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Xiaomi has introduced the TWS 3 Pro wireless headphones

BingMag.com Xiaomi has introduced the TWS 3 Pro wireless headphones

Xiaomi yesterday unveiled the TWS 3 Pro wireless headphones alongside the Civi and the Watch Color 2 smartwatch. Although these wireless headphones are very similar in appearance to Apple's AirPad Pro, they do have some cool features that can appeal to buyers.

Xiaomi has announced that the TWS 3 Pro will be the first of its kind. It is a wireless headphone that supports the LHDC 4.0 codec and therefore delivers excellent sound quality. Other features of these headphones include the ability to remove adaptive active noise. These headphones can reduce ambient noise by up to 40 decibels, which is a significant figure.

TWS 3 Pro headphones offer 360-degree surround sound and the case is charged via USB-C port. It becomes. According to Xiaomi, if users do not use the noise canceling feature, they will be able to use these wireless headphones for up to 6 hours without the need to recharge.

To buy these headphones, you can choose between black, green and Choose white and it will be available in China starting October 9 (October 17) for $ 92.

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Source: GizmoChina

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