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Xiaomi has sold more than 240 million Redmi Note phones worldwide

BingMag.com Xiaomi has sold more than 240 million Redmi Note phones worldwide Xiaomi yesterday during the unveiling event of the Redmi Note 11 series handsets in relation to the number of handsets sold by the company worldwide and also The number of stores of this company spoke.

Redmi is considered one of the best subsidiaries of Xiaomi, which was able to attract the positive opinion of many users in the world by producing and offering extremely high quality, powerful and, of course, cheap products. The company operates in various fields such as smartphones, wearable gadgets, laptops and many more, and in all of them, it has maintained its unique pricing policy. As a result, thanks to this company, Xiaomi was able to make a lot of profit. The facilities they have are provided ($ 190 to $ 350). But during the unveiling of these phones, we did not talk only about them. At the unveiling, Redmi CEO Lou Weibing spoke about the incredible performance of the Redmi Note series handsets worldwide, noting that to date, more than 240 million handsets of this popular series have been sold worldwide./p>

It seems that the sales of Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 phones were much faster than we thought, because in May of this year, Redmi was able to sell 240 million smartphones, but in a short time. This month, the number reached more than 240 million units, which is a staggering statistic for the company.

In November 2020, Redmi managed to sell 140 million Redmi Note phones worldwide This figure was about 100 million in October 2019. But in the last 5 months we have seen such rapid growth from this Chinese company that maybe even Redmi or Xiaomi did not expect it. According to the statistics recorded by Redmi in the sales of the Note series phones, the monthly sales rate of the phones in this series can be estimated at 8 million, which is a good statistic.

BingMag.com Xiaomi has sold more than 240 million Redmi Note phones worldwide BingMag.com Xiaomi has sold more than 240 million Redmi Note phones worldwide

But what will be the future of the Redmi Note series phones? It seems that Redmi wants to launch two different generations of Redmi Note series phones every year, which we have heard about before. The first series will focus on processing power and the second series will be released with a slight change and upgrade compared to that generation. Phones in this category will be priced at around $ 400, which is fairly good for today's mid-range devices.

One of the factors that helped Redmi set such a record was the number of stores that are Present are operating around the world. With the expansion of the retail network, Redmi was able to gradually increase the sales of its handsets. Knowing the importance of stores, the company decided to increase their number to 10,000 units worldwide by the end of this month. These remarks were made by Lou Weibing, CEO of Redmi and head of Xiaomi International Affairs during yesterday's event, so we are absolutely sure of their accuracy.

BingMag.com Xiaomi has sold more than 240 million Redmi Note phones worldwide

If Xiaomi and Redmi can achieve this goal together and increase their number of stores worldwide to 10,000 or more, we will definitely see significant progress because of We're pretty sure of their performance, and all that remains is a well-stocked advertising space that seems to have been well thought out.

Now Xiaomi and Redmi want more than 80% Cover China with their stores. Of course, parts of China are still fully covered, and it remains to be seen how the situation will develop in the coming years.


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