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What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Some time ago, we reported on a new Facebook project and the concept of Metaverse. Of course, the report was taken from an interview with The Verge's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, and did not go into much detail about the project.

Have you heard of the Internet becoming metatarsal or combining it with the real world in which we live? There has even been speculation about the connection between Meta-MVT and NFT technology. Because there is no external existence yet. Metawares is more like a dream for the future of the Internet and a way to combine current trends in online infrastructure, such as the growth of real-time 3D worlds.

Of course, we should not forget the fun part. You may also be able to browse your Facebook feed using Fortune Knight augmented reality glasses, or invite your friends to a virtual party instead of a real snack.

Do you have a scientific idea? Imagination started?

True. The American author Neil Stevenson used the term Metaverse in his 1992 novel Snow Crash, which referred to a three-dimensional virtual world in which avatars of real people lived.

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Many books, movies, and science fiction series also refer to a world similar to Metavars. But Stevenson's book and Ernest Klein's novel Ready Player One, which has also become a feature film, are among the most well-known sources that point to Metavars. h2>

The meta-creator created in the book Snow Crash comes from the heart of a satirical story about the future of America, but it is presented in a way that has interesting aspects as well. The protagonist of the story is a skilled hacker who gets into a fight in a virtual nightclub.

The world shown in Ready Player One is a virtual world for which the author has chosen the symbolic name OASIS. Klein portrays this virtual world as an utopia to escape the realities of life in a scary future.

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Although it may not be appealing to simulate the virtual worlds in these books, science fiction can give us a clear picture of the metavers. Of course, following these stories should not be expected to lead to a convincing reason for the necessity of this world and how it works.

So what is the real Metaverus? There is no such thing as a real metaphor, we just know we are going to be dealing with a more flashy concept than the internet. Proponents of Metavers in Silicon Valley sometimes cite an explanation by Matthew Ball, author of Metaverse Primer:

Metavers is an extensible network of three-dimensional universes and simulations that support the connection of identities, subjects, abilities, dates, and And it can be a one-time experience with an unlimited number of users, each with an independent presence.> Metavars is a collection of virtual spaces that you can create and browse with other people who are not in a physical space with you.

There are also more broad categories related to Metavars Like Ruff Custer's description of the game designer, who distinguishes between the online world, multiverse, and metaworce. The main ones are focused.

Multiverse is actually a network of several different worlds. Are interconnected that have no common theme or rules. OASIS, or Ready Player One World, is a multiverse.

Caster describes Metawares as a multiverse that interacts more with the real world. These interactions include augmented reality collaboration, designing a virtual pro room for real stores, and even appearing in apps like Google Maps. It is no longer a meta-metric, and virtual worlds do not have to be three-dimensional! The various definitions given, some of which we have mentioned, seem to contradict each other.

What does it mean that we will live in Metavars in the future?

Nowadays, the prominent figures in the tech world who talk about Metawares are usually excited about digital platforms that have the following features:

  • A set of features that interact with older web services or real-world activities li>
  • Personalized 3D avatars with computer graphics and uninterrupted activity
  • A variety of social interactions between people that are less competitive and goal-oriented than stereotyped games
  • Support Users to create their own virtual items and environments
  • Link to external economic systems to monetize users from the virtual world
  • Suitable design for virtual reality and augmented headsets, even from other hardware They are well supported

but in most current definitions, Metavars does not appear to be a fixed set of features. The definitions provided are mostly dreamlike descriptions of the digital future that have a tangible connection to real life and our bodies.

With that in mind, is Fortnite a meta-transmitter? What about Facebook Horizon? Are they all considered Metarans together?

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

People like Tim Sweeney (CEO of Epic Who published Fortnite) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook CEO) often say that they only form part of a larger continuous meta-transformation.

If we want to give a comprehensible example of their claim, we have to say In fact, what they are developing is like a social network in the world of the Internet; Part of a huge service that can connect to other parts. A recent Facebook post also hinted that Metavars is not something that only one company can create. Like the Internet, there will be Metavars, whether Facebook or not.

But on the other hand, the term Metavars is also used to describe a platform that incorporates the features described in the previous section. Second Life, a virtual world that bears no resemblance to traditional video games, is described as a metatarsal. Sweeney describes the Fortnite user experience as a meta-metric; Because it is a virtual 3D space that combines gaming and non-gaming elements.

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Roblox CEO David Baszuki also says that what they are building is considered by some to be a metatarsal.

If you agree with Custer's definition of a multiverse, you should know that there are several independent multiverses. Microsoft Minecraft offers similar activities, despite being less popular than Roblox. Services like Sandbox, which interacts with cryptocurrency-based services, are also a meta-transformer.

Despite the benefits of the Internet and its presence in all infrastructure services, why should a transformer be useful to us? Can't we take virtual worlds on the current Internet?

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Matthew Ball Because this concept can defeat today's Internet. In an interview with The Verge, he said that using Metavars allows us to understand the magnitude of this change and have a chance to defeat the Internet.

He believes that the fact that we are investing in the Internet We do and we want to defeat it, it's very difficult, but he thinks this next wave of computing and the Internet will allow us to be more active, and instead of thinking about how to have a subtle impact on the present, somehow Think of the future that we would like to see.

Of course, there is also a pessimistic view of Metavars, which companies use in this virtual world to evade negative content on the Internet (in general) and social networks. (Specifically) refers to. John Danavan, a researcher, said in an interview with the Washington Post about Facebook and Metawares that you can break the rules as long as you can show new and exciting technology. You can get out of court for a few years before you get caught up in the law. And attract users.

Haven't we already had a complete meta-switch in games like Second Life? What's the difference now?

That's right, many of the new meta-phenomena are not in the novels. Many people were buying and selling virtual items in Second Life two decades ago. Schools and businesses have set up satellite camps in this and other similar worlds. Three-dimensional social spaces like CyberTown are even older than Second Life.

Even before these two titles, virtual worlds appeared in the 1970s with text-based multipurpose black holes. Many of the older worlds were also influenced by predictions of the utopias we see for Metavars today. Second Life made a lot of progress in 2003.

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Many developers are constantly updating the game and Create a vibrant and ever-changing world to encourage users to return to the game. Games like League of Legends or Overwatch, which are not considered Metawares, have changed their gameplay over the years since their release, providing a virtual world-like experience. Given this reception, it is unlikely that we will see concerts and in-game fashion shows in the future.

At the same time, virtual reality and augmented reality have become more prominent in users' lives. Facebook's estimates of sales of the Oculus Quest 2 headset put it at 8 million units. Virtual reality games have also sold more than $ 1 million. Of course, these figures seem small compared to the sales of mobile games and consoles, but compared to 10 years ago, when there was almost no virtual reality market, this is a big improvement.

Various reports of Apple focusing on headset production Virtual/augmented reality reports, but other companies are not idle either. A few days ago, Hattiesi unveiled the Vive Flow headset, and the Chinese company Nreal was able to successfully launch its augmented reality glasses at a reasonable price.

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Another possible reason is that popular culture is based on the irregular distribution of interdependent franchises owned by a limited number of companies that promote their intellectual property in the form of shared worlds.

If you believe that Metawares should not be owned by a few companies, you should know that there are new technologies that can decentralize virtual worlds, such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs, or interchangeable tokens. These views on Metawares share the idea behind Web3. Web3 includes decentralized Internet services that give users more control over the data they post online. The issue of benefits is another complex issue that needs to be addressed in detail. But if we want to provide a very concise and simple definition of fairness, we have to say that there is a clear way to register the ownership of virtual assets.

Creating virtual assets and transferring them to others is also a big part of Metavars. Thus, donations can be a useful economic structure for Metavars. But if we want to make it a little more practical: Suppose you buy a virtual shirt from Platform A Metavars, donations can help you prepare a permanent receipt to register your ownership, as well as the possibility of selling it on the B to Z Platform Metavars./p>

Many design designers are selling collectible avatars, most of which are now sold as two-dimensional artwork and are sometimes used as profile pictures on social media. But there are already signs of a meta-style approach. Polygonal Mind is one of the companies developing a system called CryptoAvatars that allows different people to buy and buy 3D avatars at a discount. In multiple virtual worlds.

Is using an avatar in different worlds as easy as it sounds?

People like Rough Custer believe this is one of the most difficult meta-problems . Currently, there are several ways designers can support users to move items between worlds.

One way is to create all worlds on a platform like Roblox that users can use. Do things like change the avatar cover and equip it with different tools and use it in different environments. But this method will fail in worlds that are more technically and visually advanced.

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Leaving aside issues such as supporting the same format in all worlds, simply using a hat may look good on a Roblox avatar, but it may not look good on a Minecraft avatar that is displayed in pixels. An item in one of the worlds may have various capabilities (such as playing music) but these attributes are not supported in the other world.

The second way is to manually create different versions of the same avatar in each world do. Fortnite and Hilo, for example, both have the Master Chief Avatars feature, but the design is different for each of the two titles.

This method may seem perfect to users, but in most cases for Developers work hard and do not make much money. Epic and Microsoft make a lot of money by adding popular characters to their games, but does Microsoft really intend to make a copy of each Fortune Skin for Minecraft so that gamers in both worlds can use the same avatar?

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

The third solution available in the VRChat virtual world is for users or third-party designers to create 3D models themselves. Upload with unique personality traits. But uploading a model requires more technical skills and work from users. This is the closest thing to a Stevenson metatars, where a good avatar requires money or high computer skills. Using characters or items from them, they encounter a world saturated with duplicate samples.

This can change the future. For example, Epic can create a library of shared items for its Unreal Engine. New AI visual filters can adapt a 3D model to a different world design system, with each existing model able to turn selfies into anime. But any change requires a level of coordination that we have not seen before.

Is Metavars a kind of Internet? Will it replace the Internet?

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Many people are already discussing this issue. In an interview with The Verge, Zuckerberg described Metavars as an "embodied Internet" that is an updated version of the Internet, and people can have different experiences with 2D apps or web pages.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Tim Sweeney makes a similar description, describing Metawares as an online playground where users can join their friends in multiplayer games such as Fortnite and then watch a Netflix movie. . If you imagine a space where you can watch a video, play with your friends and shop, you will notice that it is very similar to the Internet.

One of the key benefits of Metavars is "presence"; A feeling that, instead of looking at places and people, engages you physically with them. For example, on services like Spatial and Facebook Horizon, you can gather around a virtual desk with your colleagues, which will be a more natural experience than calls made on the zoom platform.

But apparently many sections are supposed to Replacing the Internet with Metavars is complementary. A virtual Pro room looks like an interesting idea to compare your appearance to new coverings. Of course, such a room does not necessarily require a fully virtual store, as long as it is possible to switch between a two-dimensional and a three-dimensional experience. It has tried its hand at applications or even taking the place of traditional websites, but has not yet been able to eliminate desktop-based services.

Text-based and slow Internet also has its advantages. Powerful computers, game consoles, and virtual reality headsets that support the precise details of virtual environments are expensive. Also, people with mobility problems or lack of fast internet access may not be able to enjoy avatar motion in a 3D world.

BingMag.com What is Facebook Metavars project and why should it be important to us?

Add blind and visually impaired people who can use text web pages using page readers, but unfortunately do not have access to virtual worlds.


Will Metavers, like social media, become another platform for advertising?

People like Tim Sweeney oppose this idea. .

Roblox . . . .

. . .

. .

Snow Crash . Ready Player One .


Source: The Verge

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