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Why shouldn't we always close Android phone apps?

BingMag.com Why shouldn't we always close Android phone apps?

Are you always thinking of closing background apps on Android?

Doing this as much as you think, It is not useful. Many people think that constantly closing the background apps of an Android phone will increase its performance and also increase the work efficiency of the mobile phone. Such ideas were logical in the early days of the advent of Android and Android phones; But now is the time to change misconceptions. In fact, if you close your Android device regularly, you are doing more harm than good to your mobile phone! Now join us at BingMag Meg to talk in more detail about this common misconception.

Close background apps on Android

BingMag.com Why shouldn't we always close Android phone apps?

Before we get to the main topic, we need to make sure you know what it means to close open apps on Android. Depending on the mobile phone and the Android version, you can do one of these two steps to see the opened applications on your phone:

1) Swipe your finger halfway up on the mobile screen and 2) Click the square button at the bottom of your mobile phone.

Now by doing one of the above, you can see all the apps that are open in the background do. In this section, we have two ways to close open programs, which are:

1) You can close the programs one by one.

2) Using the Clear All option, all Apps close together.

Why not close Android apps?

BingMag.com Why shouldn't we always close Android phone apps?

1) Closing Android apps does not increase your phone's battery life!

You probably think that Open background apps on your Android phone are constantly consuming your battery power. Android has come a long way over the years, and in fact battery management features like Doze do not allow background apps to negatively affect your phone's battery life. In short, these features make open applications sleepy and inactive. By doing this, CPU and Internet usage in open applications is minimized.

2) Your Android phone does not run closed applications faster!

BingMag.com Why shouldn't we always close Android phone apps?

Another misconception is that if you close existing programs in the background, the speed of opening and running new programs will increase. This idea is completely wrong; Because Android manages your mobile RAM intelligently and at the same time keeps several selected applications in memory. In fact, Android does not allow those apps to adversely affect the performance of your mobile phone. It appears immediately and actually helps you consume less battery. So, if you allow apps to run in the background, your phone will respond better. When you try to open the application a few moments later, it is of no use to close the application all the time.

3) Closing the application consumes more CPU power!

BingMag.com Why shouldn't we always close Android phone apps?

If you keep shutting down and restarting apps, your phone's CPU will definitely have to spend energy each time processing those commands. Since it is better to keep your programs in memory, engaging your CPU in these commands only means wasting processing power. In addition to the previous cases, many programs restart the background process even after closing the main program. So there is no point in trying to close programs constantly.

4) Closing and running programs regularly consumes more battery!

When you force your phone's processor to drain its power Just repeat your commands, it will definitely consume more battery in the process. A very simple example is launching a program and then closing it continuously. Suppose your goal in closing background apps is to save battery life. In this case, instead of closing open apps in the background, you should do other things to save battery power, such as dimming the screen, turning off notifications, or changing the mode to save power. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to save mobile battery power. /27/13730-6.jpg ">

You can only allow certain mobile applications to use your mobile internet to make better use of it. In addition, background applications do not use much of the Internet anyway. By following the steps you can access the list of applications on your mobile phone and give different permissions to each application in terms of Internet use, sending notifications and battery consumption:

a) Enter the Settings section B) Click on the Apps option.

c) Finally find the Click all apps option and click on it.

d) At this point, you can grant permissions to any of the programs listed above. It's a good idea to set limits on a number of apps so that when you use your mobile phone, you feel comfortable about everything.

6) Your Android phone automatically closes unnecessary apps

Android is now smart enough to figure out which apps should work and which apps should close. In fact, its memory management algorithm works in such a way that if the RAM is full, it removes unused programs from the memory. In other words, your Android phone takes care of itself automatically. You do not need to clear programs from memory to increase the performance of your device. Modern Android versions are smart enough to know which apps you always use and which ones are not a priority.

When should you close Android apps?

BingMag.com Why shouldn't we always close Android phone apps?

There are definitely exceptions in this area; This means that sometimes closing some Android apps is a great idea. An important exception is when one or more of your programs are down or blocked. In such cases, closing these programs is your immediate solution that you need to do immediately. It is very permissible to close programs in several situations, which we will mention to you in the following:

1) One of the situations in which it makes sense to close a program is when you have finished using that program. This is especially true for "heavy" applications, such as games that run in the background for a while.

2) Reactivate an updated application when you need it. In this situation, you often need to exit the program and close it completely and reactivate it.

3) Close programs that you no longer need during the day and only need a few minutes. You used them.

It should be noted that it is not allowed to open a large number of applications on Android. One of the simplest reasons to prove the previous sentence is that you have to spend several seconds to find that program in the open source section in the background!


We tried in this article Let's take a look at some misconceptions about closing Android background apps. We also found that in some cases we had to close applications quickly to have better battery performance and less affected mobile processor. With the above tips, we no longer have to worry about Android apps being open, and we know when opening them will not harm our mobile phone and when we should close them.

One of the most important things in this article is option five. He pointed out that it teaches us to set limits for some programs. In addition, we've found that closing background apps on a regular basis negatively affects your phone's battery life and overall performance. The benefits you want to get by turning off background apps can be easily achieved using the powerful Android settings. Android is a great and powerful operating system that completely monitors programs that run in the background.

Which of the above was most useful to you? If you know something we did not mention, be sure to write to us in the comments section.

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