Sniper Elite 5 reviews and scores published; Formula of the past with today's paint and glaze game news2 min ago

The Sniper Elite collection has always been of interest to fans of the shooter style. This set with its special style and especially the X-ray camera has made every shot more enjoyable than before. No Black Shark 5 and 5 Pro will go to the world market on 18 June mobile and gadget2 min ago

Xiaomi plans to launch the two previously introduced Black Shark 5 and 5 Pro gaming phones on June 18th (11 days later). Enter the global market. Star Wars Jedi: Survivor was introduced for ninth generation consoles and computers game news2 min ago

Electronic Arts & Recipient Entertainment has officially announced the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Introduced "Star Wars Jedi: Survivor". This game is scheduled to be released in 2023 for 7 practical features of Samsung phones that you should use mobile and gadget3 min ago

One of the advantages of Samsung phones is their rich software that comes with many useful tools and features. There are many practical settings in the Korean company's products that allow you to make The ability to recognize personalized speech will soon be available in Google Assistant mobile and gadget1 Hour, 1 Min ago

Sometimes using Assistant Audio can even save users' lives, so companies are working every year to improve their performance. One of these companies is Google, which, because of its outstanding perfor 10 popular mobile phones in BingMag (June 7, 1401) mobile and gadget1 Hour, 2 Min ago

Some phone brands are more popular among users than other phones and experience better sales. In this weekly article, we will introduce you to the most popular phones among the users of BingMag online Instagram makes it possible to customize how posts are displayed in the profile applications and software2 Hours, 2 Min ago

It looks like Instagram wants to add a feature to its social network soon that allows users to customize how posts are displayed in their profile. A black widow star was spotted swallowing her companion other2 Hours, 3 Min ago

This system also It is a unique view that seems to host the third distant star, which orbits the inner two stars once every 10,000 years. According to observations, like most black widow binaries, thi 5 directors who are a good choice for future episodes of 'James Bond' movies and series3 Hours, 0 Min ago

There is a constant debate about who James Bond could be in the future of cinema, but perhaps the audience is wondering who should be the future episodes of this popular franchise. Slow workers do not Hogwarts Legacy game will make the most of DualSense features game news3 Hours, 0 Min ago

Since the release of PlayStation 5, many games have used or at least tried to improve the unique gaming experience of this console. Do so. The latest work to make significant use of dual-sense feature Top 24 games that put you in the role of vampires most3 Hours, 2 Min ago

Various vampire-themed stories have always been popular, and although we have seen many of them in the film and television industry, there are not many video games that Let you be in the role of one o Panasonic unveils the toughest laptop in history mobile and gadget3 Hours, 3 Min ago

If you ever had a definition of hard-core concept in mind, discard it and watch Panasonic's new Toughbook 40; A laptop that is unlikely to break down at all if its hardware helps! Samsung will produce about 30 million fewer phones by 2022 mobile and gadget3 Hours, 3 Min ago

In 2020, the global economy faced many crises and challenges due to the Corona crisis. This year, naturally, the demand for smartphones was lower than in previous years. In 2021, although the situatio Film Criticism of 'Future Crimes'; Cronenberg returns to the horror genre (Cannes Film Festival 2022) movies and series4 Hours, 0 Min ago

David Cronenberg's latest film "Future Crimes" is a horror film in the subgenre of physical horror, which, although similar in title to one of the director's previous films, It is not a remake of the Thor movie trailer; Watch 'Love and Thunder' movies and series4 Hours, 0 Min ago

The trailer received more than two million views on Marvel's YouTube Entertainment page within an hour of its release. Marvel announced "Love and Thunder" in 2019 at Comic Con San Diego, where the stu Get all three BioShock games for free this week game news4 Hours, 2 Min ago

Epic Games Store is always known for discounts and free titles. In recent years, this store has tried hard to replace Steam in the world of computer gaming. It has been somewhat successful. Now Epic S The State of Play Playstation event will take place this Friday morning game news4 Hours, 2 Min ago

As we could have predicted, PlayStation has an event scheduled for June. According to the official announcement of Sony Interactive Entertainment Company, the latest episode of the State of Play event Wristband against smart watch; What is the difference? mobile and gadget4 Hours, 3 Min ago

In the field of wearable gadgets, you have to choose between two categories of smart wristband and smart watch. These two types of gadgets have many similarities, but on the other hand, we can not hid Fly over Mars with this genius helicopter with this video other4 Hours, 3 Min ago

A video captured by NASA's Genius Mars rover helicopter shows the flying robot overcoming the trail left by its larger partner, the persistent rover, in its last flight. 11 unique musical animations not made by Disney movies and series5 Hours, 0 Min ago

When you think of the musical animation genre, you no doubt think of one of the Disney animated films. However, Disney has dominated the genre for many years, and it can even be said that the company' Criticism of 'Always Young'; Bruni Tedeski disappoints critics (Cannes Film Festival 2022) movies and series5 Hours, 0 Min ago

"Always Young" is the latest film by Italian actor and director Valerie Bruni Tedeschi, which has entered the competition section of the Cannes International Film Festival 2022. The big Guilty Gear Strive update will be released soon game news5 Hours, 2 Min ago

Arch System Systems Works plans to release a major update to Guilty Gear: Strive on June 10 to further balance The game is involved. The company announced that the update will include adjusting the ba Jerry Lee Lewis Review: The Enigma within the Mind: The Messianic Spirit of Rock and Roll (Cannes Film Festival 2022) movies and series5 Hours, 58 Min ago

The Coen brothers have temporarily parted ways to pursue charismatic characters whose souls are possessed by the devil. For Joel, it was a film adaptation of William Shakespeare's famous play, Macbeth 12 unanswered questions in the movie 'Avatar' movies and series6 Hours, 0 Min ago

The film "Avatar" by James Cameron is still recognized as a major technical achievement in cinema. A sci-fi movie full of action scenes that featured stunning special effects, memorable characters, an