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Why has Zuckerberg already failed in the Metavars project?

Metavers was one of the hottest events of 2021; The idea that Mark Zuckerberg put forward at an event that coincided with the renaming of Facebook to Meta, to emphasize its importance. Many see Metawares as the future of the Internet, where you can enter as a virtual character, talk to your co-workers, and have a cryptocurrency job and income.

But after the initial wave of news and criticism subsides , Zuckerberg does not seem to have a strong position in this competition as it was thought. Contrary to the image that Zuckerberg tried to present of Metavars and introduce himself as its flagship for the future, the evidence suggests that he is already behind the competition in the Metavars world, and that perhaps his ambitious project may lead to the right result. And maybe he will not succeed.

In this video, we have already discussed the background of Mark Zuckerberg's interest in Metavars and the reason why he is left out of the main competition in the Metavars world. We invite you to watch this video. Sit down.

What do you think about Metavars? Do you think Facebook (the new meta) can still be the flagship of this modern, virtual world, given the talk in the video? Let us know what you think.

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