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Where is the James Webb Space Telescope?

BingMag.com <b>Where</b> is the <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Space</b> Telescope?

While the James Webb Space Telescope was successfully launched a few hours ago, it has a difficult road ahead. This trip is fraught with dangers, and because of these concerns, NASA has made it possible for everyone to monitor it at any time.

James Webb Space Telescope Today, December 25 (December 4) at 07:00 20 Eastern time zones (15:50 Tehran time) were launched by the Arian 5 rocket from the French Guiana Space center in South America to mark a spectacular Christmas.

Now this next-generation telescope is on its way It is located at Lagrangian point 2 Earth-Sun and is moving fast. The web is currently in the coastal phase of the mission, orienting itself properly to the sun. It will open in a few steps in the coming weeks to protect the telescope from sunlight and heat. Continuing the course of this series, there are other challenging challenges to be faced, which are gradually controlled and guided by the ground team.

  • The breathtaking path of the James Space Telescope See the Web From Historic Launch to Deployment

But on Earth, in addition to the mission team, many concerned eyes are on the success of this vast and valuable project for humanity. For this reason, NASA has decided to dedicate a section to the James Webb project-specific website along with information about the spacecraft along the route.

BingMag.com <b>Where</b> is the <b>James</b> <b>Webb</b> <b>Space</b> Telescope?

Part of the mission data on the James Webb Telescope website
Credit: NASA

On a special page designed for this purpose Has been, a lot of information is included. Information such as the speed of the spacecraft, its distance from the ground, the distance to the Lagrangian point 2 and the percentage of distance traveled are among the items that can be viewed on this page.

For easier access to all users in the world, the information can be displayed in any There are two systems of SI and English units. In addition to numerical information, the distance traveled by the web is shown on a graphic line graph, and further information missions such as temperature are included on this page.

Cover Photo: Graphic design of the James Webb Space Telescope On its Space trip before opening
Credit: NASA

Source: NASA

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