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Xiaomi intends to be the world leader in the smartphone industry for another 3 years

BingMag.com <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>intends</b> to be the <b>world</b> <b>leader</b> in the <b>smartphone</b> <b>industry</b> <b>for</b> another 3 years

Xiaomi yesterday held a wide-ranging event to showcase several of its new products and technologies, including the Xiaomi 12 series of smartphones, the MIUI UI 13, unveiled the Xiaomi Watch S1 and many more. In addition to these products, Xiaomi CEO and founder Lee Joon took the stage to announce the Chinese company's future plans. Earlier this year, Xiaomi briefly surpassed Apple in smartphone sales, becoming the world's second-largest smartphone maker for a while.

Yesterday, however, Xiaomi CEO announced that the company intends to In the next three years, it will introduce itself as a leader in the smartphone industry and become the number one brand of smartphones in the world. A similar statement was issued in early November by Lu Weibing, senior vice president of China Xiaomi Group and Redmi on the Weibo social network, outlining the Chinese company's future goals. Le Weibing explained that Xiaomi co-founder Lee Joon has set a goal of making Xiaomi smartphones the world's best-selling smartphones by 2024, and to achieve this goal, Xiaomi will first focus on increasing its sales in the Chinese market.

BingMag.com <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>intends</b> to be the <b>world</b> <b>leader</b> in the <b>smartphone</b> <b>industry</b> <b>for</b> another 3 years

Since 70% of smartphone sales in China are made through offline smartphone stores, Xiaomi It plans to increase the number of its smartphone stores to 30,000 in the next three years. He also said that since Xiaomi intends to become the world's leading smartphone sales company, they will not specifically target any company (Apple) and will focus on producing products that can compete with all the top brands. Xiaomi's third-quarter performance report for 2021 indicates that the Chinese company has lost to American tech giant Apple in the third quarter of this year. The overwhelming popularity of the iPhone 13 series has put Apple in second place in smartphone sales in the world. According to the latest report from Canalis, Xiaomi has a 13.5% share in the global smartphone market with sales of 9.43 million units.

This percentage means that Xiaomi has a share of 16.7% The previous quarter saw global sales fall to third place. According to Xiaomi CEO Wang Xiang, the company's third-quarter performance was down slightly. The reason why Apple surpassed Xiaomi in this quarter was the high demand and popularity of users and fans for the iPhone 13 series.

Apart from the 2021 iPhone series, the CEO stated that there is a shortage of chips in this quarter It has also affected the sales of the company's smartphones. Xiaomi chief executive believes chip shortages could affect shipments worth 10 million to 20 million devices. Has created a smartphone market. As mentioned above, Xiaomi ranks third in the smartphone industry after Apple and Samsung, and Samsung still has a significant advantage over these two brands.

BingMag.com <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>intends</b> to be the <b>world</b> <b>leader</b> in the <b>smartphone</b> <b>industry</b> <b>for</b> another 3 years

According to Counterpoint Research, the South Korean tech giant was able to sell 69.3 million smartphones, taking first place with 20% Maintain market share in this quarter. Xiaomi is also in third place with 13% market share in the third quarter of 2021.

If Xiaomi intends to achieve this goal, it may see Strengthen the position of the company's products in European markets; Where Samsung has recently lost its position. In addition, Xiaomi has a great opportunity to gain market share due to the recent US-imposed chip bans, and by acquiring this share, it can go a long way toward achieving its goals. Only time will tell if Xiaomi can overcome this challenge and establish itself as a world leader in the smartphone industry in the next three years.

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