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Xiaomi may introduce MIUI 13 on December 16th

BingMag.com Xiaomi may introduce MIUI 13 on December 16th

According to published reports, the MIUI 13 user interface is largely ready and will soon be available on eligible phones. Although companies such as Samsung, Oppo and OnePlus have unveiled the Android 12-based user interface, it seems that Xiaomi has not been able to increase its speed in this area and is lagging behind its competitors.

Xiaomi will officially unveil the latest version of its user interface, MIUI 13, on December 16 (December 25). It is said that in this ceremony, we will also see the unveiling of the Xiaomi 12 flagship phone. In this regard, we should mention another report in which it is stated that the Xiaomi 12 and 12X phones will be officially introduced on December 12 (December 12). It seems that the unveiling of MIUI 13 will take about 4 hours, which means that we will probably see the unveiling of several other products.

Details about MIUI 13 itself have not been revealed yet. But a few months ago, one of the revelators announced that new animations and fonts have been used in this user interface, and we should also expect to use redesigned icons along with new background images. Of course, as usual, we will not face only changes in appearance, and Xiaomi has also paid attention to the performance of this user interface.

BingMag.com Xiaomi may introduce MIUI 13 on December 16th

A few days ago it was announced that the Xiaomi Mi 4, Xiaomi 11 Pro, 11 Ultra, 11, 11 Lite 5G, Xiaomi 10S, Redmi K40, Redmi K40 Pro and K40 Pro Plus will probably be based earlier than other MIUI 13 based handsets. They get 12 on Android. It should be noted that although Xiaomi does not have a good reputation for updating the Android version of its handsets, on the other hand, it usually delivers the new version of the user interface to the intended users within a few years.

So even if many The phones in question do not receive MIUI 13 equipped with Android 12, but the same user interface using Android 11 can offer many of the expected features. Over the years, Xiaomi first delivers updates to Chinese users, and later users in other countries receive the updates.

On the other hand, many Xiaomi handsets and their subsidiaries, namely Redmi and Poco Supply zones have different model numbers. This means that if your Xiaomi phone has a model number from Russia, it may receive an update later than phones from Europe. Overall, with Xiaomi unveiling several Android phones at different prices each year, updating all of these handsets is a significant challenge for the company.

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