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Windows 11 finally gets a modern volume indicator

It's been nearly 10 years, but Windows is finally providing a modern volume indicator for Windows 11 users. The black bar that appears when adjusting the system volume using a keyboard or other device was first introduced in Windows 8 in 2012, and now with this modern indicator that will be used in Windows 11, there is no news about it. The black bar will not adjust the volume. Microsoft is replacing it with a volume indicator that matches the overall design of Windows 11.

In addition to the volume indicator, the indicator light, camera security, camera on/off, and airplane mode are all They will be available to users soon with a more modern design. "These new flyouts appear when you press the volume up or volume keys on your laptop, giving you on/off mode for a more cohesive user experience," explains Amanda Langowski, Microsoft's director of Windows Insider. Light and sound indicators can still be changed and improved with updates. "

BingMag.com <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>finally</b> <b>gets</b> a <b>modern</b> <b>volume</b> indicator

In addition to this design change, Microsoft also allows you to test a new design of the contact window in your Phone 11 application in Windows 11. "The update includes a new advanced contact window with icons, fonts and other user interface changes that are consistent with the improved design of Windows 11," says Amanda Langowski. The latest demo for Windows 11, 22533, also includes touch keyboard themes for the emoji panel and more for testers and developers of the operating system. If you've always wanted to uninstall the clock app in Windows 11, there's an option to do so now.

Microsoft may release some of these changes monthly to Windows 11 users because the company It has moved towards providing bigger annual updates for its latest operating system. The Windows company has not specified exactly when these new features will appear to all Windows 11 users, but we expect to see them sometime later this year.

The latest version of the Windows operating system, That means Windows 11 was released earlier this summer by Microsoft, which takes advantage of new features that were not possible with previous Windows. If you're a Windows 10 user, you probably know that this operating system supports virtual desktops or, as Microsoft puts it, "desktops," but Windows 11 has made them easier and more accessible. By default, after installing the new operating system, a button with two black and white rectangles will appear in the taskbar. Place the cursor over it and click on New Desktop to have more workspace.

BingMag.com <b>Windows</b> 11 <b>finally</b> <b>gets</b> a <b>modern</b> <b>volume</b> indicator

Some of the changes in Windows 11 compared to version 10 are not very noticeable and may not be noticed by all users. For example, after installing Windows 11, many users found that they could no longer pin their favorite folders in the Start menu. In this Windows there is an option that when activated, a number of system folders are displayed next to the power button. To do this, you need to go to the Personalization section to see the options for the system folders that you can enable or disable.

Although this new operating system has new features and applications in It is available to its users, but there are also problems with this operating system. For example, many users reported installing Windows 11 to slow down their system. If you're one of those users who encountered a slow system upgrade to Windows 11, Microsoft has good news for you. The company promises to release fixes and updates next year that will improve the performance of the Windows 11 operating system. It remains to be seen what new features Microsoft will add to the operating system to make Windows 11 even better.

Source: TheVerge

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