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Xiaomi unveiled a concept smart glasses

BingMag.com Xiaomi unveiled a concept smart glasses

Xiaomi will unveil some new products tomorrow with a ceremony, but one day before the event, the company has unveiled a pair of smart glasses. . Of course, Xiaomi refers to these glasses as "engineering look to the advanced future" and in fact it is a concept gadget and therefore has no price or release date.

The weight of these glasses is only 51 grams. And it can do things like display notifications, make calls, route, photograph, and translate. Xiaomi uses MicroLED technology for the display of these glasses, and the display chip is only 2.4 by 2.02 mm, which according to Xiaomi is almost the size of a grain of rice. This display is considered black and white, but instead its maximum brightness reaches 2 million nits so that users under direct sunlight have no problem using it.

BingMag.com Xiaomi unveiled a concept smart glasses

XiaoAI voice assistant is also used, which is the most important way to interact with these smart glasses. This assistant only displays the most important notifications, which means that all kinds of unnecessary notifications are displayed in front of your eyes. Other features include built-in microphones and speakers to make phone calls. It is also able to convert audio to text. Xiaomi uses the ARM architecture based on the quad-core chipset, and we should not miss the battery, touchpad and the possibility of connecting to WiFi and Bluetooth. It should be noted that the software of these smart glasses is based on Android.

It seems that Xiaomi executives are seriously developing smart glasses and with the introduction of this concept gadget, they are currently making a fuss. We hope that such a gadget will hit the market as soon as possible to see what Xiaomi has to say in the smart glasses market. You can watch the promotional teaser of these smart glasses below.

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Source: GSM Arena

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