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WWDC 2022 Summary; Everything that was introduced at Apple's event last night

BingMag.com <b>WWDC</b> <b>2022</b> <b>Summary;</b> <b>Everything</b> <b>that</b> was <b>introduced</b> at <b>Apple's</b> <b>event</b> <b>last</b> night

In this article, we will very briefly discuss all that Apple unveiled at its World Developers Conference (WWDC 2022). Also, if for any reason you are unable to watch the event, you can watch the video above, which overlooks all of what happened last night in 13 minutes.

Apple hosts an event every year to unveil its software services. Itself as well as several series of hardware products. An event known as the WWDC (World Developers Conference), in which developers can use the features provided by Apple to design new applications to fit new operating systems.

WWDC 2022 Apple night It was held in the past and many products were unveiled during it. From new operating systems to improving various applications and unveiling the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with new and powerful chips. Without wasting time, we will summarize last night's event.

iOS 16

BingMag.com <b>WWDC</b> <b>2022</b> <b>Summary;</b> <b>Everything</b> <b>that</b> was <b>introduced</b> at <b>Apple's</b> <b>event</b> <b>last</b> night

WWDC 2022 Apple was the iOS 16 operating system. iOS is the operating system of Apple smartphones, ie iPhones, and last night the 16th version of it was unveiled. In this version, Apple shifted its focus to personalization; The part where it was always weaker than its competitor, Google, and its incredibly free operating system, Android. Have found personalization. Users can now customize the fonts and from applying various color filters. In fact, it is better to say that Everything in the lock menu, or lock screen, can now be personalized. It is also possible to add various widgets to the lock screen so that iOS is no longer lagging behind its rival operating system, Android.

Users can now also view a series of images that the phone offers as Select lock screen images and even switch between them so that the page is no longer monotonous and boring. It may be interesting, but Apple has even made sure that the watch does not appear on the lock screen image and is displayed on the back. An interesting event that is really admirable.

Live screen is another new feature for the lock screen that allows the user to be constantly informed about the status of an application. For example, a contest is being held and the results are updated at any time. You can see these changes live on the lock screen of iPhones running iOS 16. The "Focus" feature, which was unnecessary for filtering notifications, has now come to the lock screen so that users can only see important notifications on this page.

Apple Apps

BingMag.com <b>WWDC</b> <b>2022</b> <b>Summary;</b> <b>Everything</b> <b>that</b> was <b>introduced</b> at <b>Apple's</b> <b>event</b> <b>last</b> night

  • Apple Messenger also gets a very useful and attractive feature that allows users to send their own message Edit or even Undo. The attractive SharePlay feature is also set to be added to Apple Messenger's messaging app so users can watch the content their audience is sharing.
  • Convert speech to text Received a very good and attractive feature. This feature allows them to keep the keyboard open when they issue a voice command, so that the user can instantly switch between different typing modes if they wish. Users can also select a text and replace it with a selected word by saying a word. The ability to insert punctuation automatically, as well as auto-suggest emojis, is a feature added to Dictation.
  • Live Text In iOS 15, there were a number of improvements, but Apple It also improved it to some extent to be able to compete with Google Lens, which is a powerful tool of Google. One of the good features added to this service is the ability to automatically convert currency, which is activated when you are using live text in the camera application. It will also be possible to automatically translate a file when using this service. It should be noted that the ability to scan live text will be added to the translation app on iOS.
  • Apple Map is now available in more countries and supports more cities in the US . Support for signposts, multi-stop routing along the way, the ability to add more stops during the journey through Siri, and are some of the good features that have been added to the map.
  • Ability to control children
  • Safety Check is a new feature Designed to support couples. If in a relationship, a person intends to abuse or behave violently and the couple no longer wants to live with him, he can cut off his wife from accessing all the information she has previously shared with him. This removes the location from the spouse, resets the privacy settings, and protects the messages. In the meantime, not showing location is especially useful for those who want to escape a dangerous relationship.
  • Apple Photos Now with an advanced sharing system called Use the iCloud Shared Photo Library, which lets you share your pictures with up to five family members. They can also edit their images and share them with you. It is interesting to know that Apple has included a key in its camera app that by pressing it, the captured image will be able to share directly in the mentioned library.
  • Apple Smart Home App It has now changed to look like a similar app on the Android operating system.
  • The Fitness app is now available to all iPhone users, even those using the Apple Watch Do not have.


BingMag.com <b>WWDC</b> <b>2022</b> <b>Summary;</b> <b>Everything</b> <b>that</b> was <b>introduced</b> at <b>Apple's</b> <b>event</b> <b>last</b> night

CarPlay is now much more powerful . Apple wants the app to be compatible with all of your car's computer systems so you can literally control everything. For example, control the temperature inside the car through CarPlay and not through the physical keys inside the car.

Of course, car manufacturers should also cooperate with Apple in this field so that CarPlay can reach its high potential. Show, but at least we know Apple has put Everything it needs to have in this app. It may take until the end of 2023 for a car to reach the full potential of this app.

WatchOS 9

BingMag.com <b>WWDC</b> <b>2022</b> <b>Summary;</b> <b>Everything</b> <b>that</b> was <b>introduced</b> at <b>Apple's</b> <b>event</b> <b>last</b> night

WatchOS 9 has now received four new WatchFaces, the most attractive of which are Luna and Metropolitano. The ability to pin active apps has also been added to this version of the Apple Watch operating system to make it easier for users to access the app they want.

In addition, new activity monitoring units have been added to WatchOS 9 that Depending on the length of the steps and the place of impact on the ground, it can determine the type of running and send information to the user accordingly. The operating system also helps the smartwatch to easily identify the type of activity of athletes who engage in three sports: swimming, cycling and two. One of the most useful features of this operating system, however, is to detect how long a user has been in atrial fibrillation (a type of heart complication).

If you are one of those users who forget to take medication, WatchOS 9 is possible. Allows you to enter your medication schedule into the smartwatch to take medications on the watch. This feature is very useful and important and we are glad that it is present in WatchOS 9.

M2 chip

BingMag.com <b>WWDC</b> <b>2022</b> <b>Summary;</b> <b>Everything</b> <b>that</b> was <b>introduced</b> at <b>Apple's</b> <b>event</b> <b>last</b> night

M2 Although Apple's latest processor, it is not the most powerful. However, it has more speed and power than M1. During the unveiling of the M2 at WWDC 2022, Apple claimed that the performance of this processor is 18% faster than the previous generation. Products that use this processor as a beating heart can benefit from 50% more bandwidth than the M1. Also, the maximum RAM supported by this chip is 24 GB. Apple's M2 chip GPU is 10-core and has about 35% better graphics performance than its predecessor.

According to rumors, the M2 chip is made using the same 5-nanometer manufacturing process as the M1 chip. Equipped with 20 billion transistors, the chip is capable of performing 15.8 trillion operations at a time, according to Apple. The US tech giant also claims that the M2 chip can compete with PC chips and offer users 90% of the performance of an Intel 12-core processor with a quarter of power consumption. The Media Engine cores inside the M2 chip have also been significantly upgraded.

MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro

BingMag.com <b>WWDC</b> <b>2022</b> <b>Summary;</b> <b>Everything</b> <b>that</b> was <b>introduced</b> at <b>Apple's</b> <b>event</b> <b>last</b> night

The MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro were Apple's only WWDC 2022 hardware products (apart from the chip). The MacBook Air has a relatively new look and sees the new M2 chip as the beating heart with eight processing cores and up to ten graphics cores. This product also supports Magsif so that it can be charged wirelessly. The new MacBook Air will be available in space gray, gold and blue, with a base price of $ 1,200. This product will be officially launched in July this year at a price of $ 1,000 Other features of this product include 1080P HD webcam, new microphones and quad speakers with support for Dolby Atmos technology, up to 2 terabytes of SSD memory and 24 GB of RAM, sensor support. Fingerprint mentioned an 18-hour video player and a 30-watt charger inside the box. RAM and internal storage are on the market, except that the battery lasts 20 hours. The MacBook Pro does not have a notch, but we can see the touch bar on the top of the keyboard. This laptop also uses a cooling fan, so that its performance under heavy pressure is better than the Air model. The 13-inch MacBook Pro will be available next month for $ 1,300.

macOS Ventura

BingMag.com <b>WWDC</b> <b>2022</b> <b>Summary;</b> <b>Everything</b> <b>that</b> was <b>introduced</b> at <b>Apple's</b> <b>event</b> <b>last</b> night WWDC 2022. This version of the Mac OS has great capabilities. For example, the Stage Manager feature helps you focus on the app you are using without any hassle, and put other unused apps on one side to separate them. Users can also easily upload icons from the desktop to the sidebar of apps.

Ventura macOS has also added optimizations to the Spotlight section of the Mac search engine. Users can preview files in Spotlight and do a more accurate web search. Spotlight also supports more apps, including Photos, Live Text, and more. In fact, people can now find photos from the image library, text from images, and even shortcuts. Improved auto-correction, easy switching of video calls from iPhone to Mac, the ability to use the iPhone's rear camera as a wireless webcam, and other good Ventura macOS features.

iPadOS 16

BingMag.com <b>WWDC</b> <b>2022</b> <b>Summary;</b> <b>Everything</b> <b>that</b> was <b>introduced</b> at <b>Apple's</b> <b>event</b> <b>last</b> night

The iPad's operating system has also received great features in its new version. Collaboration, for example, is one that focuses on teamwork. Using this feature, the user can add people to collaborate on specific applications such as Safari, iWorks and other third-party applications simultaneously.

Apple will also add a Free Form application to the operating system, which it claims The company will be very useful and practical for creating ideas and sharing opinions. In addition, Apple plans to add a weather app to the operating system. Lockscreen on iPadOS 16, like iOS 16, will support a variety of widgets, variable depth of field wallpapers, and more.

Messenger app changes, Home app changes, and the Passkey feature mentioned above Were introduced as part of the iPadOS 16 feature at last night's event.

that was all that was unveiled at Apple's WWDC 2022 event. You can also watch a video of the event above.

Source: Android Authority

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