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WhatsApp Desktop Version Tests Automatic Media Album Capability

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>Desktop</b> <b>Version</b> <b>Tests</b> <b>Automatic</b> <b>Media</b> <b>Album</b> Capability

WhatsApp, a Meta messenger, provides regular updates of its beta versions on various platforms to provide future updates for stable and public versions of the app. Let. One of the latest updates for these messengers in the Desktop beta is the auto-album Media feature. According to the popular WhatsApp information and feature whistleblower WABetaInfo, the new WhatsApp Desktop feature categorizes photos and videos that have been sent to users consecutively, making it much easier to manage and organize Media sent through chat windows.

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This update will be released for the Desktop Version of WhatsApp and with a Version of Based on the web browser, these messengers are different. It should be noted that this new feature is not really new and WhatsApp Android and iOS users have been using it for a long time. This feature, called auto-album media, categorizes photos and videos submitted to users on a regular basis.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>Desktop</b> <b>Version</b> <b>Tests</b> <b>Automatic</b> <b>Media</b> <b>Album</b> Capability/p>

This feature organizes virtually all Media shared via chat, and helps users avoid the need to re-upload a file when sharing other large media, and save it from the Media section. Send to other users. This feature will be available to users at the same time as the message response feature in the Desktop Version of WhatsApp.

As you know, WhatsApp messengers are slower than other competitors such as Telegram, and many users They also complain about this issue. The company spends a lot of time adding a very common but useful feature, and usually new features that are added to the platform are modeled on other messaging apps. These topics seem a bit strange considering the unlimited financial resources of these messengers belonging to Meta.

In the past few days, a lot of news has been published in the news Media about the various new features that WhatsApp is working on. . The company's executives seem to have realized the importance of modernity and functionality of their messengers and are trying to keep users satisfied by offering new features.

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It was recently reported that WhatsApp is working on its new drawing and painting tool. These messengers now include good design tools for photo editing, which will be expanded with new updates. This new design tool allows users to manually write on photos or place their personal notes in the margins of photos. In the past, WhatsApp users only had access to a pencil to edit their photos, but WABetaInfo Published Images announces three design tools that will be provided to WhatsApp users with a photo blur tool.

BingMag.com <b>WhatsApp</b> <b>Desktop</b> <b>Version</b> <b>Tests</b> <b>Automatic</b> <b>Media</b> <b>Album</b> Capability

Also, the latest news about new WhatsApp features suggests that these meta messengers are working on a new feature called the status reply indicator, which In fact, this feature separates users' status replicas from normal messages by displaying a symbol. This new WhatsApp feature adds a unique logo to users' status replies so that users can distinguish normal messages from status replies without entering the chat page. In fact, this minor update will help you to respond more quickly to other users' status responses.

Finally, it is said that these messengers are testing another new feature that users can use to Multiple phones or tablets have access to one account and chat with other users. In this regard, users must scan the QR code on the screen with their secondary phone or tablet or enter the code to connect to a user account simultaneously as a second device.

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