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Xiaomi 12 will be the first phone with Snapdragon 898 processor

BingMag.com Xiaomi 12 will be the first phone with Snapdragon 898 processor

Just like last year, it looks like this year Xiaomi wants to be the first customer of Qualcomm's powerful Snapdragon 898 chip with the Xiaomi 12./p>

If you remember, last year there was a lot of news that either the Galaxy S21 Ultra or the Xiaomi May 11 will be the first phones to hit the market with the Snapdragon 888 chip. The news intensified when we heard that Samsung wants to unveil its flagships 6 weeks ahead of schedule. But in the end, Xiaomi was able to overtake the Korean company and its flagships on May 11 and become the first customer of Qualcomm's powerful chip. Which uses Qualcomm's powerful chip in its phone. According to one of the most reliable revelators in the field of technology, Digital Chat Station, apparently Xiaomi 12 will be the first Android flagship to be launched with this chip. However, the whistleblower also mentioned that Motorola could be the second company to launch its flagship Snapdragon 898 later this year.

Since Samsung often has its own flagships Unveiled earlier this year, it is also possible that the third company on this list will be Samsung with the flagships of the Galaxy S22 series. As usual, Samsung should have been the second company on this list, but it seems that this year the Korean company wants to unveil its flagships in February and not January, and due to this relatively one month delay, Motorola will apparently overtake it. Qualcomm usually unveils its powerful chips in the first days of December, the last month of the year. For the past three years, it has been Xiaomi that has used these chips before any other company with its flagships, and apparently it will be the same this year. Xiaomi CEO also announced his commitment to this issue over the years and said that this trend will continue.

What do we know about Snapdragon 898?

But Snapdragon 898 is supposed to Used in the flagship Android phones of 2022, it will apparently have a very high processing and graphics power. At least the news that has been published about this chip in recent days does not refute such a claim. 898 released, indicating that the chip would be about 15 percent better in processing than the previous-generation Snapdragon 888 chip and about 5 percent better than the Snapdragon 888 Plus. This improvement is not very significant, but it seems to be enough to differentiate between two flagships of two different generations. Of course, this test was not performed on a real product, so it is possible that the real potential of this chip is greater than what the numbers show.

But that is not the whole story. As it turns out, a phone equipped with the Snapdragon 898 has also been produced and tested. We do not know exactly what this phone is called and which company made it, but apparently this product must be a test phone. However, this phone has a processor with model number SM8450, which according to various news seems to be the same as Snapdragon 898.

Most importantly, screenshots of this phone were released that run the application Indicates Device Info HW. An application that, thanks to its information, we were able to find out about the configuration of Qualcomm's new processor. Of course, we already have information about the Snapdragon 898, but it looks like this time we can be more confident than before. 4 are placed side by side. These cores are Cortex-X2 with a frequency of 3.0 GHz, Cortex-A710 with a frequency of 2.5 GHz and Cortex-A510 with a frequency of 1.79 GHz. This is exactly what we heard in the recent rumors about Snapdragon 898.

BingMag.com Xiaomi 12 will be the first phone with Snapdragon 898 processor

Although many The flagship processors that are set to hit the market next year will use the same type and core sequence, but it looks like the Snapdragon 898 GPU will be quite unique. Unfortunately, we do not know how much more powerful the Adreno 730, which is said to be the GPU in the Snapdragon 898, will be than the Adreno 660, but because the chip will be made with Samsung's 4-nanometer lithography, it is said to perform 20% better than before. , We can expect to see such an improvement in the new chip that is quite noticeable and impressive.

It has not been released, but it is said that Qualcomm wants to use the new X65 5G modem, which theoretically has a download speed of 10 Gbps.

But in the end we will return to the smartphone that In the image above, we saw screenshots of it. Earlier we heard that a Vivo phone with Snapdragon 898 appeared in Geekbench. So one possibility could be Vivo's future product. But some users believe that this is the Xiaomi 12. Pictures of the Xiaomi 12 have been released so far, but it 's very hard to tell the difference. So we'll have to wait and see what comes out in the coming weeks or months.

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