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What was the story of deactivating Xiaomi phones in Iran?

BingMag.com What was the story of deactivating Xiaomi phones in Iran?

Xiaomi, as one of the most popular and best-selling phone brands in Iran, has gone through ups and downs in our country. The market for rumors about this brand was very hot and some news agencies reported that the phones of this brand were permanently deactivated due to sanctions in our country.

The Xiaomi brand (including Xiaomi, Poco and Redmi) had many concerns. But the truth of the matter is that Xiaomi does not face any problem to continue operating in Iran, and the possibility of blocking the devices of this brand in our country has been denied by both the managers of this company and its legal importer.

Where did the rumors start?

On Friday, September 10, the XDA Developers website announced in a report that Xiaomi has begun blocking its mobile phones in countries such as Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan and, of course, Iran due to international sanctions.

BingMag.com What was the story of deactivating Xiaomi phones in Iran?

The source said in his report that a number of buyers of these phones in the mentioned countries, a few days after activation They have received a message saying that Xiaomi's policies do not allow them to sell this product in your area. Seeing this message on the phone, the phone became completely unusable and was completely locked or locked. Xiaomi has made it clear that it is committed to complying with US export control laws and is committed to enforcing them. This issue caused the rumor of the possibility of deactivation of Xiaomi phones in the country and spread rapidly among the people.

In a situation where a report of deactivation of Xiaomi brand phones from inside the country You did not get it.

What was the reaction of the Mobile Importers Association to the issue?

BingMag.com What was the story of deactivating Xiaomi phones in Iran?

The Association of Mobile Importers of the country, as the official and competent source for commenting on this rumor, reacted to this issue hours after the news was spread and denied it completely.

This association published A statement said that the issue of blocking Xiaomi phones in Iran is not true in the first place, and in the second place this will not happen for phones made in Asian countries, and only such a thing is likely to happen for phones made in Europe. The Mobile Importers Association also said in a statement that the reason for naming Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan and Crimea is 14.2 of the terms and conditions of Xiaomi's sale in Europe, which can be found on Xiaomi's website as well as The steps for turning on and activating Xiaomi phones are listed below. According to this clause, the export of all Xiaomi products from European origin must be in accordance with US export laws.

Therefore, any sale of these products to countries on the sanctions list is prohibited, and Xiaomi complies with this. Therefore, phones manufactured in Europe do not reach the Iranian market at all to want this to happen to them.

Xiaomi official representative in Iran: No problem threatens Iranian users

Mobile Importers Association, Hamrah Kian Computer Company, as the official representative of Xiaomi products in Iran, also reacted to the issue and completely denied the possibility of blocking these phones in the Iranian market.

"Navid Pashapour", CEO of the company In a conversation with Digito, Kian's mobile computer denied the allegations and stressed that this issue had been investigated by them and their colleagues in Xiaomi's country of origin, China, and that this was not going to happen to Iranian phones.

Can we Should we still buy Xiaomi phones?

Considering these rumors, it is clear that the discussion of blocking and deactivating Xiaomi phones in the Iranian market was just a rumor that is not going to happen. So do not worry about rumors at all and safely buy your favorite phone from Xiaomi brand.

Source: Phone Arena

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