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Why is the Wi-Fi speed low on my phone?

BingMag.com Why is the <b>Wi-Fi</b> <b>speed</b> <b>low</b> on my phone?

There are various reasons for phone Wi-Fi speed problems, and by examining these problems and finding their root, the phone's internet speed will probably improve. In the following, we will discuss how to do this.

Why is the Wi-Fi speed on my phone low?

This problem can have various reasons. Now the important thing is that you check all the reasons and solve your problem easily. In this section, we mention the most common Wi-Fi speed problems of mobile phones. You should also check each item on your mobile phone to fix this problem well.

However, if applying the following items on your mobile phone still does not solve your problem, it is better than Get help from experts in this field. You can also share with us and other BingMag users the case that you have fixed to increase the Wi-Fi speed of your mobile phone. So, without any extra words, let's get to the point.

1) Issues related to the location of the router device

BingMag.com Why is the <b>Wi-Fi</b> <b>speed</b> <b>low</b> on my phone?

One of the most common reasons for slow mobile Wi-Fi internet speed is that your router is in the wrong place. The sending of signals is completely dependent on the specifications of your device, and the stronger your router device, the greater the range of signals. However, the farther you are from your device, the slower the Wi-Fi speed will be.

An interesting point is that large physical objects such as walls and doors can also block Wi-Fi signals and cause disruption and reduce your reception speed again. Also, the strength of this signal is indicated by the Wi-Fi symbol you see in the image above on your mobile phone. When this icon is completely filled, you have the strongest possible signal.

When this icon is empty or almost empty, your received signal will be weak. So, as you get closer to the router, your signal strength and internet speed will be better than before. We suggest that you test the router in different places of your home and test its speed. Then decide where is the best place for your device. It's that simple!

2) Congestion of a large number of Wi-Fi networks in a specific location

BingMag.com Why is the <b>Wi-Fi</b> <b>speed</b> <b>low</b> on my phone?

Wi-Fi networks in a certain location is another problem with routers that slows down the internet speed on your phones. You probably know that routers send their signal on a certain channel, but if your neighbors' routers are also set to the same channel, this channel will automatically degrade the performance of all routers.

More on this in Apartment buildings are problematic; Because there are many routers in a limited space. To solve this problem, you need software that can help you determine the best possible channel. In this regard, we recommend Wi-Fi Analyzer programs that are freely available to the public. With the help of these programs, you can easily choose the best possible channel for your router to get a higher speed.

3) Wi-Fi disturbances or noises

BingMag.com Why is the <b>Wi-Fi</b> <b>speed</b> <b>low</b> on my phone?

Many household appliances such as microwave ovens, iPhone home ringtones, and cordless phones all have the potential to interfere with a 2.4GHz router signal. . Most current routers can operate at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz. However, there are few routers that can operate at 5 GHz. If your router has this feature, you can enable it by going to the router settings. Before doing this, make sure all your devices support 5GHz. Otherwise, they cannot use the Internet.

4) low Wi-Fi speed in general

BingMag.com Why is the <b>Wi-Fi</b> <b>speed</b> <b>low</b> on my phone?

One of the most obvious and common reasons for slow Wi-Fi speed in mobile phones is that your Wi-Fi speed is low. In fact, whatever device you connect to your Wi-Fi, the internet speed will be low. In this situation, the problem is not with your mobile phone or other devices. Now you have to go to your internet service provider. If your Internet operator is not able to provide you with a higher speed, it is better to switch to another operator.

Before thinking about changing your Internet operator, you should pay attention to one important issue. Sometimes the number of devices connected to Wi-Fi is high and they take its power. For example, downloading movies and games and updating operating systems all slow down your internet speed. So, before doing anything, make sure that your other devices are not using your Wi-Fi power and are not downloading.

Another important point that you should pay attention to is The speed of public Wi-Fi can vary significantly. So don't expect super fast service from something you don't pay for.

5) Insufficient internet coverage

BingMag.com Why is the <b>Wi-Fi</b> <b>speed</b> <b>low</b> on my phone?

It's not just about slow Wi-Fi on your mobile phone. In such cases, even if you use the Internet of your SIM card, its speed will be low. This incident, which happens many times in Iran, has a single reason. In such cases, an important event is taking place when many people are using the Internet, and the Internet speed is reduced for all people. For example, when the derby match (Estiklal and Persepolis) is held in Azadi Stadium. is being held Everyone's internet speed slows down. In this situation, most people watch this match with the help of internet and online streaming applications. So it is quite logical that the internet speed will decrease to a high level for all people at this time.

6) low mobile phone speed

BingMag.com Why is the <b>Wi-Fi</b> <b>speed</b> <b>low</b> on my phone?

The last common reason for low Wi-Fi speed in smartphones is the low speed and performance of mobile phones. In such cases, Wi-Fi speed is probably quite good or excellent. However, when you go to it, you assume that the internet speed is slow and weak due to the low performance of your mobile phone.

It is possible that your phone simply cannot handle all the things that You ask it to respond at high speed. Apps that are old or poorly written can generally slow down your mobile phone. So try to always update all your mobile applications. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that every mobile phone has a useful life. After this useful life has passed, it is better to go to buy a new mobile phone.


In this article, we tried to find 6 main and effective things in reducing the Wi-Fi speed of the phone. Put the mobile phone under the microscope. You should check all these six items and in most cases, following these tips will solve your problem. At the same time, if these things do not affect your internet speed, it is better to get the help of experts in this field. be. So it is better to pay more attention to this matter. Also, please note that there are definitely other factors to increase the Wi-Fi internet speed on your mobile, which we have not covered in this article because they are not common. Finally, you can get help from your internet service provider in this regard.

Do you know anything else that can increase the speed of mobile phone Wi-Fi? Share your comments and suggestions with us and other BingMag users.

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