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Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?

BingMag.com Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?

If you are buying a new TV, you may be tempted to buy the largest model that fits your budget. Although the larger the TV, the more attractive it is, at least on paper, but in the end you have to consider different points to choose the size of the TV. In the following, we will briefly and usefully discuss how to choose the ideal size of TV.

The importance of the field of view

According to the Association of Film and Television Engineers, the field of view between 30 to 40 degrees provides a good experience for viewing more content. The association describes itself as "an international professional community of individuals and companies working together to advance the technical fields of film, television and digital media."

BingMag.com Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?

In cinemas, THX recommends a 36-degree field of view. Renowned film director George Lucas is one of the founders of the company, which sets important standards for visual media, including television and cinema. Overall, a 30-degree field of view is recommended for the general public.

Calculate the TV size based on the distance from it

BingMag.com Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?

The field of view you experience depends on your distance from the TV. If you are used to a certain distance from the TV, you can use this distance to calculate the ideal size of the TV. Multiply your distance from the TV (in inches) by 0.6 for a 30-degree viewing angle. If you are looking for a 40-degree viewing angle, multiply the distance from the TV by 0.84. For example, if your sofa is 60 inches (or 1.5 meters) away from the TV, a TV size between 36 and 50 inches is ideal.

Calculating the distance from the TV based on its size

BingMag.com Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?

If you are one of the users who want to Based on the size of the TV, adjust your distance from it, you can use the same formula for this. For a 30-degree viewing angle, simply multiply the TV size by 1.6, and multiplying the distance by 1.2 is also used for a 40-degree angle.

For example, for a 65-inch TV. Based on a 30-degree viewing angle, you are looking for a suitable distance from it. Using the mentioned formula, you get 104 inches (about 2.6 meters), and for the same TV, but with a 40-degree viewing angle, a distance of 78 inches (about 2 M) is obtained.

Using online calculators

BingMag.com Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?

If you do not have the patience for these multiplications and divisions, there are several online calculators. Examples include TV Size and Viewing Distance Calculators, Which TV Size Tool, and Inch Calculator.

High priority of personal preference

All these rules and regulations, we must also mention the importance of personal preference. Some people, especially when watching movies or football, like to sit very close to the TV. Note that when the viewing angle is more than 40 degrees, your ability to see and understand details decreases.

BingMag.com Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?/p>

You can learn more about your TV-watching habits from the online account machines we link to. For example, if you want to buy a 50-inch TV instead of a 40-inch TV, depending on the distance from the TV, you can find out which viewing angle you are more accustomed to, and based on this, you can determine the size of the new TV and the distance from it. p>

When using large TVs, you usually have to move your eyes to see all the content being played. But if you find that you are moving your head while watching TV, it indicates that you are either sitting too close to the TV or that the TV is too large for the environment. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide when you feel most comfortable.

Simulating the shape and image of the new TV

BingMag.com Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?

One of the best and easiest ways to simulate your TV is to create a cardboard model based on the size of the TV. To do this, you can even glue several old cartons together, place them on the TV table, and then move away from them.

This does not simulate the experience of watching content on TV, but it does. The better you can decide if the viewing angle is large or small for the target environment. This technique is useful in terms of interior design, but the results of this experiment are not very accurate.

Do you like a bigger TV? It will take some time to get used to it

BingMag.com Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?

If the new TV is in the range of 30 to 40 degrees, sooner or later you will get used to it and you will notice You will not get bigger. Decreasing the screen brightness can speed up this process. Some HDR TVs have very high brightness, and for users who are not accustomed to very large and bright TVs, this can be a problem, at least initially.

Return Guaranteed h2>

BingMag.com Which TV size is more suitable for purchase?

Finally, if you are very concerned about this, you can Buy TV shops that guarantee the return of goods. Some sites offer such an advantage, but among physical stores, usually less people go under the burden of such a guarantee. Keep in mind that TVs larger than 65 inches are very difficult to carry, so if you regret buying them, you may have trouble getting the TV back.

Last word

TV is one of the accessories that you are going to use for years after purchase, so before you spend a lot of money on it, you should be sure of all aspects. Although the size of the TV is just one of the important factors to buy it, but in any case it is very important and in this article we have discussed this issue briefly and usefully.

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