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A woman mistakenly swallowed her AirPad instead of housing!

BingMag.com A woman mistakenly swallowed her AirPad instead of housing!

If the only problem with the new headphones is their small size, we are not too wrong. These headphones are so small that they can sometimes be a nuisance. They are even so small that they may be accidentally swallowed. We've come across various stories where people accidentally swallowed their AirPad, and now we can add another story to the list.

A TickTock user shared a video of how one of their AirPads Confused with ibuprofen and accidentally swallowed it. A user named @iamcarliiib explained that he shared this information on TickTock for educational purposes only, and that he had an ibuprofen tablet in his hand:

BingMag.com A woman mistakenly swallowed her AirPad instead of housing!

" I was going to bed. Ibuprofen 800 was in my right hand and AirPod was in my left hand. Without realizing it, I put the AirPad in my mouth, picked up my water bottle, and drank a sip of it. I was nauseous and wanted to lift something. Then I realized that I had ibuprofen tablets in my hand and I swallowed my AirPad by mistake. "I tried to raise it, but I couldn't." But he did the radiograph to make sure it was completely removed. We're not sure if the AirPads will continue to work after being swallowed, but he has stated that he will no longer use the AirPod and that it would be natural for him to do so.

Also, the interesting thing is That the AirPad was connected to his phone while he was talking, and in fact he had swallowed the AirPad connected to his phone. He sent an audio note to a friend, which was the murmur of his abdomen recorded by an AirPod inside his stomach.

As mentioned above, this is not the first time that Airpads are accidentally swallowed by humans. About two years ago, a seven-year-old child in the US state of Georgia swallowed his Christmas present, which was Apple AirPad wireless headphones. He did this completely unintentionally so that his mother could take him to the hospital emergency department. Chiara Stroud, the mother of the seven-year-old, never imagined that her AirPad gift would end up in her son's stomach.

"My son first told me to put a tall object inside "He has kept his mouth shut." After examining the hospital doctors and confusing them, the X-ray image identified the metal parts in the Apple AirPad, and doctors found that the child had swallowed an Apple product. The mother of this child was also very surprised and the emergency doctors admitted that they had not encountered such a case before.

BingMag.com A woman mistakenly swallowed her AirPad instead of housing!

According to this person, he He checked his blanket and looked around to find the AirPad, but it was unsuccessful and then noticed that a sound was coming from inside his stomach. He arrived at Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital after learning of the incident. The doctor confirmed via X-Ray that he had swallowed his missing headphones.

The story did not last long, and he successfully disposed of his headphones that day. But perhaps the most interesting part of the story was that the AirPod was still intact and 41% of its charge remained. Fortunately, the AirPad's plastic case acted as a protector, as the device's internal components, such as the battery, could have been a problem for the person without the case.

Source: Ubergizmo

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