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Why do so many apps go iOS first?

BingMag.com Why do so <b>many</b> <b>apps</b> go <b>iOS</b> first?

Imagine this situation: You are an application developer and you are presented with two options. On the one hand, you can choose a platform that has a much larger number of users, but on the other hand, the variety of phones is also very high. But in the meantime, you can choose a platform that, although less used by users, but almost all of these people use the same phone. Which of these two options do you choose? Developers of apps to choose between Android and iOS are more or less faced with such a situation. But why do so many developers launch their apps on iOS in the first place?

Developing attractive and convenient mobile apps is not an easy task and requires a lot of time, effort and money. Given that thousands of applications are being developed daily, the probability of their failure is very high. To deal with this risk, developers need to make sure that developing an app is worthwhile and can get a lot of attention.

Although the Android ecosystem is more diverse, it is more complex to work with. It's harder. IOS, on the other hand, has a more closed space, but due to stricter standards, developers can work with the platform more easily, and it is generally easier to optimize iOS applications. That's why even popular apps like Instagram and TickTock perform better on different iPhone models than Android phones. This is also true for mobile games.

BingMag.com Why do so <b>many</b> <b>apps</b> go <b>iOS</b> first?

In the iOS ecosystem, a developer goes into a lot of detail Knows how the user interacts with the application. But in the Android ecosystem, due to the wide variety of Android phones, more variables come into play. In addition, it should be noted that Android phones use different user interfaces, which makes this task more difficult for developers.

Simply put, if you are an Android application developer, you have two choices; Either develop an app that is compatible enough with the types of phones, or spend more time and money to make sure your app works well on at least a number of important handsets. Almost all companies choose the first option.

Low efficiency optimization for Android phones

The fact is that a large number of applications are not considered at all. On the other hand, even if your app becomes popular, you can only end up optimizing the app for a limited number of Android phones. Because after a certain limit, the return on investment decreases dramatically, and as a result, developers stop the optimization process for more phones.

BingMag.com Why do so <b>many</b> <b>apps</b> go <b>iOS</b> first?

For example, if you decide to optimize your application for Samsung phones, you will need to write more code to make the application more compatible with the One UI. This also leads to an increase in development time and a delay in the release date of new updates. However, you do not have such problems to develop the iOS version.

Ultimately, the main goal of any business is to make more profit. If the Android ecosystem is not profitable enough given its risks, iOS is an ideal alternative that is more reliable, has an easier development process, and most importantly, has less risk of application development. So many developers prefer to develop the app for iOS first. In this regard, we can refer to the popular Clubhouse application, which was first introduced for iOS, and after months, an Android version was released. Finally, due to the state of the Android ecosystem, until further notice, iOS is a more attractive ecosystem for mobile application developers.

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