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WhatsApp will add another security code to increase the security of iOS users

WhatsApp soon adds another layer of security when iOS users first try to sign in. After last year's events and the deception of some iOS users of these messengers, WhatsApp has finally considered a way to prevent this from happening and intends to increase the security of its messengers by sending another security code to users when logging in to their account. .
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According to a well-known WhatsApp information and feature whistleblower, WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is developing another verification code to improve its privacy and security. This website explains that when you want to register your phone number in WhatsApp of another smartphone, in addition to the first verification code sent via SMS, you will also need an additional verification code.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> will <b>add</b> <b>another</b> <b>security</b> <b>code</b> to <b>increase</b> the <b>security</b> of <b>iOS</b> users

The WABetaInfo website goes on to say that when the first attempt to log in to a WhatsApp account was successfully completed, another six-digit code was completed to complete the process. it is needed. This will send another message to the owner of the phone number so that he knows that an attempt has been made to log in to his account and to take the necessary action if necessary. Since this feature is being developed, it is unclear when it will be available to the general users of these messengers.

However, it seems that the addition of a third layer of security could be a very beneficial action for users WhatsApp. Apart from this, in addition to the six-digit code sent to them by WhatsApp, users can also specify a six-digit PIN to increase the security of their account. As you know, WhatsApp messengers are slow to develop compared to other competitors such as Telegram, and many users complain about this.

This company to add a very common but useful feature It takes a lot of time and usually new features that are added to the platform are modeled on other messaging apps. These issues seem a bit strange considering the unlimited financial resources of these messengers belonging to Meta. Apart from this, this popular platform has been working on many useful features in recent months and intends to provide them to its users, which we will review a few examples of them in the following.

Latest news in WhatsApp's new feature is that this messenger, which belongs to Meta, is working on a new feature called a status reply marker, which actually separates users' status replies by displaying a symbol from normal messages. This new WhatsApp feature adds a unique logo to users' status replies so that users can distinguish normal messages from status replies without entering the chat page. In fact, this minor update will help you respond more quickly to other users' status responses.

A recent report found that WhatsApp is working on its new drawing and painting tool. These messengers now include good design tools for photo editing, which will be expanded with new updates. This new design tool allows users to manually write on photos or place their personal notes in the margins of photos. In the past, WhatsApp users only had access to a pencil to edit their photos, but WABetaInfo Published Images announces three design tools that will be provided to WhatsApp users with a photo blur tool.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> will <b>add</b> <b>another</b> <b>security</b> <b>code</b> to <b>increase</b> the <b>security</b> of <b>iOS</b> users

Advanced preview of links in status is another feature that will probably be available to users soon. Currently, if you want to share a link in the WhatsApp Status section with other users, only the text and address will be shown to others. Advanced preview of links will show users who visit your status information about the content of that link.

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