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WhatsApp on iOS is equipped with the ability to stop and resume voice recording

BingMag.com WhatsApp on iOS is equipped with the ability to stop and resume voice recording

It seems that WhatsApp is going to soon add a very attractive and useful feature to stop and continue recording audio to your iOS app .

If you are one of those users who send a lot of voice messages, WhatsApp has good news for you, and that is that you will soon be able to stop your voice while recording and later from the same price continue. This feature is really useful and good; Especially for classrooms where the teacher communicates with his or her students through a recorded voice. And as always known as a trusted resource, this feature is not yet available in any version of WhatsApp as the company is working on it so that it can completely fix its problems.

Of course The website itself was able to access the preview. In a video released of this feature, we were able to see what we expected; This means that it was possible for the sound to stop during recording and then resume. Right now all you can do with WhatsApp is listen to your recorded voice before sending.

It's still unclear when you can officially access the pause and re-record voice Not even in beta, but it shows how much the development team is working to make it happen. This feature is not available in many messengers and would be great if WhatsApp was equipped with it. Add, which means that the user can exit the conversation page while listening to the recorded sound. A feature that is not currently available and the user must stay on that page otherwise the audio playback process will be interrupted. Of course, if you exit WhatsApp by pressing the Home key, the sound will still play, but in the same WhatsApp you can not go from page to page. But it seems that soon it will be possible to listen to another friend's long audio file while you are talking to someone, without having to stay on their page.

BingMag.com WhatsApp on iOS is equipped with the ability to stop and resume voice recording

WABetaInfo also mentioned in one of its news items that just like the ability to stop and play audio on WhatsApp, the audio player The new version of this application is also being developed and it is not clear when it will even come in beta. So for now we have to wait for more news on this topic.

WhatsApp has recently allowed beta users to experience deleted messages, so you can schedule a message to send between 24 hours a day for 90 days. . Unfortunately, it is not possible to accept a new member for the beta version, and we will have to wait for them to be added to the original version to test the new features. Of course, the ability to stop and resume voice recording on WhatsApp will be released to iOS users first.

Source: 9To5Mac

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