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Will the iPhone 13 satellite connection prevent 40% of the world's population from accessing this phone?

BingMag.com Will the iPhone 13 satellite connection prevent 40% of the world's population from accessing this phone?

The ability to connect the iPhone 13 satellites was one of the most important news released in recent days. Of course, this feature is only available in case of emergency and for assistance. But given that the use of satellite phones is not in line with the laws of many countries around the world, will the sale of the iPhone 13 be banned in these countries?

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According to reports, Apple plans to add satellite communications support to the iPhone 13, but that means permanent access to this In fact, unlike regular satellite phones, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 can be used in emergency situations where the user does not have access to SIM card services and adequate antennas. Low altitude) are used for sending emergency messages.

If you are an iPhone user, you know that by holding down the power key and one of the volume keys, an option for sending an emergency message will appear. Apple intends to use the same method to send messages via satellite.

Mark Gorman, a Bloomberg correspondent, stated in his latest report that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 feature support for satellite communications only in Selected markets will be available.

This vague report leaves us with a few questions and theories that we intend to explore below.

iPhone 13 Satellite Communication Even in Conditions Emergency does not leave you alone

BingMag.com Will the iPhone 13 satellite connection prevent 40% of the world's population from accessing this phone?

Thanks to the customizations made on the Qualcomm X60 chip that support Enabling satellite communication, Cupertinos have the opportunity to once again bring a new shock to the market by introducing a unique and special feature.

As previously announced, this chip was not to be Ready for use in smartphones by 2022. But apparently Apple has managed to access it a little earlier.

The presence of this new feature will help users in many situations. For example, when hiking, boating on the high seas or in the event of a natural disaster, if SIM card services or Wi-Fi networks are not available, the user can use satellite communication to ask for help.

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It is also said that connecting iPhone 13 satellites may be more cost-effective than buying satellite phones and paying for them. Of course, this is just a prediction that Apple will reduce the cost of satellite communications for its new iPhones in order to persuade more iPhone 13 users and attract satellite phone users.

Therefore, by using satellite communications, the iPhone 13 will never be available It does not come out. This is something that has not been seen before, so it can be an attractive feature for many users.

If one cannot access a suitable Wi-Fi or 5G/4G network, communication satellites can be a good alternative. . Of course, we remind you that this feature is currently only available in emergencies, and satellite communications are not as fast as 5G or Wi-Fi networks. As a result, other than calls and text messages, you should not expect more from them right now. 14 With the support of satellite communication, we should look for answers to some important questions:

Is having a satellite phone legal?

BingMag.com Will the iPhone 13 satellite connection prevent 40% of the world's population from accessing this phone?

Have you ever wondered why Apple has limited satellite communications services to emergencies?

To this question, it must be said that Apple is probably considering various aspects in order to provide its users with a full satellite connection using the iPhone, after a proper conclusion. Another reason that does not need much interpretation is that the use of satellite phones is illegal in many countries.

In at least 14 countries, the use of satellite phones is prohibited or requires a license. According to the Phone Arena (source), the population of these areas is approximately 25.3 billion people, which is about 41% of the world's population.

If Apple decides this If the feature is only available in the US, this percentage will be much higher. Even American users may not be able to use their iPhone satellite calling feature when traveling to countries such as China, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Chad, Myanmar, Cuba, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, Sudan, South Korea and Turkmenistan. Of course, North Korea should not be left out of this list.

Is there a solution?

BingMag.com Will the iPhone 13 satellite connection prevent 40% of the world's population from accessing this phone?

In discussing the available solutions, we come to almost 3 options. First, Apple will provide this feature selectively. Currently, the only smartphone that can communicate via satellite is the Thuraya X5, which allows the user to turn this feature on and off like a WiFi or 4G/5G connection. Of course, such a solution still can not turn the iPhone into a non-satellite phone under the law of the countries mentioned.

Another solution that comes to mind is whether Apple in countries where the use of satellite phones is prohibited or Requires special licenses to release a version of the iPhone 13 that does not use the Qualcomm X60 chip.

Let the company help.

The third solution is for Apple to limit satellite communications to the US market only. In addition to preventing potential inconveniences, this can also be a good opportunity to test-supply such a product. Certainly, Apple can more easily study the opportunities and possible problems of offering such a product in its own territory.

Given that one of Apple's partners in the iPhone 13 satellite communication project is Globalstar, it is possible that The third solution is more than other options.

Globalstar satellite coverage is available in the US, Europe, Australia and parts of South America. Therefore, the cooperation of the Cupertinoites with this network cannot be entirely coincidental. In fact, with the exception of Nicaragua, none of the countries where satellite phone use is banned are in Globalstar covered areas.

What if a satellite iPhone gets into the wrong hands?

BingMag.com Will the iPhone 13 satellite connection prevent 40% of the world's population from accessing this phone?

If Apple allows free access to satellite communications via iPhone, more scenarios for the company's future challenges Will occur. One of the challenges will definitely be that if the iPhone gets into the hands of unauthorized people, they will definitely exploit it.

For example, consider terrorist groups and organizations or smuggling gangs that can Use the iPhone's free satellite connectivity (including calling, messaging, satellite internet access) to easily communicate with each other. Due to the global popularity of the iPhone brand, the phones of this brand can be easily found all over the world. Therefore, Apple's decision to limit satellite communications to emergencies, including messages and calls, seems to be a wise move. Restricting or disabling satellite telecommunications networks.

In 2013, the Nigerian military announced that it would ban the use of satellite phones and all communications networks in the northern part of the country due to terrorist attacks. They were active and should be deactivated.

In 2018, the Indian police confiscated the satellite phones of 4 German officials, explaining that they should have us with these phones upon arrival. They informed. Under Indian law, owning a satellite phone is prohibited for foreign nationals. IPhone 13 We are curious about the support of satellite communication and its technical features.

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Finally, what will be introduced in the coming weeks is an iPhone that It will also support all of the processor, battery, camera and the like, satellite emergency messaging service (and possibly next generation of emergency calls).

Source: Phone Arena

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