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Why is it better to buy a gaming chair instead of a regular chair?

BingMag.com Why is it <b>better</b> to <b>buy</b> a <b>gaming</b> <b>chair</b> <b>instead</b> of a <b>regular</b> chair?

In this article, we will examine three reasons that prove that buying a gaming chair is one of the most logical actions that a gamer or someone who sits at a desk a lot should do. Do it.

If you are planning to buy a good, comfortable, beautiful and attractive chair, and after visiting many stores, you saw gaming chairs and enjoyed seeing them, we must say that you are not alone. . These chairs are attractive and eye-catching for almost all people, because different companies consider many possibilities for them, both in terms of quality and appearance.

If you have seen various videos of famous gamers. Well, probably the gaming chair is the first thing that stands out next to a powerful and attractive system. From the type of sewing and the combination of colors used in the chair to its special form and shape, it is clear that we are dealing with a very attractive chair. Chairs that are often found in the market with a relatively high price, but still, you can find examples that provide users with good features and facilities in addition to the reasonable price.

As a result, we decided in this Let's examine the three reasons that if you are interested in this type of chairs but you think that paying for them is not worth it and is not logical, they will definitely convince you to do this. Don't forget that these three reasons become logical when you have enough budget to buy them, because these days what determines whether or not it makes sense to buy a product is only the budget we have.

Why? Should we buy a gaming chair?

Just like office chairs that have different shapes and features, gaming chairs are available in all kinds of models. Their price starts from 100 dollars and often reaches 500 dollars, but there are gaming chairs that cost more than 500 dollars and close to 800 dollars. If you are on the verge of despair from buying these chairs after hearing the price, it is suggested that you give us some time and read the three reasons that we will examine below. You might come to the conclusion that paying for a good chair makes more sense than choosing an i5 processor instead of an i7.

1. A gaming chair gives an attractive look to your professional system. I don't know about a chair, but there are many people who care about the beauty and attractiveness of their room environment. In general, people who have an attractive and beautiful setup, in various tasks such as content production and streaming, attract the most attention of the audience because it can be said that it instills a sense of professionalism to the users.

Apart from this, if you look at the office chairs, you will see that most of them are monochromatic and not very attractive. They are more useful when we only sit on them from 8 to 2 and then leave them because they bore us and make us bored. But gaming chairs are completely different. These products are produced in attractive and extremely eye-catching colors and sometimes even RGB, which give an attractive and extremely beautiful appearance to the room environment. So if you care about the appearance of your room and want to look professional, buying a gaming chair is much more logical than buying an office or regular chair.

2. gaming chairs are incredibly comfortable. I agree with that, but if given the choice, I might even spend a little less on the system so that I can budget for a gaming chair. I say this because after sitting behind the system for more than 10 years, I realized that during these 10 years, I did not even sit behind my office chair for 1 month in a row! Most of the time, I put the monitor or laptop on the floor and work with the system in different modes, because after a few minutes, the office chair brings all kinds of troubles to different parts of the body.

Knee pain, back pain. Neck pain and even back pain are among the unpleasant things that users experience after sitting in an office chair for a while. Keeping the body healthy is definitely more important than the user being able to do something 15% faster. Of course, this again depends on the personal taste and preferences of the users, but I personally came to the conclusion that it would have been better to allocate a budget to buy a gaming chair.

However, there is one point that is better. is to know gaming chairs are mostly made of fabric or leather. That is, if you are one of the people who sweat a lot, maybe they are not very suitable for you because these types of materials are very weak in terms of absorbing body sweat. But office chairs are made of materials that have better ventilation and can absorb it when the user sweats a lot. Of course, this is one issue The truth is not fixed because many office chairs have many problems in this regard and many gaming chairs are also wonderful.

But in some ways, gaming chairs have a fixed advantage compared to office models. For example, they give users a lot of customization options. Depending on the price range, you even have the option of customizing the hand rest. For example, you can bring them closer to each other, raise them or lower them to achieve exactly what you want. For example, to play some games, the user needs to keep both hands close together, or to do a task that involves typing, the user's hand needs to have more room to move than when using a controller. , elbows apart and various other positions that fortunately many gaming chairs regardless of price allow you to adjust the handles. They use the neck, which makes the user not feel tired even in long-term use. Some of these chairs are designed in such a way that they protect the neck without needing a pillow. Of course, there is a key to adjust its mode so that the user can adjust it exactly according to his needs, although these chairs are more expensive compared to cushioned chairs.

In addition to these, gaming chairs in Many times they sleep completely. That is, if you get tired, you can lay them down like a bed and rest. This feature can almost be said not to be found in any office chair, but it is really practical and excellent. The fact that you can open your seat 180 degrees will definitely mean that you will have more space to do all kinds of different things.

3. The value of buying a gaming chair is generally higher than an office chair. The cost is not at all unreasonable for a product that will prove its value to you in the long run by taking care of your health. In the end, you are the one who doesn't get tired of sitting behind the system for a long time, you don't get neck pain, your back doesn't get hurt and... even if you compare the price of the chairs according to the features they offer, you will see that it is really worth buying gaming models than office models. .

Some gaming chairs even have massagers and vibration motors to massage the user. Of course, their price is high, but these features are not found in office chairs. Although office chairs are designed so that users do not feel tired after sitting for long periods of time, it does happen. Although there are different types of office chair and if you pay for a good example, it can keep you satisfied, but even in a good example, it cannot offer you the comforts of a gaming chair.

Finally, It is the budget that determines what is worth buying

As we mentioned at the beginning, whether it is reasonable to buy a product or not is determined only by the budget. If you have enough budget to buy a good gaming chair, why should you spend on an office chair? If you don't have enough budget, you can buy a good office chair that will at least not harm your body in the long run.

If you are looking to buy a good gaming chair but you don't know what model to buy, then We introduce you some models of the best-selling and best gaming chairs that you will definitely get a good and enjoyable experience from them. Note that these products are categorized based on quality, and as a result, a product with higher quality will have a higher price. Naturally, every user can choose the right item according to their budget.

1. Mizimo gaming chair model 2020

BingMag.com Why is it <b>better</b> to <b>buy</b> a <b>gaming</b> <b>chair</b> <b>instead</b> of a <b>regular</b> chair?

Possibilities and capabilities

  • Adjustable back of the neck
  • Height with warm foam
  • Base material is made of iron
  • Back cover material and sole is made of artificial leather
  • Wooden base and back frame material
  • Plastic handle material
  • Synthetic leather handle cover material
  • Plastic and metal wheel material
  • >
  • The back of the neck separately
  • Minimum height 39-55 and maximum height 46-70 cm (depending on the selected model)
  • Back dimensions 55 x 80 and sole dimensions 48 x 50 cm

Mizimo gaming chair model 2020 is one of the good and affordable gaming chairs in the market that can meet your needs both in terms of appearance and facilities. The material of the back cover and sole of this product is made of leather, which, in addition to its high beauty, also makes the seat resistant to frequent wear and tear and prevents the seat from changing or puffing up in the long term.

Inside This chair uses warm foam, which makes it durable, comfortable and extremely soft. Also, this chair allows the user to adjust the height and adjust the bottom and back. The movement mechanism of this chair is by two independent levers It is controlled that one of the levers is used to adjust the height and the other is used to adjust the angle of the back and the bottom of the chair. . With medical back cushion and excellent ergonomics to fill the lumbar cavity, Mizimo model 2020 increases the range of support for the natural shape of the spine and neck, and thanks to its standard design, prevents local pain and fatigue. Chrome-plated five-pin legs along with silent PU wheels are among the features that, in addition to the above, make Mizimo 2020 a good gaming chair and an attractive choice for users. It completes all the specifications of a premium seat. This chair is a comfortable model in large dimensions and with high resistance.

Purchase at the price of 2 million and 300 thousand tomans from BingMag

2. Varna DX600S gaming chair

BingMag.com Why is it <b>better</b> to <b>buy</b> a <b>gaming</b> <b>chair</b> <b>instead</b> of a <b>regular</b> chair?

Possibilities and features

  • neck back
  • height adjustable
  • with cold foam
  • iron base material
  • back and sole cover material Made of synthetic leather
  • Material of the sole and back frame made of wood and metal
  • Material of the handle made of plastic
  • Material of the cover of the handle made of synthetic leather and fabric
  • Material of wheel made of plastic and metal
  • Continuous neck back
  • Minimum height 50 and maximum height 60 cm
  • Back dimensions 50 x 80 and sole dimensions 50 x 50 cm

Source: GSMArena

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