Why haven’t automakers made a blue car yet?

According to the necessity of human migration towards clean energy, car manufacturers have long turned to the production of electric cars, but if electricity can be a good solution to this problem Why can't water, which is cleaner, be used as fuel in a blue car?

BingMag.com Why haven’t automakers made a blue car yet?

According to the necessity of human migration towards clean energy, car manufacturers have long turned to the production of electric cars, but if electricity can be a good solution to this problem Why can't water, which is cleaner, be used as fuel in a blue car?

The idea of moving a car only by water, which is one of the cleanest resources, can be attractive to anyone. The possibility of moving vehicles with a clean and renewable fuel can help prevent environmental pollution and preserve it.

But the idea of a blue car has been debated by experts for decades. While some automakers claim to have developed the technology needed for this plan, most scientists believe we shouldn't be so quick to jump into it.

For all the mystery behind the blue car, what is the reality and Can we see such a product in our lifetime?

Why do people believe that water can be used as fuel for cars?

BingMag.com Why haven’t automakers made a blue car yet?

Most people are interested in conspiracy theories, especially if they involve planet Earth and its resources. For this reason, when it is said that it is possible to build a blue car, most people believe that such a device can be produced, but some people prevent it. Although a car that can move on water has never been mass produced, many still believe that this technology is possible.

But where does this belief come from? Many people believe in the blue car, because the concept is clean and beautiful. An environmentally friendly alternative that can eliminate the pollution of fossil fuels and will not have the problems of supplying electricity to electric cars. Water is a renewable resource and can be seen as a sustainable option for car fuel.

Furthermore, the pollution produced by water vehicles is very little or even zero compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. They are considered a much cleaner choice.

Stanley Meyer claimed to have built a blue car

BingMag.com Why haven’t automakers made a blue car yet?

In the 1970s, Stanley Meyer, an American inventor, claimed to have built a blue car. He said that this car can move using only water, and for this, it uses an electrolysis process to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, and then burning the oxygen can provide the energy needed by the engine.

While some call Mir a fraud whose invention never worked, others believe that The American government and the oil industry caused his work to fail. In any case, Stanley Meyer was able to motivate many people to look for possible ways to realize the blue car idea. It was not the environment. In the 1970s, Saudi Arabia increased the price of energy in this country by cutting off America's access to oil resources. With the aim of helping America in this situation, Mir sought to find an alternative fuel for citizens' cars. Perhaps if the United States had known how to convert gas-burning cars to electric cars back then, the idea of a blue car might never have come up. Let this idea ignite more.

Conspiracy theories about the blue car

Conspiracy theorists believe that oil companies and the US government are colluding to hide the truth about the blue car. Because with the realization of such an idea, the need for oil and its derivatives will decrease and many companies active in this sector will be destroyed. Also, it is said that car companies are looking to increase sales of gasoline and diesel cars because they are more profitable for them.

An article published in 2020 by Gaia claims that water can be used as fuel for cars. . This article mentions several conspiracy theories that point to the (US) government restricting this technology.

This article mentions that Mir was poisoned because his car cost trillions of dollars. He left it in the hands of oil companies. Also, it is said that he has been under observation for some time for this reason. However, there is no evidence to prove these accusations.

Mir has many fans who wholeheartedly support him and believe in his claims. Since the inventor's death, his patents have expired and others have had the opportunity to recreate and perfect his invention. Nevertheless, no car manufacturer up So far, he has not looked for the design of such a car. The blue car continues today in the form of hydrogen cars. According to Science Alert, prototypes of cars that use water in the air to use hydrogen as fuel have been produced.

To run these cars, in the process of electrolysis of hydrogen and oxygen gases from Water molecules separate. In the process of burning hydrogen gas, water vapor is produced, which does not have the pollution caused by burning fossil fuels, and therefore it is a cleaner solution. All this process is done with the help of the water cell.

The work of the water cell is to receive a small amount of charged water and convert it into hydrogen and oxygen elements. Hydrogen burns cleaner (compared to fossil fuels). Furthermore, Meir claimed that water cells could recombine these two elements and replenish their reservoir. A subject that scientists oppose and believe is computationally impossible.

When will we see blue cars on the streets?

If this question is on your mind, when will we see it? We can see blue cars like other cars on the streets and roads, in response it should be said that in the best case, if such an idea is possible, we will see it in the distant future.

This year, a company to The name Genesis World Energy claims to produce an impressive amount of energy from the molecular structure of water. This company has even allowed the possibility of using its achievement for automobile manufacturers and transport companies. However, no company has yet attempted to develop this technology.

Furthermore, if we are going to use electricity to separate hydrogen and oxygen to produce energy, why the same electricity? Shouldn't we use it directly as car fuel? Just like regular electric cars. Or even better, why not go straight to hydrogen cars? /p>

There are many secrets about the blue car. The concept of a blue car means a car that uses water as its main fuel. But this is not the whole story. For example, hydrogen cars don't actually burn hydrogen in the combustion tank, but hydrogen gas is combined with oxygen in the atmosphere and electricity is produced from the chemical reaction of these two. Then this produced electricity is used to start the engine and drive the car.

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According to the laws of thermodynamics, water is not a fuel. The only way fuel can store energy is by being moved from one place to another (much like the structure of hydroelectric dams). Also, it is laborious to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen elements, and scientists have not yet found an effective way to solve this fundamental problem. It is a legal act. In fact, if such an event happens, it can be called a historical achievement in the world of technology.

The reality of blue cars

BingMag.com Why haven’t automakers made a blue car yet?

Contrary to all the pessimism of conspiracy theorists about the failure of the blue car project, this type of vehicle still has a long way to go in our daily lives. Except for the issue of producing cells that use water as fuel, Dutch scientists believe that the production of such a vehicle does not conform to scientific laws.

Developing a practical and powerful system that can perform as well as traditional combustion engines or today's electric motors is a challenge. It will be big. Because of this, we won't see blue cars in our daily lives anytime soon, unless there is a big leap in automotive innovation.

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