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Windows 11 provides an easy way to recover programs

BingMag.com <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>provides</b> an <b>easy</b> <b>way</b> to <b>recover</b> programs

Microsoft is finally adding recovery programs to the Microsoft Store in Windows 11. The software giant will soon begin testing a new feature that will allow you to recover your applications on your new Windows 11 computer. It should be noted that the current version of the Microsoft Store does not provide an automatic way to recover programs, but instead forces Windows users to manually install the programs they want from the library.

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" We will soon be testing a new feature in the Windows Insider channel that helps customers automatically retrieve apps they already have installed from the Microsoft Store to their new Windows device. This feature will also help software developers to keep their customers happy without having to be reminded to re-download apps.

BingMag.com <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>provides</b> an <b>easy</b> <b>way</b> to <b>recover</b> programs

Application recovery will be especially useful for customers who periodically change their PCs or developers who frequently use virtual machines and multiple devices. Previously, Windows users had to use similar features of this feature, and even more powerful ones, to use third-party recovery programs that were not very reliable.

In order for this new feature to be considered most favorable To get Windows 11 users to be truly effective, more applications need to be placed in the Microsoft Store. There are also clues that the store seeks to achieve this by adding some popular applications such as Firefox, Zoom, Adobe Acrobat Reader and OBS Studio. However, many applications are still not seen in this store, and Microsoft is trying to eliminate this problem by removing the waiting list for win32 applications, and opening all developers' applications to its store.

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The company plans to add functionality to the Windows 11 operating system, including widget development Pointed to this operating system. Currently only 11 widgets are available in Windows 11, including weather, sports, games, pictures, movie watch list, entertainment, traffic, To Do (daily to-do list), Out Look calendar, Family Safety ) And tips.

BingMag.com <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>provides</b> an <b>easy</b> <b>way</b> to <b>recover</b> programs

Microsoft will also soon introduce a new Windows 11 File Explorer interface This interface brings tabs to users. According to rumors, the new design of Windows 11 File Explorer will include the ability to move tabs between folders in a window, as well as the ability to move tabs. In addition to this very useful feature, Microsoft is considering other changes to the Windows 11 File Explorer. In the same vein, Microsoft will bring changes to users such as regular Quick Access folders, recently viewed documents, and new Favorites. Users will also soon be able to add a file to their favorites from the right-click menu to appear pinned on the File Explorer homepage.

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Source: TheVerge

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