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Windows 11; Everything we know about Microsoft's new operating system

BingMag.com Windows 11; Everything we know about Microsoft's new operating system

Windows 11 is set to be officially released to the public in three days. So we decided to take a look at all of its features to see what changes Microsoft has made to its new operating system. Is available, and as we learned from the beta and previews, it looks like we should expect a lot of changes. Changes that look really good and practical this time around and are going to change the user experience.

Windows 11 is still available as a preview build for download. You can also download and install the ISO file, which we will teach you how to install at the end of this article. Of course, it is recommended that we wait these three days to officially receive the relevant update. About whether they can install Windows 11 on their system or not. In many news agencies, the solution to bypassing Microsoft restrictions and installing Windows 11 has been taught even on older systems, and in a number of other news agencies, it is recommended to follow the company's instructions. So the confusion is perfectly normal, but fortunately it will all be over in three days with the official release of the new Windows.

Lets see what operating system we are going to face in the next three days. is not. If you have installed and experienced the beta version of Windows 11 before its official release, the first thing that definitely caught your attention was the relocation of the Start menu and its placement in the central part of Windows. Microsoft has made this change in order to make it easier to access the Start menu, especially on ultra-widescreen displays, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Mac OS.

Other changes have been made to Windows 11, including The most important thing is to change the design language of the icons and make them flatter so that Microsoft applications have a unified appearance on all devices. Although the shape of the apps in the icon has become flatter, the corners of the windows are now slightly curved, which is different from Windows 11 to Windows 10.

Support for Apple Android apps

Update The new feature allows Mac OS users to install and experience iOS apps on their system. Since Microsoft does not have a specific application, it decided to bring support for Android applications to Windows 11. But the way it works is a little different.

In partnership with Amazon, the American company decided to add the store to the Windows Store, which now has a new look and feel. In fact, you can not install any Android application you want from the system because the Amazon Store does not necessarily have all the applications, but fortunately it seems that Windows 11 also supports side-by-side applications. So you can download any app you want from outside and install it on your system.

Of course, Google decided to block it after Microsoft realized it. That's why there was a rumor that we may not see support for Android apps in Windows 11 early in the release. So if you installed this operating system but could not have Android apps on it, do not worry, as it seems unlikely that Microsoft will abandon the idea altogether.

Microsoft Store

BingMag.com Windows 11; Everything we know about Microsoft's new operating system

Among the applications mentioned, we must also mention the Microsoft Store, which has now changed in appearance as well. In terms of capabilities and facilities. Under the new policy, developers can now bring apps into the store in win32 format. Microsoft also favored developers to have their own payment system because if they were to be limited to the same payment system as the company itself, Microsoft would deduct part of the revenue as a tax.


The widget experience on Windows Vista was not at all successful and enjoyable. But Microsoft decided to re-release the widgets for Windows 11 with a few tweaks. Widgets have now become an integral part of phone-specific operating systems, but Microsoft wants to give users the experience of using them on desktop systems as well.

BingMag.com Windows 11; Everything we know about Microsoft's new operating system

By installing Windows 11, you will have a special panel for widgets only, which you can set for different items such as weather, calendar, time and widget. If you've used the Mac OS and its widgets before, you'll definitely notice a lot of similarities between the two. /12753-4.jpg ">

Now in Windows 10 the user can place windows in the four corners of the image and use them at the same time. But in Windows 11, this process has become easier and much more practical in that you can place windows in different shapes and at different angles in the image or even have the desired arrangement. This can be done by hovering the mouse pointer over the Maximize icon in the top right corner.

Touch Command Support

Apple is keen to support touch commands in It wasn't Mac, but Microsoft embraced it and decided to do it better in its new operating system than we see now. Also, the size of the keyboard has been slightly reduced so as not to disturb the touch of the screen. It remains to be seen whether these changes will really make Windows 11 a suitable operating system for touch commands.

Gaming Capabilities

BingMag.com Windows 11; Everything we know about Microsoft's new operating system

The last feature that we are going to mention in this list, which is definitely not the last new feature of Windows 11, is for gamers. Desktops have become one of the main gaming consoles in most parts of the world, and Microsoft, with its extensive experience in producing and delivering Xbox, has been able to improve the performance of desktop systems through Windows.

In order to improve the gaming experience on Windows 11 based systems, Microsoft has designed a new API called DirectStorage to load the information of each game directly from the graphical RAM. Such a feature will speed up the data loading process and have a significant impact.

The next feature is Auto HDR, which allows games designed with DirectX 11 or higher to automatically switch to HDR quality. Upgrade. Naturally, games that are designed in native and HDR quality by default have a higher quality in terms of visual effects than these games, but we can not ignore the great and tangible impact that this feature has on improving the quality of images.

In addition On top of that, the Xbox app is now installed by default on Windows 11, allowing the user to quickly access their list of Xbox games on the system and experience the games they purchased with a Game Pass subscription./p>

Should we install Windows 11?

One of the biggest questions that kept users busy even after the official release of Windows 10 was whether they really needed Windows 11. Install it on your system that works properly? Ever since Microsoft released Windows 8, there has been a great deal of fear in the minds of the company's users that installing a new version of Windows might cause problems.

If you remember, after Windows 7, never Windows was not produced to be stable, quality and fast, and there were always big and small problems for users to deal with. Eventually, however, Microsoft abandoned Windows altogether to force users to switch to the new operating system.

The US company assured users that it would support Windows 10 by 2025. But this is more for those whose system does not support the new Windows and have to stay in Windows 10. Otherwise, there is no specific reason not to move to the new operating system.

Currently, of course, Windows 11 is in beta, and of course we suggest you hold on to the official version for now. To be offered. Because beta versions always have small and big problems that can damage the system. However, if you are really interested in technology and trying out new features, you can download and install a less flawed version of Windows 11 by joining Insider Beta. Of course, if your computer supports Windows.

  • Why does Windows 11 not support my processor?

Which computers support Windows 11?


Speaking of support, we have to point out that Microsoft was quite vague in this regard. Initially, it was said that only systems equipped with Intel 8th generation processors and later could receive this version, but later this austerity was slightly reduced. Redmondi launched an app called PC Health Check to help users find out if their system supports Windows 11, but later updated the app.

You can also click At this link, download the latest version of the application to find out if your system supports the new Windows. It should be noted that this application may refer to items such as TPM or Secure Boot in the description of non-support, which are available through the BIOS menu and activation.

But the general specifications of the system to be Update to Windows 11 as follows:

  • Processor: 64-bit with 2 cores or more at a frequency of at least 1 GHz
  • strong> RAM: At least 4 GB
  • Internal memory: At least 64 GB
  • System firmware: UEFI with Secure Boot Support
  • TPM: Support for TPM Version 2
  • Graphics Card: Support for DirectX 12 li>
  • Display: Larger than 9 inches with a minimum resolution of 720P
  • Internet: Microsoft account and internet connection fast enough to download, Installation

As mentioned, even computers with older chips can download the ISO file and install Windows 11 on their system, but Microsoft said that if a user wants to install Windows this way, they will not provide any updates for them, but it may be possible to bypass the limitation again by downloading a newer ISO.

Windows 11 will be officially released Is it possible?

We mentioned at the beginning of the text that Windows 11 is going to be officially released tomorrow. That is, on October 5 (October 10). Therefore, there is not much time left until the release of the official version, and if you are one of those users who are interested in this operating system and the experience of its new features, it is recommended that you wait this time and do not go for beta versions.

Will the Windows 11 update be free?

If you are currently running Windows 10 on your system, which also supports Windows 11, you will be able to get the new update for free. This is exactly what Microsoft did with Windows 10 and announced that it would be free to update to Windows 7. Although we have not always seen such a policy from the company.

How to install Windows 11 on your system?

As mentioned above, currently Windows 11 is only available on Beta mode is available, which means that downloading and installing it will not be possible just by going to the settings page and clicking on the update option. Of course, if you do not want to download the ISO file, follow the path below.

  • Go to the Windows settings page and click on the last option, Updates and security.
  • in the side panel Left-click on the last option, Windows insider program.
  • Register as a beta or Dev insider and restart the system to complete your registration as a Windows insider. Keep in mind that the beta loop is better than the Dev loop in terms of logs and bugs.
  • Make sure your system uses TPM 2.0 otherwise, even if the system is powerful. Be careful, you will still not be able to install the new Windows because Microsoft is apparently very sensitive about it.

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