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WhatsApp improves its privacy settings

WhatsApp is changing one of its oldest privacy settings that allows users to control the amount of personal information provided to their audience. . This new feature goes to the Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp and allows users to hide their last online date from a specific audience.

This means that if you do not want certain people to see this information, you can do so. You will be like that. Previously, users only had to choose between all the options, my audience and no one else. But now you can use the My Contacts Except option (My contacts except) to list certain people so that they can not see the last time you were online. According to reviews, this feature can also be used for information mentioned in profiles and photos.

BingMag.com WhatsApp improves its privacy settings

Of course, as you probably know, if you hide your last online date from certain people, you will no longer be able to see their latest status. This feature is under development and will likely be available in the beta version of WhatsApp soon.

  • WhatsApp has enabled the ability to transfer message history from iPhone to Samsung phones

Source: Android Authority

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