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Where did Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE project end up?

BingMag.com Where did Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE project end up?

In recent weeks, Samsung held the second part of its Unpack 2021 event, in which no new products were introduced. The Koreans were expected to unveil the Galaxy S21 FE at the event, but the Fan Edition of the Galaxy S21 was once again delayed.

The Galaxy S20 FE, one of the most popular models on the market, was launched in August. The past was unveiled at the Unpack 2020 event, and Samsung was expected to unveil the Galaxy S21 FE in September this year. Finally, September is over and even October is coming to an end, but this phone has not been introduced yet. New rumors suggest that the product will be introduced in January 2022, which may be before or at the same time as the flagship Galaxy S22 series.

The TechRadar website claims in an interview with Samsung about this issue. Asked if he intended to introduce the Galaxy S21 FE at the October event, they did not say whether or not it would be available.

The Korean company said in response to a TechRadar question that we could not Let's look at our product roadmap, but focus on listening to users' needs and offering more options to our mobile product line for any price range. The company further stated that there is a great demand and desire from users to buy both the Galaxy S series and their clamshell phones, and to meet the demand of users, they prioritize these phones.

BingMag.com Where did Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE project end up?

So far there have been many rumors about the current flagship version of Samsung Fan Edition and many pictures of it have been leaked. But why is this phone still not ready to be introduced?

You might also guess that the reason for these frequent delays is nothing but the global crisis of chipsets, which due to the spread of the Corona virus, the production and distribution process of many products, from PS5 to cars And it has caused problems for smartphones. Reports indicate that these problems may persist until 2022 and will definitely affect the stock of Black Friday and CyberMandy products this year.

Given that the production of iPhone 13 will be reduced by 10 million It is possible that this crisis will cause trouble for other smartphones as well. Next, analysts 'forecasts for handsets like the Galaxy S21 FE and the reasons for the delay in introducing this phone compared to other brands' devices.

Smartphones, parts crisis and beyond

since April Since 2020, there have been numerous reports of the impact of multiple quarantines from the Corona epidemic on parts production in China and elsewhere. As a result, many industries around the world are facing a chip shortage crisis.

Avi Gringart, co-founder of research firm Techsponential, told TechRadar that the global quarantine that began in China at the beginning of the epidemic lasted for several weeks. They stopped producing smartphones. But this was not very problematic, because during the same period and in the early quarantines of Europe and the United States, the demand for smartphones and their sales decreased.

BingMag.com Where did Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE project end up?

He goes on to point out that after this incident, the demand for all electronic products suddenly increased and the supply of parts for smartphones, computer graphics cards, game consoles, computers , Home appliances and cars hardened. The impact of this shortage of parts became more apparent with more quarantines, transportation problems, port traffic, and natural disasters. have became. Even if, instead of shipping, the air system was used to send ready-to-sell products to bypass maritime traffic, raw materials and parts were still stuck on moored ships in ports, or stored in factories where drivers They did not have enough trucks to transport them to later destinations.

But the smartphone market was less affected by these harms than in other areas. It is true that some models, such as the Galaxy S21 series, saw production decline due to lack of parts, but still smartphones such as graphics cards and the PlayStation 5 were not scarce, and there were several models on the market.

Nabila Popal, a mobile analyst at IDC, believes that perhaps the reason for this less impact can be explained by the fact that, unlike the PC and laptop market, which has been in a slump or decline in demand in recent years, the smartphone market as a whole has experienced strong growth. Is. IDC expected the smartphone market to grow by 2020. In the end, Popal said in a telephone interview with TechRadar that smartphone makers and sellers had forecasts before 2020. They wanted the market to grow this year, so they had already prepared. He goes on to point out the outbreak of the Corona virus, saying it slowed market growth by 6 percent, but because of forecasts, the market is more prepared than ever in all respects (material needs, logistics, production line and capacity or supply chain diversity). He had other markets.

BingMag.com Where did Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE project end up?

Of course, he does not deny that there is a problem in this market, but he believes that this Problems are hardly problems for the car and computer market. He also cites another reason for the mobile market vulnerability to supply chain disruption: The smartphone industry was shifting from 4G to 5G, a process that requires new chipsets and modems.

Where did the Galaxy S21 FE end up?

Popal could not provide exact details about the delay in the introduction of the Galaxy S21 FE, but did point to the pressure on Samsung's product line in the second quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, Samsung's product line in Vietnam was hampered by a virus outbreak in the country. Faced. According to Nikkei Asia, this factor forced Samsung to close its factories in July to prevent the outbreak of the disease.

However, according to Bloomberg, the Korean company was not the only company that suffered from such conditions. Foxconn, one of Apple's main suppliers, was also forced to shut down temporarily in August. But because half of Samsung's product line is based in Vietnam, shutdowns and the crisis of parts shortages may affect the company's current and future handset line more than any other company.

BingMag.com Where did Samsung's Galaxy S21 FE project end up?

Popal also said that the corona outbreak in Vietnam in the second quarter of 2021 made it difficult for Samsung to work with its supply chain. For the S21 series, there was a shortage of parts, he said, which is why the Koreans stopped producing the Galaxy Note 21.

Even if no clear answer can be given about the impact of the parts shortage crisis on Samsung or other Galaxy S21 FE production Analysts found that the problems with increasing inventory of current models and dropping out of popular models such as the Galaxy Note series indicate that the crisis of component shortages, especially chipsets, is likely to be the main reason for Samsung's failure to introduce the Galaxy S21 FE in September and October.

Given that the corona outbreak continues to create a crisis domino in world trade, it is far from It is not expected that different companies will still face the problem of parts shortage. But some companies have tried different ways to overcome this problem. Apple, for example, has been forced to cut production of the iPhone 13 series by 10 million units, but high demand for these models and mass ordering have made the company a priority in the smartphone supply chain, delivering the parts it needs first.

  • High demand for iPhone 13 puts Apple suppliers ahead of Samsung

Also, the Cupertinos are in markets They have prioritized their goal. Apple's largest markets are the United States, Europe, and China, with the company devoting most of its production to these markets and, in turn, shifting fewer shipments to Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Source: Tech Radar

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