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When will Metavars replace smartphones?

BingMag.com <b>When</b> will <b>Metavars</b> <b>replace</b> smartphones?

Metavars, as its name implies, refers to a world that is not real, but can do all the things in the real world. Big companies have started to make the technology ubiquitous, but the question is, When can Metavars officially replace smartphones? Ex) You have heard in order to turn the idea of Metavars into reality. After years of working under this name, Facebook even decided to change its name to meta in order to achieve this goal. Of course, Meta does not seem to have done much in this area so far, so we think the name change is more of a publicity stunt than something that is really going to be unveiled in the near future. Now, whether people trust the meta or not is a matter that time will tell.

One thing to keep in mind, of course, is that the meta-creator was not created by Facebook. In fact, Facebook, or Meta, is trying to consolidate its position as one of the companies that is going to operate in this field. So the question that arises is what exactly is Metavars and who created it? How far are we going to go with this technology and what should we expect at all? In this article, we are going to examine these issues and also discuss how and When Metavars is going to replace smartphones and what features will it change? We will also address the issue of which of the well-known smartphone companies are now ready to provide the necessary infrastructure for Metavars? Finally, if the question arises for you, why do we have to witness such a thing now and what will happen to us as human beings?

What is Metavars?

BingMag.com <b>When</b> will <b>Metavars</b> <b>replace</b> smartphones?

We have already examined the meaning and concept of Metavars in other articles. For some users, the concept may be complicated, but in simple terms, according to Meta and Microsoft, Metavars is designed to be the future of the world's Internet. In fact, the next generation. A three-dimensional avatar of you that, When you put your virtual reality headset on your head, allows you to connect with your surroundings, that is, with anyone who has access to the virtual world.

In general, there are two important points about metavers. First, what does Metavers work in? That is, if we want to use this technology in the future, what will we need? As it turns out at the moment, you definitely need a virtual reality headset and a powerful computer that can simulate the real world for you. Of course, this is the hardware part. In the software section, you also need items that can take advantage of your computer's virtual reality potential and power. The real world is afraid to be away. This can reduce the enthusiasm of users for this technology from the very beginning. But the more important question remains. Why is there a metavers? That is, why do we need such technology at all? What are the makers of this technology pursuing? Why should we try to be on the internet with a hat of an annoying headset as something new and fresh?

You are currently in Metavars and using it

BingMag.com <b>When</b> will <b>Metavars</b> <b>replace</b> smartphones?

Did you know that When some people say "go to the internet", they are referring to a specific place, in fact Are they referring to the same metavers? We mean, what space is the Internet that we have to enter? It seems to us that right now it's like the real world we have access to remotely. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. In other words, the Internet is a house that has been designed, we have a map in front of us and we can show by hand where a certain room is, where the second floor is and but the house has not been officially built yet. So something big and exciting has already happened, we just have to use it to create the world. This world is the same as Metavars.

Whether you realize it or not, you've probably experienced it before. Pokmon Go, for example, allows you to have visual elements of the game around you in the real world while you play. It's actually augmented reality, and in this case, it empowers your smartphone as the source of the hardware it needs, the hardware on which many augmented reality and virtual reality activities are currently being experienced.

Consider the Oculus Quest 2 virtual reality headset. A headset designed and produced by Meta that allows you to enter a world with new dimensions. A place where the environment is not seen at all, but only you and the imaginary world that surrounds you. You can play in this world, shop, build a house and do whatever you want. You will only feel as if you have stepped into a whole new place while not moving one meter from your place in the present world. This is the concept that defines Metavars.

It is recommended to watch the beautiful movie Ready player one.

Experiences with a smartphone that is set to evolve despite the Metavars

BingMag.com <b>When</b> will <b>Metavars</b> <b>replace</b> smartphones?

These interpretations raise the question for users: what do we need a smartphone for When we enter the world of virtual reality? What exactly is the role of the smartphone in Metavars and how is the experience of working with this lovely gadget going to change? Of course, if this is going to happen.

The answer to this question has two parts. First, Metavars will revolutionize the smartphone experience. Smartphones are the window through which we can see the world. With the help of smartphones, we will have an experience that we could not do at all 210 years ago. However, there are a number of things we can do with a smartphone now that could change with the advent of Metavars. Many people lost their loved ones and others suffered irreparable damage. But if we consider the world as a person with all its countries and peoples, this one person was able to survive in the end with all the blows he received, but he also learned great things. Imagine after the virus got a lot of work done at home and as a result we saw cleaner air, spent less time and energy on useless outings, learned new ways to earn money and study and work, and much more. Well, we did not think it would be possible before the virus broke out. In general, the work that was done in the Corona period with a smartphone or gadgets with similar capabilities in general is as follows:

  • Video games, watching movies and series, listening to music
  • Do homework, attend classes
  • Work on a project, attend office meetings

During the two-year corona to do all of these things in We got used to the house in such a way that even going back to the previous era of Corona is a big nightmare for us. But one big weakness of this two-year period was that it destroyed the real interactions between people. Watching in person via video calling is a good thing, but it doesn't really interact or take the interaction to a whole new level. In fact, how much freedom do you have in video calling to communicate with the person in question? Just seeing and talking, no more.

Students can learn a variety of things better in group work, but even after a video call in some countries where internet speeds do not allow it at all. , What is expected to be learned When interaction cannot be established like in the real world? For example, doing sports games, various exercises and that can not be experienced online as they should be. You are present virtually. This technology blurs the line between the real and the virtual world farther and farther away until the user imagines that he or she is actually in the virtual world. One of the interesting phenomena of virtual reality is going from one place to another. Holoportation is a phenomenon in which a virtual schema (your virtual version) disappears to go from place to place and is rebuilt where it should be. According to Facebook and Microsoft, it is thought that When we do not really have the ability, time or energy to do something, we do exactly the same thing with our digital version, with the same feeling and the same charm. Holding classes, office meetings, playing games, even watching movies and much more. Metavars allows you to do all these activities with the same good and real feeling without having to leave home.

It is interesting to know that Microsoft has offered this to educational, administrative and military institutions. For an advanced virtual reality experience with the $ 3,500 HoloLens 2 augmented reality headset. Of course, this is not going to happen to the general public either, because this technology has not reached a stage where it wants to be suitable for the general public. We do not even seem to be close to that stage because doing so requires the mental preparation of the users at first. But it is not always the case that everything changes, gets better and easier with the arrival of Metavars. Sometimes doing a series of tasks becomes more challenging and complicated. The biggest challenge for Metavers designers and developers is to be able to provide a good and efficient experience to users. Today's smartphones have been with us for about 15 years, and during this time, although they have met many of our needs, we see every year that manufacturers are trying to make it a more reliable, safer and more affordable product. If you look at the videos released by HoloLens 2 and Oculus Quest 2 from Microsoft and Meta, you will see that this technology has a long way to go to convince users in these three areas.

First, the most important and biggest difference between, for example, There is a video call and watching them in Metavars is how you see them. Your smartphone camera and screen perform very well in displaying the face and postures of the other person, and they get better and better every year. But in Metavars, you are dealing with an avatar similar to Apple stickers, which, of course, does not look like your real self at all. At least as long as technology allows us to have our true selves in the world of Metavars, which is unlikely to be possible in the next decade.

If AAA high quality games As you know, even multibillion-dollar companies like EA have difficulty simulating the faces of different people in computer games, and have never been able to simulate their real-world images. What we see is just an unrealistic and sometimes funny form of different people that does not have good details. Of course, compared to 10 years ago, computer games have improved dramatically in showing the details and faces of the players, but they are just as far from the real world.

Are the phone companies ready for the Metavars? And When will this technology replace smartphones?

BingMag.com <b>When</b> will <b>Metavars</b> <b>replace</b> smartphones?

Now that the Metawars is fully explained, We looked at the challenges and problems that this technology will have until the epidemic, we looked at its goals, and in general we came up with an idea of what is to be considered as the future of technology and the Internet in the last few years. To see which company is fully prepared to achieve this great goal. Apart from Facebook and Microsoft, what company has invested heavily in this issue so far? Of course, even these two companies were not able to pursue their activities in this field as they should.

It seems that the only smartphone manufacturer that apparently intends to work in this field as well. And so far there has been a lot of talk about it, it's the Cupertino company that we do not know will be called Apple again after entering this story. Tim Cook, as the CEO of this big company, has repeatedly expressed his interest in Metavars and augmented reality in general, and even the LiDAR sensor that is in the iPhones has been installed in them for this purpose, but for now, a special and large application for it. None.

We've heard about Apple virtual reality and augmented glasses and headsets over and over again. We do not know at all whether Apple activity is augmented reality or virtual reality because something new is always published in this regard. If we consider that Apple will be a leader in the development and supply of Metawares, it seems that we should see this happen in about 5 years. But who knows? Metavars may be around, using smartphones, laptops, and more, and perhaps for a few years, using these devices as hardware resources. Of course, new rumors suggest that Apple's augmented or virtual reality headsets are not iPhone-dependent and work independently.

Of course, among the companies active in this field, Apple is the only company that has the most clues from this About users. From the powerful and ultra-advanced A-Series chips to the LiDAR sensor we've talked about before. The unveiling of surround sound technology is one of those cases that, according to Microsoft, is a key part of the Metavars experience.

Samsung, as the largest smartphone maker, is likely to play a key role. But for now, the Korean company has decided to pursue a policy of silence. Of course, Samsung is a company that takes risks and can suddenly become one of the greats in this field within a year, but we have not seen anything about it yet. However, at the time of the unveiling of the new RAM technology (LPDDR5X), Samsung noted that the new technology will be used in smartphones and gadgets for augmented reality, which could indicate the company's activity in this area.

Why now? What will happen to us?

BingMag.com <b>When</b> will <b>Metavars</b> <b>replace</b> smartphones?

Finally, we will come to the question of why now Has the world thought of Metavers? And what will happen to our privacy? Will this technology make the line between robots and humans narrower and smaller than what we see now? We try to answer these questions in a short but useful way. Of course, if we want to deal with all these cases in detail, it may be beyond the scope of the text. Because each of these cases has its own reasons. However, one can understand the intentions of the companies to some extent in this regard.

  • To answer the question why companies are now thinking about this, it can be said that because of the outbreak of coronavirus, Has created the need for a virtual environment to do different things, and the mindset of users to accept such a thing is somewhat prepared.
  • The second question is about privacy, which even now users are very much debating And many companies have been fined for failing to comply. Now imagine you are about to enter a world where you interact with other users, talk and without knowing at all what data is being collected from your interactions. Certainly the issue of privacy in Metavars is more intense and important than the concept in smartphones. Of course, billions of our data are now being shared with companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. without permission or with permission, and the high power of these companies has taken away our permission to protest. So privacy may not be important to users in the end, but companies certainly have to work hard to convince some users.
  • The third question is also very serious. By interacting in the virtual world, we will almost forget the real world, because if users understand the high and hidden potential of Metavars, they will become dependent on it, and companies will have to add to its capabilities and quality every year, and every year depend on It becomes more and more. As a result, our lives are reduced to a room that we have to leave only to do the necessary work. When we are so dependent on our phones, imagine what harm the Metavars with its definitions can do to human society. And even the news about Metavars and its capabilities may not be conclusive at all. As a result, we ask you to share your thoughts with us and tell us what you think about Metavars and the future that lies ahead of us?

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