What should we do to have a successful job interview?

If you don't know what you should do to have a successful job interview, be sure to read this article to the end because it contains dos and don'ts. We have discussed in an interview session.

BingMag.com What should we do to have a successful job interview?

If you don't know what you should do to have a successful job interview, be sure to read this article to the end because it contains dos and don'ts. We have discussed in an interview session.

We all know that definitely the initial impression in the job interview has a direct result on our final employment. Because of this, many people suffer a lot of stress and anxiety during these meetings, which, unfortunately, most of the time has no result other than failure in the interview. If you want to be effective in your first job interview, and know what you should and should not do, we suggest you stay with us until the end of this article.

First of all, an important point that you should It should be noted that most people mistakenly think that having a resume and their strengths are enough to win a job interview, which is completely wrong; There are many other things that directly affect the quality of your job interview. As you know, the first encounters are always of great importance because they leave a small memory in the mind forever; Therefore, in the following article, we will examine some points that are important in your job interview.

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Things you should do to have a successful job interview

In this section, we will examine and remind you of a few things you should do during the interview session or before it starts. . From carrying professional documents to personal accessories, having a detailed plan or even the way of speaking that helps you to show yourself ready and completely suitable for any job, and as a result, move the interview with more mastery. p>

1. A copy of your resume

BingMag.com What should we do to have a successful job interview?

The person who is going to hire you will definitely have your complete resume at their disposal. But it is better to have a copy of your complete resume with you so that nothing is missed and all the items are mentioned in full, including your strengths and all the work and artistic experiences you have had so far. . Having a copy of your resume will make you look at it before the job interview and speak more fluently about your skills and needs.

2. Write down the location of the interview and its starting time

Another thing that will reduce your stress and anxiety is to have a detailed map of the interview location and the correct time to reach the place. These two things will help you to reach your appointment on time without wasting time and you will no longer be stressed about finding the desired place because you have a ready and complete map in your hand. Of course, you are usually informed in advance when and where you will be present, but it is better to prepare yourself completely by doing research or going to the interview place a day before the main program.

3. Bring your portfolio

BingMag.com What should we do to have a successful job interview?

Keeping your portfolio is also important during the interview session. Is. During the interview process, the interviewer may want to see your skills and abilities in doing things, and therefore, depending on the job you want to be employed in, it is better to have your work samples with you so that there is no doubt about your ability and talent.

4. A printout of the desired job description

The fourth thing you need to have with you before the interview is a printout of a complete and comprehensive description of the job you want to be hired for. Try to write down possible questions and their answers. Having this printout will help you to answer possible questions as much as possible, or not to be surprised or stressed when you hear questions about your desired job. In general, this will make you have an idea of possible questions in your mind and prepare a suitable answer for them.

5. A list of 3 professionals

Here we mean professionals who the interviewer can contact for more information. Of course, usually the interviewer takes the initiative and tells you when he needs this information, but what is better is that you have prepared everything in advance because a simple matter like this can have a great impact on the mentality of the other person. These people can be university professors, employees who work in the same field, or people like that.

6. A pen and paper

BingMag.com What should we do to have a successful job interview?

It is recommended to bring a paper and a pencil to your job interview. The importance of carrying a pen and paper is so great that it cannot be explained in one paragraph. Keeping these two devices will make the interviewer pay attention to the fact that you are ready, attention you do, you are fully prepared to note down issues or things that may occur during the interview and you are organized. This will double your chances of winning.

7. A list of questions about the job and company

Another thing that may be useful for you is a list of questions about the company or the job in which you are going to be hired. Before you go to your job interview, be sure to check the website or social pages of the company in question and read their terms of employment carefully. Not only do you have to answer the questions in the best way and be fully prepared in the main interview session, but you also have to ask the interviewer questions about the culture of the team you are going to work with, the work environment, responsibilities, etc. so that he understands. You are a searcher and researcher.

8. Identification cards and certificates

Be sure to bring your identification cards such as birth certificate, national card, student card and certificate. These items are one of the most important things that you will most likely need in your job interview. For proof, bring a few 3 x 4 photos and a few copies of the first pages of your birth certificate and national card. Having a driver's license will also help you a lot because you may need to fill out a series of forms and include information from your license.

9. A series of personal hygiene items

The importance of appearance and its initial impact on different people is not hidden from anyone; Because in the first encounter, the appearance of people usually remains in the mind forever. Therefore, be well-dressed and preferably wear formal clothes. In addition to these things, before your interview starts, if you are a man, it is better to have a small hand comb with you to comb your hair if it gets messy.

Another thing that is better. Keep mint gum or mouth breather with you to make your mouth smell good. If you are a woman, you can bring a few makeup products that take up little space to take care of your appearance before the interview. Sometimes you need to go to the bathroom and put water on your hands and face. In this situation, carrying cosmetics can be a lifesaver.

10. A jacket, scarf or hat

The tenth thing that is recommended to bring to your job interview is to have a jacket or scarf. Office temperatures can be quite unpredictable. So depending on the season you are in, take the weather seriously. If it is unusually or significantly cold inside the office or corridor, use your warm clothes so that you are comfortable in every way. Just make sure that you fit your extra clothes professionally and keep them with you so that you don't have to carry a big bag with you.

11. Enthusiasm and a positive attitude about the desired job You have been a professional before. If you don't have a positive attitude or you don't have enough passion for what you're trying to do, these things won't do you any good. The better and more positive you look at the situation and job in question, things will miraculously become easier for you. You need to show so much enthusiasm for the job you are waiting for that you will impress the interviewer. Those who interview you usually look negative from a distance because they have to look serious, so be sure to have a satisfying smile on your face and maintain your self-confidence. As soon as you are positive, it will show the quality of your work.

12. A small meal

Having a small meal will help you a lot. As you know, our body needs a lot of energy during the day, and one of the most important ways to provide this need is to eat food. Good food makes your body regain its lost energy, and of course, the effect of healthy food on the body is not hidden from anyone today. Having something to eat will reduce your stress and you won't suffer from pressure drop or things like that during the interview. Since these meetings by themselves increase the level of stress and anxiety, so be sure to take this advice seriously.

13. Design your own card

First of all, if you have a job and are looking to be hired elsewhere, make sure to design a business card for yourself and distribute them everywhere. You never know who you might meet on the street, at the airport, or elsewhere. Opportunities are everywhere. Yes, business cards may seem a little old fashioned, but they are really effective. Bring some business cards from your work and give one to the interviewer after the interview. For example, if you are an English teacher, a business card from your teaching job with your address, phone number, etc. Make it available to that person to ensure that you are determined and professional. Try to include all your personal contact information in the card, such as your email and even your username in social networks so that they can more easily get more information from you and be in touch with you.

14. Your biography

Here we definitely don't mean your whole life story, but you should prepare a few good sentences to explain who you are, why you are interested in this job, how this interest was formed in you and What other things are you interested in? You don't need to use strange and difficult words, and on the contrary, you shouldn't be silent either. Be sure to practice some good and easy sentences to answer such questions.

15. Acknowledgment

BingMag.com What should we do to have a successful job interview?

But we come to the last item, which is very important and should be addressed. Note. Your respect and politeness has a very good and direct effect on the interviewer, so never forget the important word "thank you" and constantly give the interviewer the feeling that you are grateful for the time he gave you. Be sure to say how excited you are about the opportunity to join their company. You can directly thank them during the interview or send them a thank you note after the interview.

Once again, read all the 15 mentioned items and make sure to mention the items that you think are more important. Take it with you so that you can bear the least pressure and difficulty during the interview.

But now we will talk about the dos and don'ts of a job interview. What not to do or what to bring to the interview to perform better.

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Things you should not do to have a successful job interview

1. Not silencing the phone

BingMag.com What should we do to have a successful job interview?

The first and worst thing that can happen during a job interview is the phone ringing. It is also loud. Just imagine the moment when your phone rings during the interview. What a disaster! Do not bring your cell phone into the job interview as much as possible, if you want to take it, be sure to turn it off or set it to airplane mode, do not disturb mode, or silence. This is not a simple appointment and you are entering the meeting to be hired in a certain job that can affect your future. Therefore, in order not to lose your job opportunity at the very beginning, be sure to take care of your mobile phone.

2. Chewing gum

Chewing gum has a very bad and negative effect on the other person in this situation because it is considered a form of disrespect and does not have any good or beautiful effects at all. When your goal in a conversation is to get to know more about a job and get hired, never jeopardize it by chewing gum.

3. Bringing family and friends

It is completely understandable that a job interview seems stressful and scary, but instead of bringing your spouse, parents or close friend with you to the company or office Bring them, just call them and talk to them, ask them to be completely available or wait for you in the car at the office. If you need to relax, be sure to drink cool water and take a few deep breaths. After the end of the interview, you can contact your family and close friends with whom you are close and let them know about the events.

4. Carrying valuable items that need care

If you have to travel for a job interview, keep your valuables such as gold or your pets that need care at home or in your hotel and they Do not take to the interview place. Because valuables may be lost, and if this does not happen, they may be a factor for intensifying your stress. Get a sitter for your pet for a while or ask your family to take care of them. Physically, you will no longer have additional mental and intellectual worries, and your mind will be open and anxiety-free.

5. Taking headphones, earbuds and other digital devices to the interview session

As much as possible, don't bring digital devices, including headphones and earbuds, because they often cause distraction and loss of concentration. Suppose the person who is going to interview you is a little late. In this situation, instead of putting earbuds in your ears and listening to music or podcasts, talk to the receptionist. By doing this, you will get more information about the company and its general policy, and you will increase your chances of having a good relationship with the people of the company.

6. Using a lot of perfume or cologne

There is no problem with a piece of cologne, but don't use them too much. Try to avoid strong perfumes as much as possible. The strong smell of perfumes and colognes can cause an allergic reaction For some people, it can bring and even cause migraine headaches. That's why some offices have strict rules for strong perfume and cologne smells. The goal is that during the interview, your very mild pleasant smell will create a good memory of your interview, not your cologne brand. So be sure to remember this point.

BingMag.com What should we do to have a successful job interview?

7. Wearing flashy clothes

The seventh thing that you should pay attention to during the interview session is the type of your clothes. Do not wear strange or flashy clothes that attract attention. Of course, everyone has a special taste in clothing and all of them are respectable, but we emphasize that you must wear clothes that give you a very neat and formal look during the interview session. Leave the rhinestones that are eye-catching and beautiful at home and instead try to keep your appearance, which is very important in the first impression, simple and at the same time stylish.

8. Bringing food to the interview session

Try as much as possible to eat a light meal before starting your job interview, so that God forbid you don't feel bad during the interview, you don't get stomach problems and things like that. If your food was meat or a sandwich, do not take the leftovers with you, because the smell may give a bad feeling to others, and it is not interesting to smell the food in such an important situation. So, it is better to choose a light food to eat before the interview.

9. Impatience and negativity

Do your best to be completely positive on the day of the job interview. It is true that sometimes it is difficult for us to be completely happy, but it is not impossible. If you try, you can easily take the reins of your mind and control it so that it does not go towards negative and bad things. If you're stuck in traffic or even spilled a few drops of coffee on your clothes, pull yourself together and don't let your day be completely ruined. The way you deal with these events makes the other party understand how much you are in control when facing problems.

You know better than anyone that a job interview is a crucial moment for you. So even if, God forbid, a problem happens to you before the interview, don't let it ruin all your hard work. Instead of confusion, confusion or despair, take control of your situation and don't be influenced by seemingly bad events. You can leave home a little earlier by anticipating the traffic situation, or carry a clean shirt in your car or in a bag so that you can wear it before the interview if needed.

BingMag.com What should we do to have a successful job interview?

10. Stress

But we come to the last and most important thing that you should release as much as possible; Stress! A phenomenon that needs both its presence and its absence. It is completely normal for a job interview to be stressful and full of pressure, especially when you are very interested in a job you are considering. In general, stress makes you more attentive, but if it goes too far, it can become a problem. You should do your best not to stress yourself because of unnecessary things. In order to reduce your stress, trust in God and leave the result to Him and then to the company managers. If you've done your best and you're just worried about your job interview, there's nothing you can control but yourself, so accept that and stand up straight and confident without stress. If the conditions are right, you can go to counseling sessions before the interview and get help from him to control your emotions. We hope these things will help you to have a successful job interview. If you do all the things mentioned and be prepared before the interview, you can be more prepared than all your competitors and as a result your chances of winning will double.

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