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You say; Does it make sense to buy a mid-range phone without a charger in the box?

BingMag.com <b>You</b> <b>say;</b> <b>Does</b> it <b>make</b> <b>sense</b> to <b>buy</b> a <b>mid-range</b> <b>phone</b> <b>without</b> a <b>charger</b> in the box?

Given that Samsung was one of the first companies to remove the adapter from the box of its mid-range phones, do You think it makes sense to buy a mid-range phone without a charger?

Something very strange happened in 2020. To protect the environment, Apple decided to remove the charger and handsfree from the box of the iPhone 12 series phones, thus reducing the size of the box. Not only did this protect the environment, but Apple also made huge profits. It was only a few days ago that we realized that $ 6.5 billion had been added to Apple's profit just by removing the charger and handsfree and not buying them as accessories.

This lucrative outlook has caused some others Companies also follow Apple and remove the charger from the box of their phones. The first company to ridicule Apple for removing the charger from the box of its handsets was the first company after Apple to remove the charger from its handsets. Not only the charger, but also the handsfree and the protective case, so that only a phone with a Type-C dual-core cable could reach the user.

But Samsung was not satisfied with this. When the Korean company saw that it was making the most profit from the sale of mid-range phones, it decided to remove the charger from the box of these phones as well, thus forcing users who are limited in budget and therefore go for mid-range phones. To buy a charger and handsfree again to contribute to the protection of the environment in turn. They can also buy the charger separately. But these days, mid-range phones support fast chargers that are sold at a high price in the market. Therefore, offering mid-range handsets without a charger out of the box is, in my opinion, an injustice that is becoming less lucrative for the masses. Because Samsung can definitely put the charger in it without enlarging the size of the box.

With all these interpretations, the company's three new mid-range phones, the Galaxy A73, Galaxy A53 and A33, without the charger and handsfree Have been unveiled and will be available. On the other hand, it is only the Galaxy A33 that supports the 3.5 mm jack, which means that You either have to buy the other two models of handsfree with USB-C interface or You have to use wireless handsfree such as the Galaxy Buds, both of which are priced at both. Ballast.

This becomes even more troubling when You know that companies do not reduce the price of a charger and handsfree by removing it from the box, and even sell it at a higher price. In fact, it feels like they want to impose their product on users. However, although Samsung decided to remove the charger and handsfree from the box of their phones, but they have good features such as IP67 waterproof standard, Gorilla Glass 5 protective cover, stereo speakers, very powerful processors, quality camera with optical image stabilization support, 5000 battery MWh with support for a 25-watt fast charger, a 3-4-year software update, and a 4.5-year security update.

Due to the power of the hardware and the many features that are inside these phones, they can also attract positive comments from users. We hope this policy is not adopted by other companies. Because not all of them are going to have the same capabilities that we see in Samsung mid-range phones. They do not equip themselves with these capabilities either. Let alone mid-range phones. Maybe that's why many smartphone makers, other than Samsung and Apple, still market their phones with in-box chargers. There are some other companies like Honor that even sell their handsets still with handsfree, which we hope will continue this trend.

What do You think about this? Do You think the removal of the charger and handsfree from the box of mid-range phones will be as pervasive as the 3.5mm jack that Apple began removing from phones and spread to other companies? Do You think the mid-range phone without a charger and handsfree in the box is worth buying?

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