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WhatsApp will soon be able to manage the backup volume of messages

WhatsApp may be more popular than Telegram Messenger, but it has not improved much in terms of features and capabilities over its competitors. Facebook has gradually added new features to WhatsApp, such as support for encrypted chats, support for multiple devices, transmitting voice messages, and more. Informed sources have announced the introduction of another new feature in WhatsApp, according to which users can manage the backup file size of their messages.

Full backup volume of chats is possible for users who use WhatsApp Messenger a lot. Is to reach a few gigabytes. The easiest way to reduce this volume is not to back up audio and video files in users' chats. The new backup volume management feature will soon allow users to manage their backup operations on WhatsApp and optionally select only the files that need to be backed up for backup.

BingMag.com WhatsApp will soon be able to manage the backup volume of messages

WhatsApp In addition to the large volume of users' backup files, there is another reason to add this feature. WhatsApp Backup in Google Drive is not currently part of your account storage space. But this feature is likely to change in the future. Evidence suggests that Google is going to allocate only 2 GB of free space to each user to store WhatsApp backups. This means that the larger your backup file, the more space it will take up of your Google Drive.

Recently, Google has become a little more strict about providing free storage. Earlier this year, for example, Google eliminated Google's free backup app, despite its popularity. So it's no surprise now that Google is doing the same thing as Google Photo to save its backups with messaging that has more than 2 billion active users worldwide.

Another feature that WhatsApp has on It works, a new feature called "Community". This new feature was discovered by the XDA-Developers site after reviewing the APK file of the beta version of of this app. A look at the details of this new feature, which is described in several disciplines, shows that this feature is a new social element in a larger framework in WhatsApp messengers.

BingMag.com WhatsApp will soon be able to manage the backup volume of messages

Community feature uses an invitation submission system using a link that users can use to connect to it. Users can also share these invitation links using QR code images. All people with WhatsApp can enter the community feature by following the invitation link. These users can also share the invitation link only with people they trust. Given this, it can be said that any WhatsApp user who has an invitation link can enter the community feature and become a member of it.

Like chat groups, the community feature will also have managers who: People will have more settings. One of the explanations in this series states that people who are the administrator of a community can allow the use of messages that have been sent many times. They can also change the group description or make sure only managers are allowed to post messages to the community. These people can also give different powers to members of their community, such as changing explanations. However, we have to wait and see if these new features can satisfy the users of this messenger or not.

Source: AndroidPolice

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