the XDA-Developers site, citing an anonymous source claiming to have access to the Pixel 6 Pro, has leaked various information about the phone. Has published. Yesterday, the s Bionta will be available in the next 3 years; The first gameplay trailer of the game has been released game news1 Day ago

After nearly four years of waiting, Bayonetta 3 is finally on display for the first time. In today's Nintendo Direct app, we saw the release of the first Bionta 3 gameplay trailer and the release of i The Bayonetta 3 gameplay trailer shows the game for the first time game news1 Day ago

After years of waiting, we finally saw the first demo of Bionta 3 at today's Nintendo event, and this new trailer depicts the full gameplay of the game. Compared to the first two episodes of this seri Super Mario 2022 animated film will be released; Chris Pert is Mario and Anya Taylor is Princess game news1 Day, 2 Hours ago

During the Nintendo Direct program, which ended a few hours ago, we were informed of the release date of the Super Mario animated film. However, the strange thing about the news is the list of actors How will the young Morpheus appear in Matrix 4? movies and series1 Day, 9 Hours ago

The resurrection series is a direct continuation of the main trinity, and the young Morpheus will be present in Matrix Four. Last year, with the announcement of the making of another series of The Mat 8 actors in the upcoming Batman movie movies and series1 Day, 10 Hours ago

Batman will have busy working days with several movies, series and even podcasts. Some of these scheduled titles have been waiting a long time for release and some have just been introduced. What make Everything we know about Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movies and series1 Day, 10 Hours ago

With the death of Chadwick Bozeman, his vacancy is especially felt in the world of Marvel. But life goes on, and according to Marvel agents, Black Panther 2 is being made. The EU decision to convert USB-C to a standard charging port will be to Apple's detriment mobile and gadget1 Day, 10 Hours ago

Given the EU decision to force all manufacturers to use USB-C as the standard port, Apple may eventually be forced to Use the port for a decade instead of Lightning. Top 10 characters of the animated series Young Justice Seekers movies and series1 Day, 11 Hours ago

The series has no definite main character. Instead, it has several prominent characters that may not even appear in a few episodes. However, some characters stand out because of their popularity and i Watch the 10 comedy series that are worth watching again movies and series1 Day, 11 Hours ago

There are always new and exciting series on display, but sometimes fans want to revisit what they have already seen. This is especially true of comedy series, as some of these really good series are s The psychic spacecraft will use different propulsion to travel deep into space aerospace1 Day, 11 Hours ago

Graphic design of a psychic spacecraft in space Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ASU An autopsy of the iPhone 13 shows hardware changes mobile and gadget1 Day, 12 Hours ago

A few hours ago, the first images related to the autopsy of the iPhone 13 were released, which show a smaller Taptic engine, a larger battery, and a change in the position of the parts. We are the Tru Why iPhone 14 Max can be a good upgrade? mobile and gadget1 Day, 13 Hours ago

Some time ago, we announced in the news that Apple intends to remove the mini series from its iPhones next year, but the iPhone 14 will still be available in 4 models. . Therefore, the mini version wi The color scheme of the Galaxy S22 was revealed in the latest rumors mobile and gadget1 Day, 13 Hours ago

There is still a long way to go before the unveiling of the Galaxy S22 series phones, but we still hear a lot of rumors about them, the latest of which is about the color of this It's a series. The best villainous characters in the last decade movies and series1 Day, 14 Hours ago

Creating a great and attractive villain is undoubtedly a very difficult task. Fortunately, in the last decade, creative filmmakers have accomplished this task and created bad guys who will forever rem Riley is now the sixth largest mobile phone maker in the world other1 Day, 14 Hours ago

According to reports from Counterpoint, Riley Company became the sixth largest brand in the market for the first time in the second quarter of 2021 The world of smartphones has become. The company sol How to perform Scott's move correctly? (The most common mistakes you should know) sports and travel1 Day, 15 Hours ago

Scott is known as one of the best training moves. This exercise is a strength training for the whole body that uses the muscles of the abdomen, quadriceps, hamstrings, buttocks and many other muscles What does it mean to discredit an industry? other1 Day, 15 Hours ago

The use of technology is the first factor that distinguishes Uber from other taxi companies in the last century, and technology is the key to great success .