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WhatsApp web version comes with built-in sticker maker

BingMag.com WhatsApp web version comes with built-in sticker maker

WhatsApp web version has been updated with an internal sticker maker that allows you to turn your computer images into stickers from which you can Use in your bags. To use the WhatsApp Web Edition Sticker Maker, simply click on the paper clip icon (attachments), select the Sticker, and then select an image to upload so that the sticker maker can turn it into a sticker.

BingMag.com WhatsApp web version comes with built-in sticker maker

Additional WhatsApp emojis, text and stickers can also be seen on top of your stickers. This WhatsApp feature is not a new feature, and there are a wide range of apps on iOS and Android that take advantage of this feature. But this is an interesting yet simple feature that has only been added to desktop and WhatsApp web service versions, especially as it allows you to edit images with great precision and then create your own sticker.

The current version of WhatsApp in Windows uses the Electron Development framework Found and unfortunately does not perform very well. The new version is actually a UWP application, so it runs much faster and offers better overall performance. It should be noted that UWP applications can run on Xbox as well as Windows.

In addition, WhatsApp is testing a feature that allows users to access multiple accounts from their account. Use at the same time and continue sending and receiving messages without the need for their smartphone to be online. Finally, this feature has been officially made available to the public in the latest WhatsApp update on both Android and iOS versions.

Make sure your phone is online. But with the release of this very useful feature, you no longer need your smartphone to be online. To use this feature, you need to select the Multi-device beta option in WhatsApp.

BingMag.com WhatsApp web version comes with built-in sticker maker

Once activated, all your previous connections to each device will be canceled before you reconnect to a new device. After reconnecting to the device, you can chat with your friends, regardless of whether your smartphone is online or offline. In addition, messages and calls are still encrypted as before. With this new feature, you will be able to use the WhatsApp web version for 14 days after your phone is offline.

This popular platform is also working on a new feature called Community. A look at the details of this new feature shows that it is a new social element in a larger context in WhatsApp messengers. The description of this feature states that the community feature uses the invitation sending system using a link that users can connect to using this feature. Users can also share these invitation links using QR code images.

Source: TheVerge

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