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WhatsApp tests the ability to save disappearing messages

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>tests</b> the <b>ability</b> to <b>save</b> <b>disappearing</b> messages

disappearing messaging feature has been added to the extensive WhatsApp messenger feature since 2020. With this feature, users' messages in certain chats will automatically disappear after 7 days. But now, according to WhatsApp, a well-known whistleblower, the company is working on a feature that allows users to save some disappearing messages so that they are not lost.

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This new feature lets you worry about losing some important information if you're using blurred messages in a user chat. And you can save the messages you want. Such a feature to save essential information such as address or phone number can be very useful and useful. This feature, previously seen in the previous version of WhatsApp beta, is the latest WhatsApp attempt to change the access to saved messages.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>tests</b> the <b>ability</b> to <b>save</b> <b>disappearing</b> messages

screenshots published on the WABetaInfo website show a section of the contact information page with a new" Kept messages "option. It seems that using this section, users can access the messages they have saved. This image was taken from the web version of WhatsApp, but it is said that this feature will be available in the next beta versions of Android and iOS WhatsApp. Also, these messengers belonging to Meta have not announced any specific time for the public release of this feature, so we have to wait and see what other information about this new feature will be published by WhatsApp in the coming days.

With more than 2 billion users in more than 180 countries, WhatsApp is one of the most important messengers on the planet. The latest reports indicate that the messenger has been downloaded more than 5 billion times on Google Play, but it can still be considered the most popular messenger application in the world. The app has received very good and useful features since the Corona launched, and it does not look like it will stop receiving new features any time soon.

The latest reports on new WhatsApp features indicate This is because the platform is testing the advanced ability to display links in status. Currently, if you want to share a link in the WhatsApp Status section with other users, only the text and address will be shown to others. Advanced preview of links will show users who visit your status information about the content of that link.

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It is said that these messengers are testing another new feature by which users can access an account through multiple phones or tablets and chat with other users. In this regard, users must scan the QR code on the screen with their secondary phone or tablet or enter the code to connect to an account at the same time as a second device. This very useful feature will be included in a new section called "Register Device as Companion" and users can easily connect their tablet or other phone to an account by following the existing instructions.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>tests</b> the <b>ability</b> to <b>save</b> <b>disappearing</b> messages

Another developing feature of meta messengers is the ability to exit groups seamlessly. In the current versions of these messengers, if a user intends to leave a group, by tapping the exit option, a notification will be sent to other members of that group stating that the person is leaving, and in fact WhatsApp will notify all members of the group. But the new WhatsApp feature allows you to leave that group without sending notifications to other members. It should be noted that in addition to you, only the manager or group managers will be notified of this action.

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