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XPG unveiled its gaming mouse with 1TB of internal storage

XPG has unveiled its new gaming mouse called "Vault". It may be hard for you to believe this, but this gaming mouse is equipped with one terabyte of internal memory, which actually allows you to have your SSD and mouse in one product. Many gaming mice have built-in memory that allows you to easily transfer your desired game information from one system to another, and sometimes you can use it as a flash drive and transfer information. But XPG has apparently put a lot of memory into the mouse, which acts like an external SSD. Carry themselves in the form of a mouse. There aren't many details about this gaming mouse, but XPG has announced that the current prototype of this mouse can integrate up to 1 terabyte of SSD memory at a speed of 985 MB/s and can also be connected to a laptop or computer via USB-C. Since this mouse is wired, it will be connected to the system via the USB-C port, and you can install your favorite games on this mouse and run it on other systems as well.

BingMag.com <b>XPG</b> <b>unveiled</b> its <b>gaming</b> <b>mouse</b> with <b>1TB</b> of <b>internal</b> storage

With this amount of memory, gamers can store at least 2 or 3 games in this mouse, but this category may be for Call of Duty does not apply. However, it is not clear what other features of the internal memory of this product are available and whether this amount of memory is expandable or not (although it is hard to imagine, but the same gaming mouse with one terabyte of internal memory has been hard to imagine. .)

Also, no information has been released about its SSD, although it is likely to have been made by XPG's parent company, ADATA. In addition to gamers, ordinary users can use this product to mark the product and save a lot of information in it to use it in the workplace, university and even conferences.

The unveiling of this mouse, no other significant information about the specifications of this product is mentioned, but the company's post also introduces the XPG Alpha mouse, which is very similar to Vault. The mouse uses the PAW3335 Pixart sensor to provide DPI between 100 and 16,000 and is provided to users wirelessly thanks to the lack of internal memory. According to the XPG company, visitors to CES 2022 can see this amazing mouse in the company's booth, so we will probably hear more details about it in the coming days.

BingMag.com <b>XPG</b> <b>unveiled</b> its <b>gaming</b> <b>mouse</b> with <b>1TB</b> of <b>internal</b> storage

If we look at the image of the Vault mouse, we do not see a different mouse in appearance, but inside this seemingly simple product there is one terabyte of internal memory that this mouse from It distinguishes other gaming mice. There are many questions and speculations about the Vault mouse, for example how much it weighs or if you use an SSD, what is the difference in how and how quickly it responds when you do not use an SSD, and many other things that may be held We will get to the answers to these questions at CES 2022.

Given that this mouse is referred to as a concept design, it may not even reach the final production stage. However, this is a new innovation that even if XPG does not produce exactly this product, we will see more such products in the future. The price of the Vault mouse has not been announced yet, but it seems that we should not expect a cheap price if this product is produced and released, because this product is both a mouse and a 1TB SSD, which is definitely more expensive than a mouse. We have to wait and see what other information about this amazing gaming mouse will be published in cyberspace in the coming days.

Source: TheVerge

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