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WhatsApp works on the ability to convert voice messages to text

BingMag.com WhatsApp works on the ability to convert voice messages to text

There has been a lot of news in recent weeks about new WhatsApp features, such as improved encryption to increase the security of messages stored on Google Drive or iCloud. Let's mention. Now, according to a new report, WhatsApp is developing a useful feature that allows you to convert voice messages to text.

This feature is currently under development and will initially be available for the iOS version of WhatsApp. The report states that the process of converting voice to text is done entirely inside the phone, which means that none of the voice messages will be sent to WhatsApp or Facebook servers to do so.

WhatsApp uses speech recognition technology to do this. Apple uses. It seems that when you convert a voice message to text for the first time, the desired content is stored on your phone, so you do not have to repeat this process to refer to it again. Also, using this feature is completely optional, and users must use this permission to use it.

Although the report states that this feature was first developed for iOS-based gadgets, like others Features of these messengers will probably be available for Android soon.

  • WhatsApp support for these phones will stop by November this year

Source: TechRadar

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