When should we buy a smartphone for our child?

The right time to buy a smartphone for children is one of the most difficult challenges that parents face today because this work requires having enough information about the conditions of the society. The positive and negative points of smartphones and also the mental condition of the child. In this article, we have tried to reduce the difficulty of this challenge for parents to some extent.

BingMag.com When should we buy a smartphone for our child?

The right time to buy a smartphone for children is one of the most difficult challenges that parents face today because this work requires having enough information about the conditions of the society. The positive and negative points of smartphones and also the mental condition of the child. In this article, we have tried to reduce the difficulty of this challenge for parents to some extent.

All of us nowadays, due to the advancement of technology and the process of life becoming faster and easier, we have seen many children who instead of playing with their peers and Seniors themselves work with their father's or mother's cell phone and prefer mobile games to soccer, middle school and other children's collective games. For example, when you are in a group where there are many children, it is often seen that children even 5 or 6 years old are working with their family's cell phone. When is the first mobile phone for children and what should be done so that the child does not have various problems later. With children returning to school and the unveiling of good phones from different companies, families usually think of buying even a normal model for their children.

BingMag.com When should we buy a smartphone for our child?

But when is the right age to own a phone and who decides it? In addition, how to ensure the safety of our beloved child when working with a mobile phone and make sure that he does not access inappropriate sites? As you know, buying the first mobile phone for children is a very big and exciting moment for them. The mobile phone brings them into a new world and it is only there that children realize the vastness of the world. The mobile phone introduces children to the world of technology and the day, and especially helps them to communicate with their friends and classmates in a new way. We should think about all of them well in order to make the best decision. According to a research conducted by AT&T, the average age of children who have their first cell phone is decreasing and has reached the age of 9 and 10. That is, when children pass their third or fourth grade of elementary school, they will experience having a smartphone. to have his phone so that he can call his family in case of emergency. But most families do not like their children to enter the world of the Internet and virtual networks at this young age, which is completely normal. On his side, Leslie Umberger thinks that the appropriate age for children to have a cell phone is at least 12 years old, because children under 12 years old are not responsible enough and cannot protect themselves from possible harm from the cell phone and, most importantly, from themselves.

Pressure on parents

BingMag.com When should we buy a smartphone for our child?

Perhaps one of the concerns of parents whose children In middle school, they want their children not to feel uncomfortable, jealous, or isolated when they see their classmates' mobile phones. Therefore, one of the factors that sometimes forces parents to buy mobile phones for their children is the pressure from their children. So what is better to prevent this happening gradually and with the right behaviors before it happens. According to research conducted by the Common Sense Media organization, it has been determined that today 42% of 10-year-old children, 71% of 12-year-old children and 91% of 14-year-old children have their first cell phone.

Max Stossel, founder and CEO of Social Awareness and a member of a group that promotes the healthy use of technology and social media, recommends that parents wait at least until they reach the eighth grade, around 13 to 14 years old, to buy their children's first cell phone. It might be interesting to you, but there is a group called Wait Until 8th, and the families who are members of this group sign a commitment letter and according to that commitment letter, they have to wait until their child reaches the eighth grade and then buy him a cell phone. Also, parents who sign the pledge stay in touch with each other for support.

If a child starts making excuses at a young age and insists on having a phone with them, one of the ways Stossel says to prevent Among the risky and addictive behaviors, he suggests that parents should first provide their children with a cell phone that cannot be used to enter the world of social networks and web surfing, but that uses other simple features and GPS that enables you to control the location of your child. do. With this situation, the child likes to have a phone, but lives in a completely limited world.

Parental control

BingMag.com When should we buy a smartphone for our child?

Fortunately, despite all the things that have been said, there is also good news, and that is that Smartphones have the ability to personalize and apply security measures. There are also many applications that parents can use to easily restrict a series of applications, and as a result, children will no longer be able to use them.

These restrictions can be applied to games, applications Messenger and virtual networks should be used to prevent any kind of addictive behavior. In addition to the mentioned cases, parents can apply time limits on certain programs and also have full access to all children's activities on mobile throughout the day. If you have a small child and you want to buy his first smartphone and you don't know about control and care methods, be sure to research it and know that this work will take care of your child. Books and... Today's children are very intelligent and curious, they are usually always one step ahead of their family, and full access to the Internet without control can be harmful and at the same time dangerous for them. Therefore, it is better to take these recommendations seriously and if you buy a smartphone for your child, be sure to apply security measures. Also, take educational measures from childhood and don't let the child reach an age where resistance to his wishes is useless and sometimes dangerous. This is so important that it should be done very carefully without your child feeling restricted.

It's not all about the child's age

BingMag.com When should we buy a smartphone for our child?

An interesting thing to think about is that maybe the question of when we should buy a smartphone for our child is not the right question. Dr. Gojri Babrik, a clinical psychologist at the Child Mind Institute, says that he is often asked this question, and his answer to parents is that it is not as much about a certain age as you think, but about social awareness and the child's understanding of meaning. Technology is involved. The more your child grows mentally and has more social knowledge, the more likely it is that having a smartphone will not cause him serious or special harm. cover, they will definitely enter a world that is full of dangerous things, inappropriate content, etc., which can negatively affect his mind for a lifetime. Therefore, try to physically introduce the child to the surrounding world as much as possible and do not let him reach his desires with the phone.

Important points before buying a phone For children

First point: Make sure that your child is fully responsible and takes care of his personal belongings. If your child constantly loses something or still does not have the ability to take care of his belongings, it means that he is not yet responsible enough and sees himself as dependent on you.

The second point: Secondly, you should pay attention to how much your child is able to manage the money in his pocket. Does he make impulse purchases when he sees his favorite toys without considering the necessary expenses? If this is the case, unfortunately, we have to say that your child is still not responsible enough and having a smartphone may cause financial harm to himself and you in various ways.

The third point:

Another important point that you should consider before buying a children's phone is that you should be sufficiently aware of your child's social behavior. Are you familiar enough with the community and do you know what to say and what not to say? This may not seem like a big or complicated issue to you, but if you encounter a problem, it may cause irreparable damage. Don't blame the child's inability to recognize good or bad on his sweet talk. It is true that a child should be a child, but this childhood should not be spent with a smartphone.

Fourth point: Another thing that you should pay attention to is that it is good for your child. Get to know him and know how much he knows about technology and how familiar he is with messenger applications or virtual networks. Does he know that if he uploads a photo or a video on a social network, everyone can see the content he shared? Or does he know what content he can access through the Internet?

The fifth point: One of the things you can do to control and limit children in using their smartphones. It is that you have to set a time limit for him. For example, let him play for one hour during the day, and after that, he is prohibited from using the phone for one hour. But you should be careful how much your child accepts this restriction. Note that the restriction must be accompanied by a reward. Simply taking the phone away from the child after a certain period of time and prohibiting him from having fun is not only useless, but the opposite result. Will have. So when you ban the child from playing with the phone, make sure you have enough time to take him out for a walk, fishing, sports class, etc.

6th point: Do After the time set by you, the child clings to his phone and does not give it back crying and still wants to play? If this is the case, we must say that your child is not yet ready to have a personal cell phone because these movements may be a sign of addictive behaviors. This point is really important because if it comes to this, it becomes difficult to control the situation. So try to provide the conditions from the beginning in such a way that your child is counting down the time to be in the real world instead of worrying about having to return the phone in a few minutes.

Smartphone and hyperactivity disorder

BingMag.com When should we buy a smartphone for our child?

From where you can go to a world full of new and interesting content and videos by smartphone had inappropriate access, adults sometimes get caught in the trap of virtual networks and may spend hours of their precious life just surfing the net. This is why the smartphone can be the worst tool especially for children who suffer from hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

Hyperactive children struggle with many problems even in their normal and daily life, such as distraction. In class and school, interrupting others, being in a hurry and things like that. Now just imagine how much the smartphone can aggravate these problems because there is no special border in the virtual space. So be sure to consult with a consultant before getting a smartphone for your child. If the conditions are considered suitable and you decide to buy a smartphone for your child, be sure to remember to remind him of these points:

  • Tell your child from the beginning not to bring his cell phone. does not have any password, or must tell you the password to make it easier to control the situation.
  • Be sure to inform your child before buying a phone that he must know that he can use it during the day within a certain time limit. Use your mobile phone. For example, only in the morning or for example only 1 hour during the day.
  • You should tell him what hours during the day he should not use his phone. For example, from 10 pm onwards. Be sure to keep the phone next to your child before going to sleep so that it does not disturb your child's sleep. Always consider a certain amount of money for your child's internet and if the cost exceeds that amount, don't pay extra.
  • Buy a quality frame and glasses for your child and give him Remember to be diligent in maintaining them and take good care of them. Also tell him that if he breaks his phone case, there is no other case. because usually children are very interested in changing the case of their phone.
  • Your child should know that when he wants to use virtual pages or messengers, he should be under your supervision and know that you always have the right to Control him.
  • Reward him; For example, if he uses the phone less than the designated time during the day, give him an effort card, and after reaching this effort card to a certain number, be sure to buy a significant gift to bring the child closer to the real world.

The points that have been said are considered quite general and different parents talk to their children in different ways, and this completely depends on your behavior with the child as well as your upbringing. But note that no matter how you want to point out the points to your child, you must know that everything is clear and clear at the very beginning so that when your child gets his cell phone, it will no longer be difficult or tiring to control the situation.


Just as buying a phone for a child requires the right time and the conditions must be prepared, so is the upbringing of children. When you have one or more children, it means that you are obliged to take care of him to get rid of water and mud. Your education affects the society, and as a result, you cannot consider the issue of education very simply and ignore it. Smartphone, social networks, internet and... are extremely practical, useful and sometimes lifesaving, but each of them should be used at the right time and in the right conditions.

Your child is not expected to learn these things from Let the child know from the very beginning, you are not expected to have an easy time in understanding these things, but you are expected to spend as much time as you can for the child, take him for a walk and have fun, instead of buying accessories related to the phone, give him balls, accessories Play Buy tennis and... so that he can be healthy and healthy by having fun, not being isolated, seeing psychological apples, accessing inappropriate content and many more.

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