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The world's first fully automatic train was launched in Germany

BingMag.com The world's first fully automatic train was launched in Germany

Siemens and the German National Railways (Deutsche Bahn) this week introduced the world's first driverless and fully automatic train in the city of Hamburg. "With automated rail operations, we can provide our passengers with a wider, more reliable and therefore better service without the need for even one kilometer of rail," said Richard Lutz, CEO of Deutsche Bank (DB). Although several airports around the world have driverless monorail terminals and Paris has driverless metros, the new Siemens and German Railways train is the first fully automatic train that can operate safely. Serves in the same infrastructure as human drivers.

According to Siemens, the new train is more efficient due to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and helps the train to plan and demand travel more efficiently. To the human driver.

Four self-propelled trains are scheduled to be on the road network from September The S-Bahn extremist city iron operates in Hamburg. The train was developed as part of the German Railway Renovation Project, a $ 70 million project called the German Digital Railway Project. , A human operator will be present to ensure safety, but the new train will be fully automatic and train maneuvers, such as train bypass maneuvers, can be performed without the presence of anyone on the locomotive.

BingMag.com The world's first fully automatic train was launched in Germany

Moving the world's first fully automatic train
Credit: Siemens

Train transportation has increased in recent months and years. Because it is a clean and reliable way of traveling. For example, emissions in 1.6 km of rail travel (1 mile) are on average 80% lower than road traffic over the same distance. On the other hand, at the height of the challenges of sea and air freight due to the corona epidemic, rail freight continued to operate with relative stability.

New innovations in automated rail travel and high-speed rail lines to further enhance rail transport It will also help with climate goals and lifestyle changes after the Covid-19 epidemic.

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Cover photo: The world's first automatic train in Germany
Credit: Siemens

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