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Xiaomi, like Apple, makes it possible for users to repair their phones at home

BingMag.com Xiaomi, like Apple, makes it possible for users to repair their phones at home

Last week, Apple released a very surprising announcement. Apple said it would allow iPhone users to repair their phones themselves. This is a big change from Apple, which always imposes a lot of restrictions on repairing its gadgets in unauthorized repair shops. For a company that has been very firm in its attitude of repair rights, this is a truly amazing move. Now it seems that Xiaomi has taken a similar plan to Apple so that users of the company's phones can repair them at home.

Xiaomi India's official Twitter account posted a tweet that seems Xiaomi is trying to provide a service by users to repair their products at home. Obviously, this tweet does not explicitly say anything about Xiaomi's home repairs. Xiaomi tweeted:

"We care about your comfort. It has always been a priority for us that you have a good experience with us. We have always tried to prioritize you and now, we are only upgrading our services for you. We care about your comfort. "

BingMag.com Xiaomi, like Apple, makes it possible for users to repair their phones at home

However, the emphasis is on" You "and the" Easy Service "section of the image strongly refer to such a program. Xiaomi also has a long history of being inspired by Apple, so it makes sense to think that Xiaomi intends to offer a similar design to Apple to repair products at home and by users. Since the tweet was released from Xiaomi India's account, it looks like the service will initially be available to the company's Indian users.

If that happens, Xiaomi will probably be the first Android smartphone maker. Was launching its app in response to Apple's plan. Here we hope that more companies will follow this trend, because the ability of people to make simple repairs to their phones seems useful, necessary and generally the right thing to do.

As mentioned above, Apple makes it possible to repair iPhones and Macs at home. The company announced last week that it will soon begin selling parts and tools needed to repair some Apple products at home. The project will start with the iPhone 12 and 13 series, and then Macs based on the M1 chip will join the project.

According to Apple, the project will be implemented in the United States in early 2022 and then to other countries. Finds a way. The company also points out that this plan is only suitable for users who do not have a problem with repairing electronic devices, and in general, the majority of users should consult a specialist to repair these gadgets.

Despite the announcement of this program, Apple still recommends He points out that most customers should consult a qualified professional repairer, and reputable technicians who use Apple original parts are "the safest and most secure way to repair an iPhone." It is rare for Apple to do that. Making available the parts and tools needed by users, especially for Apple, is a big and unusual task.

BingMag.com Xiaomi, like Apple, makes it possible for users to repair their phones at home

Smartphone companies may intentionally or unintentionally imitate the actions of other companies. Imitating is not necessarily a bad thing. But sometimes there is no logical justification. We have heard many times that Xiaomi has imitated Apple's actions. After introducing the Xiaomi CC9 series of phones, the company unveiled a new feature in these phones called Mimoji, which allows users to create their own virtual avatar using a selfie camera.

This feature It was first introduced by Apple for the iPhone X as Animoji and then used by other companies with different names but with similar functionality. IPhone fans have always believed that these companies copied Apple's Animoji technology to make this feature, and the company itself has a similar view of its users, but it seems that Xiaomi has become a little more sensitive to this issue and users who Xiaomi has threatened to sue for copying Mimoji avatars from Apple Memoji.

Source: AndroidAuthority

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