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WhatsApp tests the ability to display the arrival time of files being sent

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>tests</b> the <b>ability</b> to <b>display</b> the <b>arrival</b> <b>time</b> of <b>files</b> <b>being</b> sent

WhatsApp seems to be expanding its platform capabilities to further satisfy current users and users of other messaging Push your side. Recently, we saw that these messengers are testing the possibility of sending files up to a maximum of 2 GB, so that if this functionality is approved, it will be available to the general public. In this regard, WhatsApp intends to test a new feature that is very useful when sending large files.

  • WhatsApp may increase the limitation of sending messages

WhatsApp's well-known whistleblower, WABetaInfo, in its latest report, WhatsApp tests a feature that notifies users when files are being sent. In this regard, users have reported the latest beta version of WhatsApp Web, iOS and Android, which shows the arrival time of files when sending files. So with this very useful feature, users will know when the file they want will reach other users.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>tests</b> the <b>ability</b> to <b>display</b> the <b>arrival</b> <b>time</b> of <b>files</b> <b>being</b> sent

As can be seen from the pictures published on the WABetaInfo website, users can see the percentage sent or the time left to send them when sending files. It is said that this very useful feature has been available to users of the desktop version of WhatsApp since last month, and now WhatsApp is testing it for users of Android, iOS and the web version. Many of the new features that WhatsApp is working on are initially available to a small group of users on a trial basis. But since this feature has been made public for users of the desktop version of the platform, it can soon be seen in other versions of WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp has announced new features for voice messaging

As you know, WhatsApp messengers are slower than other competitors such as Telegram, and many users complain about this. The company spends a lot of time adding a very common but useful feature, and usually new features that are added to the platform are modeled on other messaging apps. These issues seem a bit strange considering the unlimited financial resources of these messengers belonging to Meta. Apart from this, this popular platform has been working on many useful features in recent months and intends to provide them to its users, which we will examine in a few examples.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>tests</b> the <b>ability</b> to <b>display</b> the <b>arrival</b> <b>time</b> of <b>files</b> <b>being</b> sent

It is said that the company intends to bring the new WhatsApp camera interface, which was available to iOS users months ago, for Android users. . This new user interface has changed from before, which includes a new look when selecting a file from the gallery, at the top of which are two tabs "Gallery" and "Recent Files". In addition, the file selection bar that users complained about deleting in iOS is apparently still in the Android version and this new interface.

Recent reports of WhatsApp testing capabilities suggest that Apparently, these messengers belonging to Meta are testing a feature in the beta version that users can send messages to people without having to save their mobile number. In this regard, WhatsApp beta version (v2.22.8.11) for Android shows you several options after touching a mobile number. Taping an unsaved number gives you three new options. If the user is not in the messenger, after touching his/her number, two options are offered to add him/her to the contact list or make contact with him/her. If this user is on WhatsApp, you can select the option to chat with him and send a message to the user without the need to save the number.

  • WhatsApp has the ability to support multiple devices over It will bring Android and iOS in the coming weeks

Source: Androidpolice

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