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WhatsApp has a new design for voice calls for iOS users

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>has</b> a <b>new</b> <b>design</b> <b>for</b> <b>voice</b> <b>calls</b> <b>for</b> <b>iOS</b> users

Although we have reached the end of 2021, there are still features that WhatsApp is preparing for release as soon as possible. One of them is the new design of voice calls. According to the WABetaInfo website, WhatsApp is developing a new design for voice calls, which means that beta users will not be able to try the new design at this time. WhatsApp looks like it will release this new design to all users in a future update.

WhatsApp is redesigning its platform's voice calling interface to make it more compact and modern. Optimize the space in it for users. This new design shows its beauty more, especially when making group voice calls. Although at first glance it does not seem to have changed much, but it is a little better than the current version.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>has</b> a <b>new</b> <b>design</b> <b>for</b> <b>voice</b> <b>calls</b> <b>for</b> <b>iOS</b> users

WABetainfo writes: With encryption technology, even WhatsApp and their parent company, Meta, can not read or listen to your messages and your audience. WhatsApp wants to remind you that this platform is a safe place to connect with friends and family, so they are planning to introduce two new features in future updates.

As you can see in the image below, WhatsApp is working on new status and call indicators. According to WABetainfo, these messengers are planning to add the same markers in the chat section. It seems that users' views on these messengers are very different from the past, and now WhatsApp is no longer an application without features.

It is available to a large number of users, such as the ability to preview voice messages. This very useful feature allows users to listen to a voice message after recording it and before sending it to the intended recipient, and to send or delete the voice message by examining the conditions.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>has</b> a <b>new</b> <b>design</b> <b>for</b> <b>voice</b> <b>calls</b> <b>for</b> <b>iOS</b> users

As mentioned above, WhatsApp has a new design for the Consider your own voice messages. Already, some users have experienced changes in the appearance of voicemails. According to users who have received this feature, there are still many limitations in this area. If WhatsApp has enabled this feature for your account, you can view voicemails sent with this new look. But if the other party does not have this feature or the voice message has arrived from the old versions of WhatsApp, you will not encounter this shape and icon.

Also, this popular platform tries to provide more features to group managers. Put. WhatsApp will soon allow group administrators to delete any messages sent by other group members and have more control over what happens to their group. Now that we are at the end of 2021, we can say that WhatsApp unveiled many features this year and it seems that this trend will continue in the new year.

Source: 9to5mac

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