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WhatsApp may soon allow users to exit groups silently

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>may</b> <b>soon</b> <b>allow</b> <b>users</b> to <b>exit</b> <b>groups</b> silently

There are a lot of rumors and speculations about WhatsApp's new features in the news media these days. It seems that the managers of this company have realized the importance of modernity and functionality of their messengers and are trying to increase the number of WhatsApp users and fans by offering new capabilities. WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that allows users to exit groups seamlessly. This feature, which is currently in beta testing, will likely be made available to the public after approval.

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WhatsApp is currently working on new features to improve the user's messaging experience on this platform. In the current versions of these messengers, if a user intends to leave a group, by tapping the exit option, a notification will be sent to other members of that group stating that the person is leaving, and in fact WhatsApp will notify all members of the group. But the new WhatsApp feature allows you to leave that group without sending notifications to other members. It should be noted that in addition to you, only the manager or managers of the group will be notified of this action.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>may</b> <b>soon</b> <b>allow</b> <b>users</b> to <b>exit</b> <b>groups</b> silently

This The feature will also help you to leave groups you do not want to stay in without the other members noticing. It is said that these messengers belonging to Meta will soon increase the number of members in the group to 512. WhatsApp is slower than other competitors such as Telegram, and many users complain about this. The company spends a lot of time adding a very common but useful feature, and usually new features that are added to the platform are modeled on other messaging apps.

These issues are due to the unlimited financial resources This messenger from Meta seems a bit strange. Apart from this, this popular platform has been working on many useful features in recent months and intends to provide them to its users, which we will review a few examples of in the following. The latest reports on new WhatsApp features suggest that the platform is testing advanced link preview capabilities in Status. Currently, if you want to share a link in the WhatsApp Status section with other users, only the text and address will be shown to others. Advanced preview of links will show users who visit your status information about the content of that link.

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Communities feature is another feature that will be available to the public soon. This feature will be placed as a dedicated tab on the left side of the chat screen instead of the camera icon. The Communities tab allows WhatsApp users to create new groups and access these groups much more easily than before. It should be noted that the difference between these groups of this tab and normal WhatsApp groups has not been determined yet, but it is said that the Communities tab with the new features that it provides to group managers, provides the basis for managers to have better control over their group.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>may</b> <b>soon</b> <b>allow</b> <b>users</b> to <b>exit</b> <b>groups</b> silently

According to the latest reports, WhatsApp is testing a new feature that users can use to Multiple phones or tablets have access to one account and chat with other users. In this regard, users must scan the QR code on the screen with their secondary phone or tablet or enter the code to connect to an account at the same time as a second device. This very useful feature will be included in a new section called "Register Device as Companion" and users can easily connect their tablet or other phone to an account by following the existing instructions.

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