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WhatsApp has begun offering emoji capabilities and sending large files

WhatsApp has been paying more attention to new features in recent months. Now, after a long wait and various tests, WhatsApp announced yesterday that it has started providing emoji response capabilities, sending larger files and the possibility of adding more users to groups for all users.

Note that last summer, reports of the development of emoji responsiveness were first published on WhatsApp. As you probably know, many messengers these days use a feature that allows users to respond to messages sent using different emojis without having to write specific text. Currently, users only have access to a small number of emojis to respond to messages, but the number of emojis is set to increase.

Another new WhatsApp feature that has just been introduced is the ability to Upload files with a maximum size of 2 GB. It should be noted that you should have previously sent files based on a maximum size of 100 MB. Undoubtedly, this feature is also welcomed by many users.

Finally, we should mention the increase in the number of users in groups. It is now possible to add 512 people to a regular group, and for comparison we should say that WhatsApp groups previously faced a limit of 256 people. Overall, the WhatsApp application has been widely criticized for lacking many useful features, but fortunately we are constantly seeing new features for it.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> has <b>begun</b> <b>offering</b> <b>emoji</b> <b>capabilities</b> and <b>sending</b> <b>large</b> files

For example, it was recently announced that WhatsApp is testing the ability to connect multiple phones and tablets to one account. Thanks to this feature, users like Telegram can connect several of their phones to a WhatsApp account. In this regard, we can refer to experiments related to rapid response to WhatsApp statuses. This viewability is the same feature provided for Instagram stories. This means that when viewing the status of your friends on WhatsApp, you can use different emojis to react to this.

Although WhatsApp is slow to offer new features, there is a lot of criticism. WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world and is used by all kinds of users around the world. Therefore, even to introduce new, not-so-important new features, several tests must be performed with thousands of users to prevent possible problems.

Another feature that, according to some media outlets, will soon be available to the general public. , A feature that will notify users when the files they are sending arrive. In this regard, users have reported the latest beta version of WhatsApp Web, iOS and Android, which shows the arrival time of files when sending files. So with this very useful feature, users will know when the file they want will reach other users.

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