What size Apple Watch is right for you?

If you are thinking of buying Apple Watch but you don't know which size is best for you, stay with us in this article to fully answer this important question. .

BingMag.com What size Apple Watch is right for you?

If you are thinking of buying Apple Watch but you don't know which size is best for you, stay with us in this article to fully answer this important question. .

The smart watch is currently one of the most popular gadgets that companies active in the field of smartphone production often put them on the market along with their products so that users can depend on their phone for doing a series of tasks. not be On the other hand, smart watches are suitable for athletes and those who care a lot about their fitness in a way that helps them monitor their health and informs them how much doing a certain sport is good for them. It has been useful.

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Why does Apple market its watches in different sizes?

BingMag.com What size Apple Watch is right for you?

The addition of many features to smart watches in the last few years, including blood oxygen measurement, heart rate monitor, thermometer, etc., has made users interested in these products and their sales have increased many times. Currently, the most popular smart watches in the market are Apple Watches, which are available in different sizes because the size of each user's wrist is different from another, and as a result, a small watch may not sit well on the hands of some people, and vice versa.

As a result, Apple has decided to launch the Apple Watch in two sizes. Apple Watch Series 4, 5, 6 and SE are available in two sizes of 40 and 44 mm, while Apple Watch Series 7 and 8 have been launched in the market with one millimeter more, in dimensions of 41 and 45 mm. Apple Watch Ultra, which is the newest member of this collection, is 49 mm and is considered the largest smart watch in the history of Apple. Of course, this watch is not the best choice for many people, because Apple designed it more for those who do hard activities such as diving and climbing, but the other models are for general use.

With 4 different sizes, maybe Users get confused in choosing the right size. Smart watches have a relatively high price, and if the right option is not chosen, it may really get in the way, because these products are completely visible and should be the most compatible with the size of the wrist.

Comparison of Apple Watches 40 and 44 mm (and 41 and 45 mm)

Although the increase or decrease in the size of the Apple Watch has no effect on its capabilities and features, there are noticeable differences in terms of appearance and interior. In the following, we will mention a series of these differences.

Display and content viewing ease

BingMag.com What size Apple Watch is right for you?

The first difference that you will immediately notice when holding two watches with different dimensions is their size. Also, although both use an OLED display, but due to the change in size, the resolution and density also change according to the size. For example, the 40 mm Apple Watch has a resolution of 394 x 324 pixels, while In the 44 mm model, this amount reaches 448 x 368 pixels. Also, the 41 mm Apple Watch uses a resolution of 430 x 352 pixels, and the 45 mm model, which is the largest model, displays images with a resolution of 484 x 396 pixels. The watch should match, so you won't notice much difference between different models in terms of quality. So when buying an Apple Watch, don't think that because a model has a higher resolution, it is a better choice. In fact, in this section, the only advantage of a larger screen is that it is easier to read texts and work with it because it provides us with more space.

For example, if you use Apple Maps. , you can have more information at one time and you don't need to scroll. Of course, this difference may not be noticeable on paper because it is one to three millimeters, but in practice it really has an effect and the larger model makes the work easier.


BingMag.com What size Apple Watch is right for you?

Although a number of factors such as display, dimensions, battery capacity and weight can change as a result of the size change, the thickness remains the same. Apple uses a series of similar parts to make different models of Apple Watches, especially the LTPO OLED display so that we no longer see an increase or decrease in thickness in different models. As a result, you should not worry about the thickness.


Naturally, the larger the dimensions, the greater the weight of the product. Therefore, the 44 and 45 mm Apple Watches are usually heavier. Of course, Apple also uses different materials (such as stainless steel or aluminum) in making a series of models, which have a significant effect on increasing or decreasing weight. Watches that are made of stainless steel are heavier, and you should check the size when purchasing. Once you find it, agree on the materials.

Usually, large Apple watches weigh around 4-5 grams more than smaller models. For example, Apple Watch Series 8 with an aluminum body and size of 40 mm weighs 32 grams, while the 44 mm model weighs about 38.8 grams.

Availability of side straps

BingMag.com What size Apple Watch is right for you?

One of the concerns of people when buying an Apple Watch is that there may not be a suitable band for the size they are looking for. Apple itself produces a limited number of bands in both sizes, but there are many third-party companies that make Apple Watch bands in a variety of sizes. So don't worry about it.

Battery life

BingMag.com What size Apple Watch is right for you?

Watches that are the size of They are bigger and have a more powerful battery. This can also be said about the 44 and 45 mm Apple Watches, whose batteries are significantly larger than the ones used in the 40 and 41 mm models. As a result, their charging capacity is higher.

For example, Apple Watch Series 8 uses a 282 mAh battery in its 41 mm model, while this amount reaches 308 mAh for the 45 mm model. Although both watches can last a full day on a charge, the smaller model will probably need to be recharged sooner.

Of course, you can keep your Apple Watch on Low Power Mode most of the time to The product can be charged more. But if you want to count on Apple Watch charging for more than a day because your activity is more important and sensitive, probably only Apple Watch Ultra can be suitable for you. However, before buying it, you should also consider the price and size factor. It should be more than smaller models. The Apple Watch Series 8 is priced at $400 in its 41 mm model, while the 45 and 44 mm models are $430 and $280, respectively, and the Apple Watch SE is sold at a price of $250. As you can see, the price difference between the large and small models is $30. But if you choose a series of unique models with different build quality, special straps, etc., you will definitely have to pay more.

Which size Apple Watch is best for you?

BingMag.com What size Apple Watch is right for you?

To choose the most suitable Apple Watch size, you need to take a look at your wrist. If your wrist is small, the 40 and 41 mm models are the best option for you. If you have an average wrist, you can still consider buying small models. If your wrist is big, you should look for bigger models.

According to the explanation provided by Apple itself, 40 and 41 mm models are more suitable for wrists with a size of 130 to 200 mm and 44 and 44 mm models. 45 mm are also suitable for wrists with a size of 140 to 220 mm. Just take a tape measure and measure your wrist. If it is in any of the mentioned intervals, choose the most suitable watch for you. Of course, our suggestion is that if your wrist is more than 140 or 150, go for the 44 and 45 mm models.

The best and safest solution is that the seller allows you to try watches with Give the replicas. You can better determine the right size with a replica and choose the most suitable watch for you.

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