The members of the jury of Fajr 1400 Festival were announced; From Shahab Hosseini to Majid Entezami movies and series7 min ago

A few hours ago, the members of the jury of Fajr 1400 Festival were finally identified, and among them, from screenwriter and director to cinematographer and composer. Why doesn't Apple Touch return an ID to iPhone? mobile and gadget9 Hours, 10 Min ago

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X in 2017, users faced a fundamental change. Not only was the home button no longer available, but other users could no longer use the fingerprint sensor called Touch ID Another Chinese manufacturer wants to make an OLED panel for the iPhone mobile and gadget10 Hours, 10 Min ago

Currently, Samsung and LG supply most of the old panels of various iPhone models, but it seems that Apple intends to supply these panels from more companies. To receive. According to The Elec news age Lightroom vs. Photoshop; Which one should we choose to edit the images? other11 Hours, 10 Min ago

To start comparing Lightroom and Photoshop We should have an overview of the features of each of these softwares. Photoshop was released in 1990 as a simple photo editing software. But over the years, A new report on the cause of the global chip crisis has been released; There is no news of improvement mobile and gadget13 Hours, 10 Min ago

You've probably heard about the global chip crisis in recent months. You may have heard a lot about this, but recently there was a new piece of news that deals specifically with the global chip crisis Full technical specifications and prices of all Galaxy S22 series models were revealed mobile and gadget14 Hours, 10 Min ago

So far, a lot of news has been published about the Galaxy S22 series phones, but in this article, we intend to include all of them, including complete and accurate technical specifications, as well as 10 Hollywood actors who drowned in their role movies and series15 Hours, 7 Min ago

It is generally believed that 10,000 hours of intensive training is necessary to become a master in any field. This rule also applies to acting. Of course, only a handful of actors have achieved such Apple's iOS 16 revelations announce great interactive widgets applications and software15 Hours, 10 Min ago

It seems that the home screen widgets of the Apple iPhone are not very old yet. We first saw these widgets in iOS 14 in 2020, and they entered the iPadOS operating system in 2021. We think Apple inten Instagram announced the ability to inform users' live applications and software17 Hours, 10 Min ago

The company announced on Wednesday that the Instagram team is working on a new feature that shows the user's upcoming live schedule. Instagram manager Adam Mousri explained the new feature in a video 12 advantages and practical points for using yellow color in decoration home and life18 Hours, 6 Min ago

Most people prefer not to take risks when choosing the color of walls, curtains or other fixtures and accessories and go for neutral colors instead of light colors. At the same time, the use of variou What do we expect from the battery life of the Galaxy S22 series? other18 Hours, 10 Min ago

The Galaxy S22 series is set to be officially unveiled on February 9 this year, according to Samsung. These phones are supposed to change compared to the previous generation in a number of ways, inclu The market price of AMD and Nvidia graphics is finally falling other18 Hours, 10 Min ago

It seems that the price of AMD and Nvidia graphics is declining. It is not the price set by the manufacturer, but the price of these products in the open market. Top 8 Netflix Original Movies to be released in 2022 movies and series19 Hours, 7 Min ago

Netflix has been known as one of the largest video streaming services ever since its inception as a DVD player. From time to time he unveils unprecedented commercial designs. In 2017, for example, it The Intel Core i9-12900K processor is faster than the Apple M1 Max mobile and gadget19 Hours, 10 Min ago

Apple has made a lot of noise in the industry by using proprietary chips for its laptops and computers. Despite their low power consumption, these chips bring incredible power to users. After the intr Apple is the most valuable company in 2022; Google and Samsung are among the top 10 companies mobile and gadget19 Hours, 10 Min ago

A new research report published by the Brand Directory website identifies Apple as the world's most valuable brand in 2022. The research company estimates the value of the brand at $ 355.1 billion. No Android apps in Windows 11 will be available to the public soon applications and software20 Hours, 10 Min ago

Microsoft surprised the world in 2021 with a very interesting feature of Windows 11. The company announced that Windows 11 users can access Android apps on their system through the computer version of 10 unique movies about going to the movies! movies and series21 Hours, 7 Min ago

The last two years have been difficult years for filmmakers. Quarantine and social restrictions made watching movies take on a different meaning, and screens went out of the way they had adhered to fo YouTube will likely offer NFT-based capabilities applications and software21 Hours, 10 Min ago

"Suzanne Wojciech", CEO of YouTube, considers video streaming platforms as one of the priorities of 2022, in which users can earn much more money than before. . He announced that the largest video sha 18 ways to reduce the high cost of foreign travel sports and travel22 Hours, 6 Min ago

Traveling can be very expensive, especially for foreign travelers. But sometimes we do things on the road that cost a lot more than usual. To travel, especially abroad, you need to consider a few thin Samsung's revenue in the fourth quarter of 2021 broke a record mobile and gadget22 Hours, 10 Min ago

A few days ago, Samsung released its estimate of the company's revenue in the fourth quarter of 2021. Now, thanks to the release of Samsung's financial report, we can go into the details of the Korean Which films are most eager to watch at the 1400 Fajr Film Festival? movies and series23 Hours, 5 Min ago

The ticket sales of Fajr 1400 Festival for the general cinema lovers in Tehran started this morning, and most of the tickets for the films "Lost Man", "Betrayal" and "Private Meeting" started. In less 20 movies that you would relax watching movies and series23 Hours, 7 Min ago

We all sometimes need soothing movies that help us relax. So usually after a day, a week or a month, or a lot of exams, we play that movie to get the peace and quiet we need. 5 points about the 'Joker' program; A waste of time or an attractive program? other1 Day ago

Copying of foreign programs is becoming a common practice on TV and the home theater network. Perhaps if the programmers were looking to get rich on their programs and produce programs with high conte Marvel Cinematic World; 10 Bad Things That Happened to Loki movies and series1 Day ago

Loki, the god of evil in the Marvel movie world, is the favorite villain of the fans, who now plays the role of a hero and has appeared in several different movies and his spin-off series. had. Tom Hi