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Why is there a difference between Samsung's flagships in the US and the rest of the world?

BingMag.com Why is there a difference between Samsung's flagships in the US and the rest of the world?

According to images captured by the Galaxy S21 series handsets, the Snapdragon 888 models sold in the US appear to be of higher quality than They have models with the Exynos 2100.

Samsung has long been selling its flagship handsets with the Exynos processor in global markets and the Snapdragon 888 in China and the US. Of course, except last year, when the Korean company was forced to sell the Galaxy S20 with a Snapdragon 865 in its home country due to the relatively poor performance of the Exynos 990.

This was usually the case. The Snapdragon-equipped models outperformed the Exynos-equipped models in all respects. From the camera to power consumption, temperature control, speed and processing power, and so on, there was always a short distance between them. This was while users had to pay a fixed amount to buy them. In this way, users in global markets had access to a model that had lower quality but a better price than the model.

Users repeatedly complained about this, but Samsung ignored it. But this time it seems to be a fundamental thought on the subject. What we are going to mention in this article is the weakness of the Galaxy S21 Exynos 2100 in photography compared to the models equipped with the Snapdragon 888. In photography and videography, however, it is the taste that comes first when it comes to flagship phones. For example, the iPhone 13 tends to capture high-contrast images, while the Galaxy S21 captures shadows very sharply and bright spots very brightly. It depends on the user's taste which one to choose as it will ultimately satisfy the performance of both phones.

Of course, the story differs in terms of video recording. While Samsung is more flexible thanks to its powerful 10x optical zoom camera, the iPhone 13 excels in quality, detail, dynamic range, anti-shake performance in low-light conditions, and the like. This advantage is especially evident in the night light, not only in relation to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but in all other flagship phones.

So when it comes to video recording, the Galaxy S21 Ultra with all its powerful sensors with It is relatively far below the iPhone 13 Pro. But that's not all. Naturally, we should consider Apple phones a generation ahead of the Galaxy S21, so we do not expect them to outperform their competitors. The problem with Samsung is that the performance of similar phones of the company itself is different from each other. We mean exactly the different models of the Galaxy S21 that are sold worldwide with the Exynos and Snapdragon chips. But why?

Snapdragon vs. Exynos; History repeats itself

We can say that in almost all the years that Samsung launched its flagships with Exynos and Snapdragon chips, there were differences between the two models, which we can briefly mention the following as the main ones.

  • More processing and graphics power in the model equipped with Snapdragon
  • Better energy consumption in the model equipped with Snapdragon
  • Better performance in heat dissipation and As a result, it is less likely to overheat on a Snapdragon-equipped model. Better image processing performance on a Snapdragon-equipped model. Snapdragon

As you can see, Samsung's global market users have for years acknowledged that their handsets perform worse than those sold in the US and China, and some Unfortunately, they have no information about this at all. Although the architecture of all of them is ARM, you should note that none of the processors based on ARM architecture are produced in the same way. For example, the performance of the image processing unit in Apple's A-Series processors, for example the A15, is different from what Huawei used in the Crane 9000. There is the same difference between Exynos and Snapdragon chips.

So depending on where you live, Samsung flagships will be available for purchase with two completely different chips with different functions. If the difference in performance between the two chips was not too great, they could be ignored, but we know that our phone is weaker than the other models sold in other parts of the world, from the processing performance to the battery life and the quality of photography that we are discussing in this article. It feels really bad.

Although the situation of the Galaxy S and Note series in different markets has been much worse over the years, but looking at the performance of the two Galaxy S21 Ultra models in the video, we see that this year there is nothing special. It did not happen that nothing, but the distance became longer. In the picture below, you can fully understand this difference. The image on the right was taken with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, equipped with the Exynos 2100, and the image on the left was taken with the same phone, but with a Snapdragon 888 processor.

It feels like the image on the right was taken with a middle phone and the image on the left was taken with a raised phone. In the display of bright spots, the performance of the two phones seems to be similar, but in dark spots, the difference is noticeable.

BingMag.com Why is there a difference between Samsung's flagships in the US and the rest of the world? BingMag.com Why is there a difference between Samsung's flagships in the US and the rest of the world? BingMag.com Why is there a difference between Samsung's flagships in the US and the rest of the world? BingMag.com Why is there a difference between Samsung's flagships in the US and the rest of the world?

But when When we get to the video recorded by the model equipped with Exynos, we see that the images are not even usable. This is where things get a little complicated and bad for Samsung. What we see in the pictures are soft, without details, cartoonish and generally very bad. Especially for a product that the user spends more than $ 1,000 to buy (of course, if you want a charger and headphones, it should be more than reasonable).

If you remember, a series of old picture games Showed a lot of cartoons, one of the most famous of which is GTA. The Galaxy S21 Ultra had such a performance, especially in the display of greens, and this is not at all suitable for the product that claims to be the best camera phone in 2021. Poor video quality can be seen in all lenses of the Exynos 2100 Galaxy S21 Ultra, but with the ultra-wide camera and main camera, you will notice more.

What is the problem with the camera of the Exynos 2100 Galaxy S21? ?

As mentioned above, this is not a hardware problem. This does not mean that the models sold in the global market perform poorly due to a hardware problem with the video. Models of the Galaxy S21, which use the Exynos 2100 chip, seem to try to compensate for their weakness in low light photography by trying to capture scenes smoother to minimize noise in the image. As a result, the images are recorded without noise, but the image is cartoon and similar to a painting. Are and look better. Noise is definitely not a good thing, but if removing it is going to give us results like the one recorded by the Exynos-equipped Galaxy S21, we better not think about it too much.

This is not the whole story! The Galaxy S21 also has its drawbacks with the Snapdragon

Samsung sells two flagship models each year in different markets, most of which differ in terms of battery life, hardware performance, and most of all video recording. This is not acceptable at all, and users in global markets have the right to go to other companies' phones to buy the flagship. Such a thing is not good at all for a well-established and popular company like Samsung, and it should definitely be considered. We do not know why this does not happen and why Samsung is so indifferent to this issue at all, while many users these days complain about the poor performance of the company's phones. Samsung is probably tired of all this ups and downs and wants to spend a few years in second and third place in terms of the best-selling phone brand!

Buy this phone and because this model is better than all the models sold around the world, you can rest assured and use your phone safely. But you should know that the Galaxy S21 with Exynos 2100 performs better when shooting with a telephoto camera with 3x zoom than the model with Snapdragon 888. It is very interesting that we are witnessing such strange events and Samsung continues to work more indifferently than ever.

Unless Samsung thinks about this, its flagships will not be worth buying

If Samsung wants to continue this weird trend in the production of the phone, it will not be long before users will not want to buy the company's flagship phones at all. The sad thing is that the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which was discussed in this article, also uses the latest stable version of Android, and all its updates were installed. This means that if an update was to be released to improve the quality of the camera, this should have happened at the very beginning of the release. At least it can be said that now is not the right time to update the phone to improve the quality of the camera.

If you are still thinking of buying new Galaxy in the hope that this trend will improve and you think the situation will not get worse, we must say secret The Galaxy S22 is also expected to be sold with the same policy in supply. That is, models equipped with Exynos 2200 in global markets and models equipped with Snapdragon 898 in the US and China markets. So we still have to see a lot of users complaining about the differences between their phone models. Of course, if the Exynos 2200 is not a good upgrade over the previous one.

Of course, keep in mind that poor performance in photography and video is not necessarily related to the Exynos chip. It is actually related to the way this chip processes images and videos. So it is to be hoped that future galaxies will improve in terms of processing, power consumption, and the like, but there is no guarantee that the same will happen in the field of photography. Although this is unlikely to happen; At least Samsung is not making any move to improve the situation and it is said that it will use the same cameras for next year's models with a slight improvement. Then there's the new sensor, so at least the Galaxy S22 Ultra will make a big difference. Currently, the Galaxy S21 Ultra lags far behind the iPhone 13 Pro Max as its direct competitor in terms of photography and video quality, and it remains to be seen whether the Galaxy S22 Ultra can minimize this gap. At best, the photography quality of this phone seems to be similar to the iPhones, because it seems unlikely that Samsung will make such a revolutionary change in its phone; Even if it is the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

What do you think about this? Will you still want to buy the company's flagship phones until Samsung solves its chip problem?

Source: PhoneArena

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