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Why are Xiaomi phones cheap?

BingMag.com Why are <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>phones</b> cheap?

As you know, Xiaomi phones always come at a much better price than other ubiquitous phones. In this article, we will examine the reasons for this issue.

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  • Xiaomi has launched its phones at a very reasonable price since its inception.
  • There are two reasons why the price of Xiaomi handsets and their subsidiaries is low. Not much importance has been given.

Since Xiaomi started producing smartphones, we have not seen the company or its subsidiaries such as Redmi, Poco and Black Shark produce and market phones at unreasonable prices. . It has always been the case that the phones of these three brands came to the market at a reasonable price, and sometimes even these phones were so cheap that users thought that there was definitely a problem that such a price was intended for them.

In fact, we know that Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi phones are of very high quality, and that they come to the market at a cheap price. has it. Xiaomi is one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world, and it certainly would not have achieved such a position if the company's products were not of good quality. As you probably know, last year the company managed to overtake even Samsung in terms of sales in a quarter. However, it is currently lower than Apple, in third place, which is also a very good position for the Chinese company and shows its good performance in the production of the phone.

In the second quarter of 2021, Xiaomi even It also managed to overtake Apple, with 17% market share, lower than Samsung, which at the time was only 2% higher. In addition to its overall share of the smartphone market, the Chinese company set a Guinness World Record for 24-hour smartphone sales. The company managed to sell 2.12 million smartphones in 24 hours at the annual May Fan Fest 2015 event. Naturally, if the company does not have quality products, it will not be able to achieve such a position during all these years. Xiaomi's reputation and popularity have several reasons, the most important of which is the reasonable price of the company's products.

Of course, some users mocked the company for its resemblance to Apple, and we have seen this over and over again. News magazines criticized the company for making its products so similar to Apple products. But that is only part of the story. How the company can produce products similar to Apple but at the same time market them at a lower price surprised many. (Personally, I have not seen similarities between Xiaomi and Apple products in the last few years.)

Why are Xiaomi phones so cheap?

BingMag.com Why are <b>Xiaomi</b> <b>phones</b> cheap?

But what is the main reason why Xiaomi is launching its handsets at a cheap price? One of the reasons why the leading Chinese company is launching its handsets at such prices is that Xiaomi has focused on high sales and low profits, which in the long run is no different from other companies. Samsung, for example, has agreed to sell its handsets at a higher price but in smaller quantities, but Xiaomi wants to make up for the small profit it receives for each sale with more sales.

The cost of iPhone 13 components, for example. It accounts for 36 to 37 percent of the sale price, so that the American company earns about 60 percent of the sales of each phone. According to Xiaomi CEO, the net profit that the company earns from the sale of each phone is only 8 to 9 percent. Of course, Xiaomi's comparison with Apple may not be very accurate, because users pay for Apple phones at any price, but for Xiaomi, this may not be the case. However, this is the profit that the Chinese company receives for the sale of each of its handsets.

Another factor that reduces the price of Xiaomi handsets is the company's privacy. According to the Forbes website, the browser, which is installed by default on Xiaomi phones, records all the information related to users' browsing. Even if the user is browsing in Incognito or Unknown mode. This information is also collected and sent to the company so that Xiaomi can become aware of the habits of its users.

Xiaomi is currently one of the top three smartphone manufacturers in the world, but the main reason that Currently, it has been able to be in this position, which launches very cheap gadgets in the market, while these products are similar to the products of leading companies in terms of quality and durability. Of course, one of the reasons for this is privacy, which fortunately does not seem to matter much to anyone in our country.

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