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Why should we use smart locks?

BingMag.com Why should we use smart locks?

The lock on the noble and quiet hero who is always protecting the house, the property And your assets. Now these veteran heroes are gradually giving way to superheroes called smart locks; Locks that are not very quiet and use any means to warn you in times of danger and suspicious movements.

Use the lock What is the need for smart?

With the advancement of technology and the expansion of the use of the Internet of Things, the era of lock and key companionship seems to be coming to an end. Easy installation, more security and remote control are the most important features of smart locks. By installing these locks, you can control the entry and exit of different people to your home. You can also open or close the door remotely at home by installing a special application for some of these locks. So you no longer have to worry about leaving or losing your keys, or rushing to your home to open the door to different people. Additionally, you can define biometric IDs and specific voice or movement commands for family members, friends, repairmen, nurses, and others who need to enter your home. Sending notifications via SMS or email and alerting suspicious movements on the lock are other features of these locks.

BingMag.com Why should we use smart locks?

Tips to consider when choosing and installing a smart lock

First of all, it is better to determine your purchase cost and budget; Obviously, you have to spend a lot more for these products than regular locks. However, do not ignore their features and capabilities. The most popular smart locks have mobile apps. This way, you can open or close the door from anywhere, with just a single gesture. There are also PC and laptop compatible locks that you can control via a dedicated webpage. In both models you have the option to specify permanent and temporary users; These locks also have the ability to set a specific day and time for people to enter and leave the house.

Smart locks to keep the wireless chipset active, The LED plate and most importantly the lock motor function, are battery operated; However, you do not have to worry about running out of battery and device failure. Almost all smart locks warn you before the battery runs out. While some of these locks can be unlocked with special keys; But to take advantage of their special features, it is better to replace the battery before it runs out. In addition, you can select locks that have a touch screen, and when you do not have your key or mobile phone, open it by entering a special code at the entrance.

Compatibility of Smart Locks with Smart Home

Smart Locks You can adapt to various security applications. Nest Protect is one of these programs that warns you if the house temperature rises and there is smoke. Services like IFTTT (If This Then Thay), Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant are some of the most popular apps that you can sync with smart locks. For example, if the home security system warns of smoke in the house, you can open the door for people to enter and put out the fire. You can also pair these locks with video door openers or home security cameras to monitor the movement of people. If you have Bluetooth enabled, you must be within a certain range to communicate and control it through your phone. Locks with built-in Wi-Fi are simpler and wider to use and can be controlled from any distance.

Although smart locks provide much more security They provide for your home and property, like any other digital device can be hacked. To prevent the device from being hacked, it is best to use sophisticated and secure passwords and commands. Also, simpler models of smart locks can be unlocked using a screwdriver. So do not underestimate the importance of compatible home cameras and security kits with door locks.

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